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  • Rural Route 1, Box 290 • Ashland, Kansas 67831 • Office (620) 635-2156 • Henry (620) 635-2932 • Greg (620) 635-2752 Mark (620) 635-2760 E-mail: • Garth (620) 635-2361 E-mail: Fax (620) 635-2871 Hard work, discipline, focus, commitment, and an ever present entrepreneurial spirit provides a solid foundation that continues to result in marketing opportunities for Gardiner Angus Ranch and GAR customers.
  • . Satellite Video Auctions Providing accessible, user-friendly marketing opportunities for Gardiner Angus Ranch genetics is a proven benefit for GAR customers.
  • . And marketing cattle through satellite video auction is one of these opportunities.
  • . above market for various classes of cattle.
  • . Cattlemen who wish to market GAR-influenced cattle through this innovative auction can contact Henry, Mark, Greg or Garth for more information, or call Bill Broadie at Superior Livestock: (316) 635-4043; home: (316) 635-4462; mobile: (316) 635-5870.
  • . <> Vertically-Integrated Marketing – U.S.

    Employment Farm Ranch Sales Marketing Jobs Careers
  • Employment Farm Ranch Sales Marketing Jobs Careers You are here: » » » « | » Farm/Ranch - Sales/Marketing, Jobs, Careers.
  • . In today’s fast-paced job market, time is very short.
  • . AgriSeek.com can help you to post your jobs or resumes online in Farm/Ranch - Sales/Marketing area.
  • . All Candidates Openings We are seeking applicants to join our trading division as Junior Commodity Traders for the Western Canadian and US Market.
  • . Investment broker owner seeking to relocate to Rocky Mountains and ranching, horse life using Intl busineess degree and current marketing and sales skills and love for horses and the outdoors Extensive experience working for a farmer/rancher in Woodward, Oklahoma.
  • . in marketing analytics or research.
  • . Successful in out selling market competition through development of long term, profitable client relationships, strategic selling techniques and superior closing Experience in the sheep, cattle and swine industry Thirty-four years in animal health and related industries.

    Strategy and Castle Ranch Communications: Web Site Design, Internet Marketing, Custom Graphics, 3d Graphics, and Consulting
  • . One of the most common pitfalls newcomers make is to think that viewers are genuinely interested in what you have to sell or market because of who you are.
  • . Your audience Are you targeting a local audience, repeat buyers, a new market segment, or existing customers? A very important consideration is knowing who your customers are and making sure your message is tailored to them.
  • . Determine whether or not you are trying to reach a local, regional, national, or global market.
  • . A website designed with a global market in mind should not use terms or language that are indigenous to the local area.
  • . Each market will have different expectations of what you have to offer.
  • . If you are a local supplier and want to expand into a larger market, tailor your message to the larger market, not the local one.
  • . Language, grammar style, and design will have a completely different look depending on your market.
  • . The best rule of thumb is to put yourself in the shoes of an individual in your target market, try to conceptualize what he/she would want to see on your site, then diagram the site out on paper using key words or buzz words to help you choose the language and style that is most appropriate.

    Benefits and Castle Ranch Communications: Web Site Design, Internet Marketing, Custom Graphics, 3d Graphics, and Consulting
  • . The large corporations have spent millions on brand name recognition, marketing, sales, and promotions.
  • . The small business is fleet footed, can react to a changing market, and can refocus their energies at the drop of a hat.
  • . What better avenue to try to reach a changing market than through an easily updated and interactive medium than the Internet? Cost An advertisement in a local or metropolitan newspaper can be very expensive, not to mention the set up time and layout work involved.
  • . All they see is an eye stopping storefront that makes a statement as to your commitment to your business, technical knowledge, and desire to explore new markets.
  • . Where are you? No longer is distance a concern when trying to reach a new market.
  • . Are there sites that typify your message? Get noticed The Internet can be a tremendous marketing tool for your business if used properly.
  • . Knowing some of the ways that it can benefit your business is the first step in expanding your market and customer base.


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    R and D Ranch
  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM The team - a select group of technical and marketing professionals - shares over 100 years of new product experience.
  • . They apply their knowledge in partnership with manufacturers through the following phases: Pilot Plant Testing Production Start Up Co-Packer Options Assessment Marketing Marketing expertise helps drive new products from inception through launch.
  • . The marketing team draws on executive and management experience in large food companies and advertising agencies to bring insight in the following forms: Concept Generation Market/Opportunity Assessment for New Concepts Product Positioning and Marketing Product Pricing Recommendations Product Package Design Evaluation and Recommendations Sales Strategy Promotion & Publicity Assistance Culinary The role of the Beef & Veal Culinary Center is vital to the new product development process.

    Farm & Ranch: Marketing Demands Flexibility
  • . 9 Farm & Ranch Column MARKETING DEMANDS FLEXIBILITY By Terence L.
  • . So do farmers and ranchers whose market strategies are stiff.
  • . And let's face it, some producers are downright rigid in their approach to marketing.
  • . Unfortunately, that's not always a good idea, on either the production or the marketing side of agriculture.
  • . In the 16th century there was a precursor of hedging in tulip bulbs in the market at Antwerp.
  • . Worst hurt were those who had bought land or expensive machinery on credit, based on expectations of high wheat prices only to have the bottom fall out of the market.
  • . Just how good an idea is hedging, anyway? Benson's study covered five marketing seasons to determine how producers would fare financially if they hedged white wheat crops.
  • . When growers buy a $200, 000 tractor, a $300, 000 combine, or buy land, they need to reduce their risk in the market place.

    List Your Wyoming or Colorado ranch property with us
  • . You’ll find that our professionalism, total ranch marketing packages, past successes and drive to get the job done makes Western United Realty LLC your best choice for selling your ranch.
  • . Property Marketing Outline Property Brochure This is probably the most important aspect of ranch marketing.
  • . Advertising If a property has a unique niche it will fall into, a specific market for the property will be targeted for advertising.
  • . Target Market Individuals looking for a lifestyle change, personal or company retreat.· Hunters and fisherman where the property has either or both of those attributes.
  • . Methods to Reach Target Market Our Web Site Our most active source of customers.
  • . These publications provide an advertising medium for special properties and represent one more tool we use to market ranch and hunting and fishing recreation properties.

    Circle A Angus Ranch : Marketing Opportunities
  • Performance Dividend Program To better serve our customers, Circle A Ranch will offer assistance in marketing your progeny of Circle A genetics.
  • . Marketing can be one of several options at your choosing.
  • . Market 100% ownership to Circle A Ranch.
  • . Market 50% ownership to Circle A Ranch / Retain 50%.
  • . For all Circle A customers, we provide a marketing opportunity to market their steers to Circle A Ranch.
  • . We have also added additional marketing options.
  • . Circle A is cooperating with marketing groups such as: Premium Gold Angus, Creekstone Farms and Meyer Natural Feeders.
  • . Marketing Marketing date will be a joint agreement between producer and Circle A Ranch.
  • . However, producer may determine the approximate time of marketing to best fit the needs of producer.
  • . Price will be determined by the current market price for the weight, type and quality of the cattle meeting general requirements.
  • . Price is determined the week prior to sale at the market(s) where the producer normally sells.

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    Impact of ranch and market factors on an index of agricultural holding period returns Journal of Real Estate Research, The - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Impact of ranch and market factors on an index of agricultural holding period returns , by, , , Abstract This article is the winner of the Agricultural Real Estate Investment manuscript prize (sponsored by Hancock Agricultural Investment) presented at the 1999 American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting.
  • . A regression model that determines the effect of various attributes on total market value is used to estimate capital appreciation, and a second model determines operating profit.

    Marketing designer meat - April 1, 2006
  • The Internet home of: Marketing designer meat Niman Ranch has succeeded in creating a luxury brand of beef and pork that appeals to the nation's top chefs as well as finicky consumers.
  • . How did tiny Niman succeed where others stumbled? Credit not only tight quality control and a scalable business model but also a marketing strategy that bypassed consumers in favor of prestigious chefs.
  • . "Niman tied his product to other luxury products, " says Harvey Hartman, who runs a marketing firm in Seattle that focuses on alternative foods.
  • . Hurlbut figured the brand could capitalize on its celebrity status by selling packaged meats in grocery stores, a market long dominated by processed-food giants.
  • . Niman began by pitching boutique supermarket chains such as Trader Joe's and that were known for natural products.
  • . Its processed foods are now sold in supermarkets nationwide, accounting for 60 percent of the company's total sales.
  • . As with its cattle ranchers, Niman pays the pig farmers a premium of a few cents a pound over the commercial wholesale price and guarantees a floor price if the hog market crashes.

    Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - Publications - Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers -
  • Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers Did this bulletin prompt you to make any changes to your farming operation? is greatly appreciated! Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers Cattle rancher Peggy Sechrist (in plaid shirt) and husband, Richard, introduce new customers to pasture-raised beef by staging tastings at markets around the Austin, Texas, area.
  • . Richard and Peggy Sechrist raised beef on pasture without chemicals for four years -- selling it to restaurants, at farmers markets and to visitors at their Fredericksburg, Texas, ranch -- before they improved their meat sales by diversifying.
  • . They built a customer base through mail-order sales, local phone orders, farmers markets, booths at fairs and shows and small health food stores.
  • . Having outlets to reach the local market, taking advantage of a booming wholesale market for chicken and being able to sell beef through health food distributors all contribute to their financial success.
  • . Good marketing is becoming a must for small agricultural enterprises to be successful.

    Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - Publications - Simply Sustainable -
  • In Touch with Consumers Did this book prompt you to make any changes to your farming operation? This and other is greatly appreciated! Simply Sustainable Duke Phillips, manager of Chico Basin Ranch near Colorado Springs, markets ranch amenities to the public.
  • . In the Cache Valley of northern Utah , wheat farmers Wes and Jean Roundy hiked the marketing trail, taking a family recipe from idea to product.
  • . Like Phillips and the Roundys, more and more producers are carving out niches in the agricultural marketplace.
  • . Direct marketing can generate more dollars, offer greater pricing control and add diversity.
  • . “We wanted to diversify and find more ways to create sustainability, ” says Phillips (FW00-028), “but we’ve had to market ourselves and tell the public who we are.” The Roundys (FW00-017) have learned to assess snack buyers and how to reach them.
  • . In their struggle to market low-grade wools, a band of Oregon sheep growers embarked on a creative escapade to spin off a host of value-added products with catchy names, all made from the lesser quality wool (FW01-040).


    Development and Use of a Stocker Cattle Market Workshop in Extension Ranch Management Programming

  • June 2001 Volume 39 Number 3 Development and Use of a Stocker Cattle Market Workshop in Extension Ranch Management Programming Lawrence L.
  • . Parker Extension Risk Management Specialist Internet Address: Texas Agricultural Extension Service Corpus Christi, Texas Introduction Cow-calf producers market their product into the lowest level of a derived demand system that eventually provides beef in many different forms, along with other by-products, to domestic and international markets.
  • . Because of that initial position in the marketing chain, calf producers are subject to large changes in prices over a cattle cycle.
  • . Marketing plans that take into account seasonal and cyclical price movements with sound price targets can ameliorate the negative impacts of price risk on cow-calf producing firms.
  • . Data and Methods This workshop described here introduces calf producers to price risk management techniques by incorporating local market conditions, production practices, and production risk.

    LuxuryRealEstate.com - 4/18/05 - Uranium King Charles Steen's Ranch on Market in Nevada
  • . LuxuryRealEstate.com Week in Review 4/18/05 - Uranium King Charles Steen's Ranch on Market in Nevada By Posted 4/18/2005 Uranium King Charles Steen's Ranch on Market in Nevada (LAKE TAHOE, Nevada) The expansive and breathtaking Historic Steen Ranch, built by uranium king Charles A.
  • . Steen in 1964, is on the market for $5.8 million.

    PRESS RELEASE Niman Ranch Cuts Risk From Marketing Beef Online With Pay-for-Performance Customer Acquisition Model
  • . The deal means that Niman Ranch pays only when its online marketing agency delivers new customers who use their credit card to purchase steak, pork or lamb online -- not for web visitors who browse but don't buy.
  • . Marketers today are demanding higher ROI for their budgets, and few direct marketing methods provide the targeting, returns and accountability of the Internet.
  • . The Niman Ranch-LSF Network deal marks a departure from traditional online lead generating campaigns where marketers pay for each new prospect regardless of whether they convert to paying customers or not.
  • . Frankly, it doesn't get any better than that, " said John Wright, Director of Marketing at Niman Ranch.
  • . We are confident that our consultative approach, coupled with a 'pay only for results' model makes the most sense for clients ready to expand on the Internet." For Niman Ranch, LSF Network created an integrated lead generation campaign that leverages multiple Internet components such as search engine marketing, email, banners, and community shopping sites to attract high volume quality traffic to Niman Ranch's website.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter