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  • . A close-ended fund obtains all of its capital with some initial public offering.
  • . After the offering, the shares trade on the secondary market.

    Business Overview
  • . Mizuho Securities will use this information and expertise to continue offering customers outstanding solutions within the rapidly changing business climate of Japan.
  • . Equity Financing Our superior financial technology and impressive domestic and overseas equity sales capability enable us to respond to a variety of client needs, including public stock offerings, secondary offerings, and convertible bonds.
  • . In addition to advice on developing optimal capital strategies, internal management structure and other necessary preparations for public offerings, we can also provide comprehensive support structures to assist with disclosures and the preparation of regulatory documentation.
  • . Japan Industrial Partners provides these companies with consulting on the formation of their business strategies and arrangements for future public offerings, thereby contributing to the stimulation of Japanese industry.

    CFO Asia -- April 2001 -- Department -- E-Bonds: Will They Fly?
  • . The US$1 billion offering of three-year notes worked much like a traditional bond underwriting, except that the prospectus and other marketing materials were posted on the web, and orders were taken by email.
  • . Over the next three quarters, a handful of other Internet bond offerings followed, with issues by DaimlerChrysler, the World Bank and BASF, and, later in the year, by Bear Stearns, Deutsche Bank and, ultimately, Dow.
  • . While these offerings were all billed as e-bonds, the last three were the only issues priced and allocated through on-line Dutch auctions.
  • . The ultimate price of an offering has as much to do with who owes what to whom on Wall Street as it does with the level of demand in the marketplace.
  • . Although it is difficult to measure liquidity, Dow's e-bond is trading at prices and volumes related to the company's credit rating, the size of the offering and prevailing interest rates - just like any other bond issued by the company.

    Survey Software - Online Survey Software - Customer Satisfaction Survey - Employee Survey - Web Survey Software
  • . 11 - Test Market Surveys (Product Use and Acceptability Evaluation) Test markets are conducted to determine the actual buyer response to a new product offering.


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    LexisNexis Media Relations - May 08, 2006 News Release
  • . The new product offering, to be released in the summer of 2006, makes Market Intelligence the first in its class to provide combined litigation and transaction data in one client development product.

    streetTRACKS Gold Trust: No-action Letter dated November 17, 2004
  • . Rule 100 of Regulation M defines "distribution" to mean any offering of securities that is distinguished from ordinary trading transactions by the magnitude of the offering and the presence of special selling efforts and selling methods.
  • . On the basis of your representations and the facts presented, particularly that the Trust will continuously redeem at net asset value Baskets of Shares, the Commission hereby grants an exemption under paragraph (e) of Rule 102 of Regulation M thus permitting the Trust and affiliated purchasers to redeem Shares during the continuous offering of the Shares.

    Domain Name Registry Services - Marketing Tools for Registrars - Retail Demo from VeriSign, Inc.
  • . Registrars can expect to increase sell-through and improve up-sell by offering customers more domain name options and services.

    VeriSign Offers SnapNames' Domain Name Monitoring Solution to its Customers from VeriSign, Inc.
  • | You Are Here: > > > > > Press Release News & Events VeriSign Offers SnapNames' Domain Name Monitoring Solution to its Customers Mountain View, CA - July 18, 2001 - VeriSign, Inc., the world's leading provider of domain name registration services, announced today that it has begun offering, Inc.'s SnapBack™ service which will monitor any of the 10 million existing domain name registrations estimated to become available in the next year.
  • . VeriSign shortly will be offering the SnapBack services to its broad global network of reseller partners as well.

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    Nelnet - eUpdate
  • . Through offering affinity programs with different businesses, the alumni associations establish strong relationships with the graduates, therefore gaining new and continuing membership.
  • . In 2002 when Nelnet launched the Affinity Program, Mark was asked to lead marketing efforts in approaching alumni associations to work with Nelnet in offering student loan consolidation services to recent graduates.

    Paciolan in the News
  • . StubHub, which holds deals with seven NFL teams and one NHL team, and RazorGator, with five NFL clubs, conversely work off a sponsorship model, offering clubs guaranteed money but no cut of the upside from individual ticket sales.
  • . Executives at some clubs said the ticket Web sites are offering more dollars than Ticketmaster.

    Department of Disinvestment- Manual
  • . Public offerings make more sense when the company to be sold has a reasonable strong skill base and capital markets are liquid.