The Guaranteed Fan to Fan Ticket Exchange

  • . More broadly, several teams contacted by SportsBusiness Journal for this article, including some with active secondary ticket marketplaces, either declined to comment or chose their words carefully for fear of inciting negative fan reaction in their home markets.
  • ., owned by MLBAM, helps run secondary markets for six MLB clubs, also on a revenue-sharing model.
  • . That's definitely helpful to us." EBay, meanwhile, does massive amounts of business in the secondary ticket markets, drawing more than 2 million visitors per day to its myriad ticket auctions.
  • . Will it all blow up? As the number of secondary ticket outlets mushrooms and the comfort level among teams and fans toward secondary markets increases, plenty of industry watchers are wondering if the boom will ultimately turn to bust.
  • . Teams being more involved in the secondary markets is great, it's a logical extension.

    Cost major issue when touring in secondary markets
  • :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Search Web M&C Music Media Released This Week Topics Entertainment News Specials Lifestyle Distractions Media Best Sellers Corporate Advertisement Music News Cost major issue when touring in secondary markets By Jill Kipnis Oct 18, 2005, 14:23 GMT page: page: Please fill out our, it helps us improve the site and get to know more about our readers. - Asia / Pacific
  • . The Asia/Pacific program is facing growing challenges to maintain Canada's competitive position in the primary and secondary markets, and is finding it more challenging to pursue emerging markets while resources remain constant.
  • . The remainder 30% is spread over the other markets.
  • . The Asia/Pacific working committee is in the process of evaluating the allocation of resources with a goal of determining its continued presence in all of the current markets and adjusting levels of resources for maximizing potential and return on investment for 2004 and onward.
  • . Japan, South Korea, Australia, China and Taiwan rank within the top 10 overseas markets as a result of the CTC's Market Portfolio Analysis.
  • . Activities The overall goal for the Asia/Pacific markets during the 2003-2004 is, at a minimum, to stop the competitive erosion and maintain Canada's competitive position, keeping the Asia/Pacific average market share at 7.0 per cent.

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  • . Market research can help create a, launch a new product or service, fine tune existing products and services, expand into new markets etc.
  • . Information about the markets can be obtained in several different varieties and formats.
  • . Problems that may be encountered are: it is unknown what potential markets there are, what customer groups are interested in your products, who the competitors are? After formulating your problem, you need to formulate your research questions.
  • . “Product Innovation and the Spatial Dynamics of Market Intelligence: Does Proximity to Markets Matter?” Economic Geography.
  • . New product development in rapidly changing markets: an exploratory study.


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  • . * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Market Research Reports This database contains the full-text of many market research reports covering general consumer markets.

    FinAid | Student Loans | Education Lenders, Guarantee Agencies, Servicers and Secondary Markets
  • Education Lenders, Guarantee Agencies, Servicers and Secondary Markets Visit our Sponsor's Site • • • This section of FinAid presents information about banks, credit unions, savings & loan associations, and other financial institutions that provide funds to students and parents for educational loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and private education loan programs (also known as alternative loan programs).
  • . The US Department of Education's includes a directory of Guaranty Agencies, Lenders, Services, Trade Associations, State Grant Agencies, FFEL Schools, Secondary Markets and Direct Loan Schools.
  • . Trade Associations for Education Lenders , is a membership organization for organizations that are involved in the administration of the Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP), including guarantee agencies, secondary markets, lenders, services, collection agencies, and schools.

    EconPapers: Coordinating Channels for Durable Goods: The Impact of Competing Secondary Markets
  • . Although this result is well established for non-durables, researchers have not analyzed the coordination issue for durable goods manufacturers who have the added complexity of competition from used goods in secondary markets.

    Maryland Office of Tourism - Sales and Marketing
  • . The 14 year old marketing group promotes the touristic assets of each member as part of regional packages through advertising, public relation, special promotions, sales missions and other marketing ventures to tour operators, receptive operators and consumers in selected primary markets of the United Kingdom and Germany, and secondary markets of the Nordic Countries ( Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland), Benelux, France and selected countries in Latin America.
  • . Pete Chambliss manages Maryland’s participation in CRUSA, and oversees the organizations marketing efforts in the Nordic markets Cooperative opportunities led under the Capital Region USA include: Advertising in the CRUSA Holiday Guide, 150, 000 copies distributed in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries, with 25, 000 produced in German for the German market.
  • . Sales missions to a variety of markets ( United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Florida Latin American receptive operators).

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  • . In what form will you be able to supply the final manuscript, for example, as standard Word files? Readers and markets As the author/editor, you have valuable insight into the readership and markets for your book.
  • . Please provide as much qualitative and quantitative detail as possible about the prospective primary and secondary markets for your book.
  • . Primary markets Professional Describe the professional/commercial sectors the book will appeal to, for example, energy, environment, information and communication technology, park/natural resource management, law, mining, engineering, town planning, architecture, forestry, etc.
  • . Secondary markets Professional Professional/commercial sectors to which the book will appeal (as above) Professional audiences (as above) Academic List any other academic programmes or courses to which the book might be relevant Other List any other potential readers for the book Marketing channels Describe and quantify the potential marketing channels to the primary and secondary markets identified above, including details of any special access that you have to the following.

    6 Common Market Research Mistakes of Small Business
  • . Secondary research is usually published studies available online or from your library providing broad knowledge about your markets.

    ACCA21 - SDNP/China
  • . Objectives Long-term Objectives Promote the development of the waste reclamation industry in accordance with high environmental standards, develop technology to recovery secondary resources from waste in a more comprehensive manner, improve China's ability to meet the resource needs of its development sector in a more efficient manner, and compete effectively in world markets.
  • . Gradually establish trading markets for different types of secondary resources.
  • . Draw up standards for the efficient operation of trading markets in secondary resources.
  • . Develop software for an electronic trading system for spot and futures markets.
  • . The establishment of a centralized information network, data base, and trading market will increase the efficiency of the waste reclamation industry, enable China to meet the needs of its development sector, and improve its competitive position in world markets and ability to absorb foreign capital.

    Student Loan Secondary Markets
  • STUDENT LOAN SECONDARY MARKETS (NONPROFIT SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING CORPORATIONS) Corporation Holdings * (In Millions**) Directory The Student Loan Funding Corporation (OH) (***) $1, 889.9 One West Fourth Street, Suite 200 Cincinnati, OH 45202-3699 Phone# 513/ 352-0222 Fax# 513/763-4340 New England Education Loan Marketing Corporation, (MA) (***) $1, 886.0 50 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 500 Braintree, MA 02184 Phone# 617/849-1325 Fax # 617/380-3915 Nebraska Higher Education Loan Program, Inc.


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  • . MARKET RESEARCH DIRECTOR Our client is a diversified NYSE company serving a wide range or industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

    Secondary Marketing Executive Online
  • . is senior vice president, capital markets, for Fidelity Hansen Quality, a Fidelity National Financial Company.

    Ohio Organic Producers: Final Survey Results, Special Circular 174-00, Organic Marketing Channels
  • . Gross sales percentages were used to report the priority ranking of markets as primary or secondary.
  • . Primary Market Outlet Percent of respondents (n = 124) 34% Though a broker 24% Direct contact with consumer by roadside stand, your own store, or farmers market 19% Direct contact with retail stores 5% Direct contact with consumer by CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Most frequently written-in primary markets were: 5% direct to processor, 2% direct to consumer such as friends or neighbors, and 2% direct to restaurants. @CallCenter