Religious Publishing and Products Market : Market Research Report

  • . Table of Contents Executive Summary The Products Market Definition Product Categories From the Sixties to the Nineties The Market A Robust Market Market Trends Nearly $5.4 Billion by 2000 Table 1-1: U.S.

    The U.S. Men's Market: Examining the Attitudes, Buying Habits and Lifestyles of the Elusive Adult Male Consumer : Market Research Report
  • . It then provides an in-depth look at important social and economic trends affecting the men’s market, such as the postponement of marriage and the continuing evolution in the roles of men in their relationships with women and in the raising of children.
  • . An analysis of marketing and advertising trends and media usage in the men’s market is provided.
  • . The final section of the report includes a projection of the buying power of male consumers and an assessment of strategic trends and opportunities in the men’s market.
  • . Ruth Washton have written more than 20 Packaged Facts reports analyzing demographic trends and marketing strategies in key consumer segments.
  • . Contributing to that understanding will be a complete analysis of data from published and trade sources, and in-depth examinations of the economic and societal trends that influence the consumer behaviors of this large and influential segment of the population.

    [Report] U.S. Religious Products Market Research, Trends, Analysis
  • . It presents religious publishing market metrics in numerous tables and charts, analyzes factors in future growth, details marketing and product trends, discusses the retail situation, and thoroughly dissects consumer dynamics as related to the religious publishing and products markets, including books, music, video, software, jewelry and other gifts and accessories.
  • . makes important predictions and recommendations regarding the future of this market, and pinpoints ways current and prospective marketers can capitalize on current trends and spearhead new ones.
  • . You will gain a thorough understanding of the current market for religious books, music, video and accessories, as well as projected sales and trends through 2010.

    [Report] U.S. Urban Youth Market Research, Trends, Analysis
  • . Others Having a Career Has High Priority for Hip-Hop Consumers Table 3-5: Core Hip-Hop Value: Pursue Material Success A Fundamental Values Paradox: Setting Trends while Following Fashion Non-Conformity Seen as a Key Value Table 3-6: Core Hip-Hop Value: Revel in Non-Conformity Figure 3-4: 18- to 29-Year-Olds Who Say They Like to Stand Out in a Crowd, Hip-Hop Consumers vs.
  • . Others Media Trends Mobile Media Platforms Target Urban Youth Hip-Hop Consumers Continue to Attract Media Interest Section 3 Key Market Trends Chapter 8 Marketing and Advertising Trends Receptivity of Urban Youth to Advertising Young Urban Consumers Positive about Advertising Table 8-1: Attitudes of 18- to 29-Year-Olds toward Advertising, Urban Youth vs.
  • . Urban Youth Trendsetters Market: Tapping the Power of the Hip-Hop Mindset and Culture Pub Time: 2006/03 Published by : Packaged Facts Distributed by : Global Information, Inc.


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    A Strategic Analysis of the US Life Insurance Industry Part 1 Customers
  • . Then, a discussion of a generic business model for a life insurance company and the competitive environment in which companies operate will follow, concluding with a consideration of future trends and prospects.
  • . However, there is an ongoing shift in the private insurance needs of individuals, due to demographic and secular trends as well as the increasing role of group and social insurance.
  • . We will describe these trends, after first examining the life cycle of the life insurance industry to this point in time.
  • . However, around the middle of the 20th century, trends that were to adversely impact the life insurance product had begun to emerge.
  • . Secular Trends Affecting Life Insurance The number of individual life policies sold declined steadily over the last two decades, from about 18 million policies in 1984 to about 11 million policies in 2002.
  • . As a result of these trends and the industry’s responses to them, there is increased disintermediation risk, marketing risk, mortality risk, investment portfolio risk and regulatory risk compared to a generation ago.

    MarketStance - Market data and operational analysis services for the insurance industry.
  • . In part, this is because growth data is widely available at a relatively granular level - but this is also because growth trends can be put to very effective use in offsetting industry conditions like price softening.

    Simba Information - Table of Contents - Christian Retail Trends Report
  • Christian Retail Trends Report 2004-2005 Table of Contents i Table of Exhibits vii Methodology xvii Section I: Overview of the U.S.
  • . Trends in the Christian Products Market 19 1.
  • . Trends in Bibles 32 7.
  • . Branding and Other Marketing Trends 33 Section III: Analysis of Book Supercategories 34 A.

    Research and Markets - Market Research Reports - European Industry Sector Logistics 2005 - Printer Friendly
  • Printer Friendly Printed from European Industry Sector Logistics 2005 Description: The performance of most logistics service providers is highly influenced by trends in the industry vertical sectors in which their clients do business.
  • . - Key demand-side trends.
  • . - Examination of secular and cyclical trends.
  • . - Supply chain developments and trends including logistics products and solutions.
  • . The report provides a deeper understanding of the key industry verticals including analysis of secular and cyclical trends.

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    Success Strategies: Published Articles (Marketing to Generation X:Marking the Spot by Generational Analysis)
  • . The authors have researched historical trends and parallels in American societal generations since the Mayflower landed, and have advanced a compelling argument.
  • . The authors contend that each generation is widely affected by commonly shared events and trends that take place during each phase of their life.
  • . The generations before them go through the same events and trends at another life phase.
  • . Just as history produces generations, so too do generations produce history." Events are somehow precipitated because of the interaction of the generations, and trends of secular crisis and spiritual awakening, war and renaissance evolve.

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  • . This ratio is generally used to forecast market trends in a particular sector.
  • . The event can be dangerous for novice investors, who are often led to believe that bullish trends are returning.
  • . The moving average smoothes out day-to-day swings in prices and creates a context in which to judge price trends.

    Sep 03 GOLD Gold Bulls' Three Stages Adam Hamilton 321gold
  • . Thus it is unbelievably important to run with these primary trends since getting even one wrong could cost an investor half their investing life.
  • . The price for fighting these secular trends is staggeringly high.
  • . Now naturally the tools used to analyze a strategic secular bull are far different from those used to speculate on short-term tactical trends oscillating within the primary secular trends.
  • . Central banks tend to exacerbate secular trends.
  • . Since newly mined gold can only grow total world supplies by a couple percent a year at best, and central banks only control 20% of the above-ground gold and tend to buy and sell at exactly the wrong times lengthening secular trends, the real force to be reckoned with in the gold world is private investors.
  • . I believe that the collective demand trends of private gold investors worldwide effectively divide secular gold bulls into three distinct demand-driven stages.
  • . There is no better advertisement for a particular investment than rising prices, as most investors are not contrarians so they will only chase existing well-established trends.

    Don't Get Trapped Into a "Buy and Hold" Mentality
  • . Secular trends last 5-20 years with the average length 14 years.
  • . In the past 200 years, there have been 14 secular trends in the US market, seven bull and seven bear.
  • . Secular trends are punctuated by periodic short-term “cyclical” reversals that can last many weeks or months and can move the market hundreds or thousands of points.



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  • . Kwak: Open source is certainly one of the major secular trends out there.
  • . The way we look at enterprise software is that there are industry-specific cycles or secular trends that are interesting, and one example is open source.

    The Big Picture: New Coke vs Time Magazine Marketing Blunders
  • . That's one of the reasons why they indicate trends gone by at points- they are trying to capture something when its story is fully matured. @CallCenter