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  • . Krieger "Segmenting Markets with Conjoint Analysis" 1990 Ajay K.

  • . "Root Markets is the first financial exchange for consumer leads.

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  • . In perpetuity, as long their incentives for them to sell the data, there is a business model for a company to stand up for the rights of the consumer, and that's what we are doing now." From left: Ted Cho, Opinity; Scott Mitic, TrustedID; Seth Goldstein, Root Markets; Esther Dyson Seth Goldstein, CEO of Root Markets, described his lead generation trading exchange and
  • . As people put data into forms in the [Root Markets trading] exchange, they can open a vault and reapply that data and see how it is being used, " Goldstein said.
  • . That presumes Root Markets and others will be successful in getting users to place their data in vaults and have fine grained control over how it is used.
  • . The Intention Economy is about markets, not marketing.
  • . You don't need marketing to make Intention Markets.
  • . The Intention Economy is built around truly open markets, not a collection of silos.

    ROOT /Vaults ``Attention Banking Service'' Premieres at ETech 2006; First Application for Storing and Sharing Your Clickstream
  • The Authority on VoIP, Call Centers, CRM, and Telecom Blogs: [March 08, 2006] ROOT /Vaults ``Attention Banking Service'' Premieres at ETech 2006; First Application for Storing and Sharing Your Clickstream SAN DIEGO --(Business Wire)-- March 8, 2006 -- /ROOT Markets announced the premiere of ROOT /Vaults, the first-ever application to store, manage and share personal clickstream data.
  • . "ROOT /Vaults is predicated on the belief that consumers own their data, " said /ROOT Markets Founder and CEO Seth Goldstein.
  • . /ROOT Markets will also offer benefits such as personalized offers, discounts and rebates for consumers who choose to share their data with marketers." Anyone may open a /Vault by signing up at
  • . /ROOT Markets is compliant with AttentionTrust, a non-profit organization devoted to the principle that consumers own their attention and their interaction with the media, which Goldstein co-founded independently in July, 2005.
  • . About /ROOT Markets /ROOT Markets was founded in 2005 by Internet advertising pioneer Seth Goldstein and longtime financial markets innovator Lew Ranieri.

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  • . OpenLaszlo technology has been widely adopted by application and service providers in the consumer, enterprise, education and government markets.
  • . The quality of our leads at ROOT Markets is driven by our ability to qualify intentions through consumer focused applications.
  • . Root Markets is an active supporter of, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers keep track of and benefit from their online activity.
  • . ROOT Markets was founded in early 2005 and has offices in New York, San Francisco, Charlotte and Detroit.

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  • . But, only if you would be interested in representing Montana Beargrass to your markets in Holland.

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  • . There are several common types of markets, each filling a specific role.
  • . 12.2.1 Farmer markets .
  • . These markets are simple retail operations where farmers sell produce directly to consumers.
  • . Such markets have histories of dozens or hundreds of years.
  • . 12.2.2 Assembly markets .
  • . Traders find assembly markets convenient in saving themselves expense and time they would need to travel to farms to collect produce.
  • . Assembly markets tend to start from a natural need by buyers and sellers, and their location will usually be determined by proximity to good transport, whether road, rail or water, so that traders can quickly move their purchases onward to markets.
  • . Assembly markets can be operated by farmers through some cooperative association, by municipal or central government bodies or by a number of large traders.
  • . 12.2.3 Wholesale markets .
  • . The simplest wholesale markets exist in small towns, where incomes are relatively low.
  • . Such combination markets are common in African towns.

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  • . Green Segmenting Markets with Conjoint Analysis 1990 Ajay K.

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  • . ROOT Markets Inc .

    iMedia Connection: Media Motion: For the Record (11/11/05)
  • . Lew Ranieri and Seth Goldstein have launched ROOT Markets to address the marketing of internet lead generation.

    Technology Review: Emerging Technologies and their Impact
  • . Last November, after launching Attention Trust, Goldstein handed off the reins and started focusing on Root Markets, a commercial venture designed to facilitate the collection and sale of individual user data.
  • . Goldstein likens Root Markets to Fannie Mae, the federally backed company that buys, bundles, and resells U.S.
  • . Individual users or publishers acting as a proxy for users supply their Web usage data to Root Markets with the agreement that Root Markets, in turn, can bundle the data for resale to certain marketers and advertisers.
  • . In addition to knowing how their information will be used and sold, users receive whatever discounts that Root Markets can wring out of corporations eager to get its hands on bulk pre-qualified leads.
  • . The first thing a user notices upon registering a Root Markets account is how spyware sites bearing names like "" and "" dominate the daily "visits" page, a visual artifact of the cookies that follow and monitor us from page to page.

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  • . Top-level keywords may contain thousands of vertical keyword markets.