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  • Statistical Resources Contents Regional Factbooks ROMANIA COUNTRY COMMERCIAL GUIDE FY2002 MARKETING US PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Distribution and Sales Channels An encouraging sign of transition in Romania has been the steady growth of the private sector.
  • . Factors that have a restrictive influence on the functioning of distribution channels include: -- Obtaining information on the market is difficult due to the lack of published information; -- The wholesaling and retailing systems are still not completely structured; -- The general policy for the leasing of state-owned assets (shops, hotels, and other facilities), though vastly improved, is not well defined; -- Little improvement in the availability of local credit is seen in the short term.
  • . Use of Agents and Distributors; Finding a Partner Agents and distributors can contribute importantly to an American company's success in the Romanian market.
  • . The work force is typically well educated and well versed in technical matters, and, with a minimal training, can rapidly master new marketing techniques.

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  • | 17 June 2006 company profiles : | search : [ ] > > news details SOFTNET FINANCIAL SYSTEMS LAUNCHES INTELISTOCK PRODUCT FOR CAPITAL MARKET (SFS, 29/07/2005) SoftNet Financial Systems, a member of SoftNet Group, today launched its InteliStock product for the Romanian capital market.
  • . "The release of InteliStock is a major milestone for the Romanian capital market since our system is different from other products already offered by the global international information providers.
  • . Intelistock, through customer driven facilities and functionality, aims to fully cover investors' needs, " said Andrei Iva, Marketing & Communication Manager with SoftNet Financial Systems.
  • . Andrei Iva Marketing &Communicat ion Manager Tel.

    EBRD funds target Ukraine, Balkans, Romania
  • . He added that Russia was a very diversified country and would take a lot of hard work, yet there were a number of people employed in the capital market who remained committed to greater transparency.
  • . Lemierre said the EBRD also wanted to focus on emerging markets in the Ukraine and Balkans nations as well as Romania and Bulgaria, in recognition of their changing political climates and the planned EU membership of the latter two.

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    IFC Annual Report 1995: Europe
  • . The investment climate in Europe varied greatly during the year according to the pace and scope of each country's transition to a market-based economy.
  • . Almost all Central and East European countries and Armenia have now reversed the decline in GNP that followed their shift to market-oriented reforms.
  • . Access to international capital markets became very difficult for Turkish firms.
  • . Economic growth in the region is likely to continue, especially in the countries that are most successful in organizing their markets to favor private investment.
  • . Strategy and Priorities IFC's broad strategy in Europe is to assist with the transition to successful market economies through a broad range of instruments.
  • . Because local entrepreneurs and enterprise managers often lack the capital and know-how needed in the post-reform marketplace, technical assistance and advisory services have become critical components of IFC's developmental contribution, particularly in countries in early stages of transition.

    CBOT - Management Team
  • . Dan joined the CBOT in July 2001 and, prior to his appointments as President and CEO, he served as Executive Vice President and was responsible for the CBOT’s open auction and screen-based business units, as well as the exchange’s product development and marketing initiatives.
  • . O'Hara lived in Romania and Lithuania, and traveled extensively throughout the region, working on the development of legal, regulatory, technological, and financial infrastructure of developing capital markets.
  • . He served as Senior Attorney in Bucharest, Romania, for Financial Markets International, Inc., and Project Director in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Project Manager on other projects in the region while based in the United States for The Pragma Corporation.
  • . In 1999, he completed the International Finance & Global Capital Markets Executive Program at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.
  • . In 2000-2001, he was an adjunct lecturer at the Loyola University Graduate School of Business where he taught the course "Electronic Markets and Trading." He is a member of the bars of Illinois and the U.S.

    Romania Supplementary Letter of Intent, August 5, 1999
  • . From the feedback we receive from Credit Suisse First Boston, it appears that the market is not favorable to Romania, since after the pre-marketing of the transaction they have succeeded to raise only US$50 million at a cost of 17 percent for euro (18.5 percent swapped into U.S.
  • . Under the above circumstances, having in view the unfavorable market conditions and the very high cost, it would be helpful for Romania if the Fund would agree with a lower amount to be raised now and increasing the amount for the second stage for the first review of the program, when the financial market might be more positive.

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