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  • . SPEAKERS: Jan Sijp, Product Line Manager Introducing to SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection DESCRIPTION: In this 45-minute session, discover how your customers will benefit from SonicWALL’s local and online backup appliance to protect their business.
  • . This session will show how the expanded CSM product line enables you to upgrade your customer’s security without upgrading their firewall.
  • . SPEAKERS: Ted Hulsy, Product Marketing Manager Introducing the SonicWALL Email Security Product Line DESCRIPTION: Be among the first of SonicWALL’s partners to learn about the new SonicWALL Email Security product line.
  • . SPEAKERS: Ted Hulsy, Product Marketing Manager Introducing the SonicWALL Email Security Product Line DESCRIPTION: Be among the first of SonicWALL’s partners to learn about the new SonicWALL Email Security product line.
  • . SPEAKERS: Ted Hulsy, Product Marketing Manager Introducing the SonicWALL Email Security Product Line DESCRIPTION: Be among the first of SonicWALL’s partners to learn about the new SonicWALL Email Security product line.

    Foundry Networks : About Foundry : Employment : Marketing
  • | Current Openings: Marketing Product Marketing Manager, Layer 4-7 Must Have Skills The candidate will be responsible for messaging, evangelizing, enhancing and refining Foundry Networks' Layer 4 through 7 switching strategy and product line direction.
  • . In this role, the successful candidate will be responsible for championing and promoting Foundry?s line of enterprise security products including firewalls and VPN solutions.

    Cenzic is Hiring Security Experts
  • . Ability to instill enthusiasm in others Positive attitude Cenzic Compensation & Benefits: Competitive compensation packages Pre-IPO stock options Medical, dental and vision insurance Section 125 POP, Flexible Spending and Dependant Care plans Life insurance and disability benefits insurance 401(k) Plan with Fidelity Investments Vacation and holiday time off Please send your resume with a cover letter to with "Senior Sales Engineer - Business Development" in the subject line.
  • . Ability to communicate and talk clearly about your ideas and approaches Please send your resume with a cover letter to with "Software Development Engineer" in the subject line.
  • . Ability to communicate and express ideas clearly while maintaining a professional attitude High energy level and eager to champion and help our customers Please send your resume with a cover letter to with "Technical Support Engineer" in the subject line.
  • . Personal Traits: Strong team player High energy level Self-starter High integrity Positive attitude Please send your resume with a cover letter to with "Web Application Security Engineer" in the subject line.

    Business Opportunities
  • . The METP will expose you to the three types of Security and Surveillance Markets that are available for you to cash in on: - Business to Business Markets - Business to Connection Markets - Business Direct Markets Business to Business Markets The METP helps outline SITG’s technologies that are available to you.
  • . These technologies would then accompany your line of security products for resale to Trading Companies and other businesses to generate sales.
  • . Business Direct Markets The METP is not limited to those opportunity seekers in search of a new productline or a new Business Opportunity.
  • . Our extensive line of proprietary products are designed and manufactured inour factories here and abroad.


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    CyberGuard | CyberGuard Adds Enterprise Security and Channel Marketing Veteran as Vice President of Global Marketing
  • . "Throughout his career, John has demonstrated a unique ability to create visionary marketing programs that support business goals and enhance the bottom line, " said Clawson.  "As a company that sells our products exclusively through resellers, we were particularly attracted to John's channel marketing background, and look for him to work closely with our network of channel partners to ensure that they have the tools to successfully distribute our enterprise security solutions.

    Marketing Rosa Parks: It's a fine line - 11/27/05 - The Detroit News Online
  • Customer Service: Advertisement In Metro/State 1-week archive: Essentials Opinions Autos Business Metro Nation/World Sports Entertainment Living Forums Weblogs RSS Sunday, November 27, 2005 Marketing Rosa Parks: It's a fine line Companies that market deceased celebs eager to plaster Parks' image on everything from posters to collectible coins.
  • . More Metro/State Headlines © Copyright 2006 The Detroit News.

    Representor, Summer 2004, Marketing Group Digest
  • . However, in many cases, all the manufacturer is getting is another online advertiser of questionable value when end-customers can easily do online searches and find a middleman that places large orders when needed (but at horrendous discounts).
  • . Supreme Court recently declined to intervene and save regulations requiring Bell telcos to share their networks with competitors.
  • . Another income burner, that old issue of line conflicts, is causing the very large principals to force their reps to divest themselves of more lines than ever.
  • . If reps continue to be required to do more pre- and post-sale activity, such as product marketing, literature printing, product training and field technical support, without increased commission or at least offsetting compensation, many will be unable to shoulder the increased financial burdens and risk either cutting back services and personnel or line loss.
  • . It has now become a good idea, when approached by pioneering lines, to either require higher commissions or a guaranteed minimum income until the line can become self sustaining.

    Middle Atlantic Product
  • . Middle Atlantic Products enclosures and consoles nicely complement the other industry leading products we already provide including video systems, power supplies and CCTV cameras, and give us an even more comprehensive line of product offerings.” About Middle Atlantic Products: Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.
  • . To request a catalog of Middle Atlantic Products full line of equipment and accessories, visit or contact: Middle Atlantic Products, North Corporate Drive, Riverdale, New Jersey 07457; Tel: (800) 266-7225 or (973) 839-1011; Fax: (973) 839-1976.

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    Entertainment E-commerce: market assessment and forecast | Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations-August, 2001: Articles
  • . Increased online penetration will drive e-commerce sales * We believe that the key driver for online software sales will be the number of online households in Europe.
  • . This chapter seeks to examine the key issues that all on-line ...
  • . Much debate has arisen as to the suitability of different business models to on-line retailing.
  • . In recognition of the fast-growing impact of the Internet, and the diversity in consumer on-line purchasing (e-commerce/e-business/ e-tailing), the timing was considered appropriate to initiate an exhaustive ...
  • . Numerous studies have shown that an overriding concern for many on-line shoppers is the security of their payments and the confidentiality of personal details when making on-line transactions.
  • . All packaged entertainment software e-tailers Of the 317 on-line packaged entertainment software e-tailers identified, 270 or 85 per cent indicated that they sold and/or promoted packaged entertainment ...
  • . The on-line retailing of packaged entertainment software underwent a major transformation in 2000, the effects of which will continue to be felt throughout 2001 and beyond.

    ZweigWhite Perspectives - Market Watch: Homeland security - Focus on Marketing
  • . There were A/E firms that provided security-related services in the market prior to 2001, but following the attacks, an increasing number of companies created, branded, and marketed specific homeland security service lines to fill the need in the marketplace.
  • . New explosive-detection systems and in-line, checked-baggage screening equipment continue to be installed in airports across the U.S.
  • . A recent survey by the Government Accountability Office found that 86 of 130 airports surveyed are considering installation of in-line baggage systems.
  • . The vulnerability of America's rail and transit systems has been a concern but, despite the fact that mass transit carries 16 times more passengers than airlines, only limited resources have been given to address the problem.
  • . A June 2004 deadline for all water systems serving more than 3, 300 people to have completed vulnerability assessments has passed, so the opportunities for A/E firms is to complete facility upgrades that were identified during those assessments.

    Securing America - Security Distributing and Marketing
  • . The 16th annual SDM Securing America Awards honor suppliers who close the loop with dealers by providing them high-quality sales literature, manuals, marketing materials, community outreach programs, direct mail, target marketing, online services and resources aimed at residential and non-residential customers.
  • . All eligible Securing America entries are presented in the February 2006 issue of SDM and online at .
  • . SDM's subscribers are invited to view the entries and to go online to vote.
  • . All qualifying entries are displayed in SDM February and on SDM Online.
  • . Call for entries is posted online, or can be requested by fax.
  • . What are the benefits of entering? All qualifying entries will be displayed to the largest audience of buyers and specifiers in the dealer-integrator market: in February 2006, when the polls become available, your email newsletters and print ads will link dealers-integrators to the on-line display at SDM Online.
  • . How are the winners selected? Qualified dealer-integrator subscribers to SDM are invited to visit SDM Online, view the entries and vote on line.

    IT Distributor Appeals to Security Dealers - Industry News - Security Distributing and Marketing
  • . by Russ Gager June 1, 2006 Tech Data Corp., a 31-year-old broad-line IT products distributor in Clearwater, Fla., has added video surveillance products to its distribution mix and plans to offer more access control products next.


    XCert announces co-marketing agreement to reach largest Internet server market

  • . Xcert's product line also interoperates with other servers including Netscape Commerce.
  • . Xcert plans a wide range of modules that will enable Internet Service Providers to restrict client access and to notarize a wide variety of on-line transactions.

    Nitro Data Systems Builds Top-Notch Sales and Marketing Group
  • . - July 19, 2004 - Nitro Data Systems (NDS), a provider of leading-edge network intrusion prevention systems (IPS), today announced the addition of a new sales and marketing team to drive sales and marketing efforts, and capitalize on market opportunities for its complete line of NitroGuard intrusion prevention systems (IPS).
  • . Gwizdala is responsible for the development, management, and support of partners and alliances worldwide for the NitroGuard product line.
  • . Previously, he held engineering management and technical positions with Online Assistant, Inc., Lifeclips, Swapit, Information Resources, and General Electric.

    FAO:AG21:Magazine:Spotlight:Urban food marketing
  • . Bottom line .
  • . As a result, market infrastructure in developing countries is often poorly planned, municipal regulations lag behind changes in the food economy and commercial practices, and - here's the bottom line - urban consumers are paying more for food than they should be.

    » marketing | Threat Chaos |
  • . According to Reuters, McNevin, a former e-finance and e-security specialist for the World Bank, was speaking in Riyadh on the sidelines of a on information security in the banking sector.
  • . The online hotel industry is a vibrant market and each hotel is benefitting from that market.
  • . This article even sites the fact that 75% of reservations are made online.
  • . Create software, sign up for affiliate relationships, maybe sell impressions directly to advertisers, and rake in the cash! End user customer support? Product packaging? Retail distribution? Internationalization? F’get about it! Imagine the margins! No wonder there is a gold rush to get in on this! But wait, the punch line is missing.
  • . I have been asking: “what is acceptable practice when selling a product or service?” I don’t have all the answers but I have lined up the various ways people have sold products and services along a continuum.
  • . I think I know where to draw the line but let me lay it out first from bad to good.

    XML Magazine - WS Interop Board Treads a Fine Line
  • Welcome Guest! | Locator+ Code: Search: WS Interop Board Treads a Fine Line Will the recent formation of some industry heavyweights into one consortium bode well for progress in cross-platform standards? by Paul Kapustka W ill the new have greater success than earlier open-systems efforts that flashed and then fizzled? While there might be cause for skepticism, the recent history of agreements in the Web services arena suggests that further progress in cross-platform standards may be possible.
  • . While Sun didn't make any executives available for comment, the company relayed an e-mail message from Marge Breya, a Sun vice president: "We are currently reviewing the documentation from WS-I and inclined to join, " Breya said in the e-mail.
  • . By getting buy-in from a list of more than 50 vendors and customers (which includes technology vendors BEA, Intel, SAP, Fujitsu, and Hewlett-Packard as well as enterprise users Accenture, United Airlines, Reuters, Ford Motor Company, Daimler/Chrysler, and A.G. @CallCenter