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  • November 16, 2001 Green power needs marketing by Allan Chen, By burning fossil fuels, electrical power generation affects not only the environment directly and the global climate potentially but the nation's economic strength and its prospects for energy security as well.
  • . Using solar power, wind power, and other forms of "green power" to generate electricity is one response to these concerns.
  • . Yet a new study coauthored by researchers from Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technology Division (EETD) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado, finds that the potential impact of green power on fossil fuel consumption depends crucially on whether consumers have a choice in how their electricity is generated — that is, on the existence of a retail marketplace where green power is a real option.
  • . "Our study shows that giving consumers energy supply choices can be a powerful mechanism for moving renewable energy into the marketplace, " says Blair Swezey of NREL, a coauthor of the study.

    Competition Bureau - Merger Enforcement Guidelines (March 1991)
  • . In general, a merger will be found to be likely to prevent or lessen competition substantially when the parties to the merger would more likely be in a position to exercise a materially greater degree of market power in a substantial part of a market for two years or more, than if the merger did not proceed in whole or in part.
  • . Market power can be exercised unilaterally or interdependently with other competitors.
  • . To date, most of the mergers that the Director has concluded would likely have prevented or lessened competition substantially have raised concerns about the ability of the merging parties to unilaterally exercise market power.
  • . However, the Guidelines indicate that a merger can also facilitate the ability of two or more competitors to exercise market power interdependently, through an explicit agreement or arrangement, or through other forms of behaviour that permit firms implicitly to coordinate their conduct.
  • . In the assessment of the extent to which market power will likely be acquired or entrenched as a result of a merger, the focus is primarily upon the price dimension of competition.

    Competition Bureau - Acquisition of Maytag by Whirlpool
  • . Countervailing Power The Bureau considered whether the retail ‘buyers’ of appliances have countervailing power to constrain possible price increases post merger.
  • . On balance, the Bureau concluded that major retailers would continue to have relatively strong bargaining positions and post-merger purchasing power.
  • . Footnotes Complex mergers involve transactions between direct competitors where there are indications that the transactions may create or enhance market power.
  • . The Commissioner will not generally challenge a merger on the basis of a concern related to unilateral exercise of market power when the post-merger market share of the merged entity would be less than 35 %.

    EPA - GPP - 2005 Award Winners
  • Green Power Partnership | Search: > > > 2005 Award Winners Award Winners 2005 Award Winners The 2005 Green Power Leadership Awards were presented in conjunction with the 10th National Green Power Marketing Conference, October 24-26, 2005 in Austin, Texas.
  • . In addition to their annual purchase of 1, 200 MWh of wind power, Aspen has constructed a 1 15-kilowatt microhydro plant, meeting a combined total representing 5 percent of their electricity usage.
  • . In 2004, another local ski resort increased their own wind power purchase to 3 percent of their total electricity use, citing Aspen as a clear leader.
  • . Aspen Skiing Company’s enthusiastic support for green power continues to create a model for environmental responsibility in the ski industry.
  • . As the City continues to explore other energy alternatives—from solar and wind power to clean air vehicles—Vallejo’s leaders hope their new solar installations will inspire other cities to similarly embrace renewable energy.


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    EPA - GPP - 2004 Green Power Leadership Award Winners
  • Green Power Partnership | Search: > > > 2004 Green Power Leadership Award Winners Award Winners 2004 Green Power Leadership Award Winners The 2004 Green Power Leadership were presented in conjunction with the 9th National Green Power Marketing conference October 4-6, 2004 in Albany, New York.
  • . In addition to the renewable power, participants receive a Green Energy certificate noting their contribution, as well as annual public recognition in the local newspaper.
  • . Lenox green power procurement and sales are being recorded using the Green Tag Inventory and Balances worksheet provided by the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.
  • . Lenox is currently working with Western Area Power Administration to develop a program to certify renewable energy certificates.
  • . Congratulations to Lenox Municipal Utilities for its supply of wind power and for the recognition it provides for its customers.
  • . City of Palo Alto Utilities, working with 3 Phases Energy, developed PaloAltoGreen, which placed 2nd nationally in 2003 among the over 300 utilities offering green power products with 6.6% of accounts enrolled.

    Marketing Wine to the World : HBS Working Knowledge
  • . For instance, consider the power of buyers in the wine industry.
  • . Buyer power appears to be higher in the Old World.
  • . More sales occur through supermarkets and other off-premise locations in Europe, which would also suggest more buyer power there.
  • . (The exception is Wal-Mart, which recently introduced a private label wine through an alliance with E&J Gallo.) The branding in the New World also creates more product differentiation, which reduces buyer power.
  • . These changes in the retail and distribution channels present substantial challenges for wineries, of course, because these powerful players such as Costco have much more clout and bargaining power than small liquor stores.

    Bird & BirdAssessment of significant market power in French electronic communications markets
  • Assessment of significant market power in French electronic communications markets 16-02-05 Christophe Fichet Important - The information in this article is provided subject to the .
  • . This article considers the conduct of market analysis in the electronic communications sector in France and in particular the assessment of significant market power (“SMP”) by the relevant authorities.
  • . Implementation by the ART The law of 9 July 2004 implementing the EC electronic communications Directives of 2002 into French law provides for the procedure applicable to the analysis and the assessment of competition on the relevant electronic communications markets, the identification of possible operator(s) having significant market power, and the appropriate remedies that could be imposed on these SMP operators.
  • . Pursuant to Article 14, paragraph 3, of the 2002/21/EC Directive, Article L.37-1 provides that an undertaking is deemed to have significant market power where (i) either individually or jointly with others, it enjoys a position equivalent to dominance and (ii) where the links between two markets are such as to allow the market power held in one market to be leveraged into the other market, thereby strengthening the market power of the undertaking.

    Green Marketing: Market Requirements
  • . and Some Open Questions Nancy Rader Renewable Energy Consultant and Policy Advisor to the American Wind Energy Association Second Annual Conference on Green Power Pricing and Green Power Marketing Corpus Christi, TX May 13, 1997 So much is happening right now with electric industry restructuring that it is not only difficult to keep up on all fronts, it's virtually impossible for all but the most well- endowed players.
  • . NREL's Renewables Power Marketing Initiative is serving as a valuable forum for discussing and hopefully resolving some of these issues, and I'm pleased to be involved in the RPMI on AWEA's behalf.
  • . For starters, this means that there need to be a large number of competitors in every local market to curb market power.
  • . And education efforts by the environmental community and the public sector will be far more powerful.
  • . A sign of a good green marketing program is one that has strong links to local environmental groups and that achieves broad support among regional and national groups with an interest in promoting renewable power.

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    Challenges of Electric Power Industry Restructuring / Deregulation for Fuel Suppliers
  • Home > Electricity > > Challenges of Electric Power Industry Restructuring for Fuel Suppliers (Executive Summary) Challenges of Electric Power Industry Restructuring for Fuel Suppliers Available Formats (2.6 Meg) Executive Summary The current movement to restructure U.S.
  • . electric power industry on the markets for electricity generation fuels--coal, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, and renewable energy.
  • . Included in this report are a brief review of electric power industry restructuring already in progress at the Federal and State levels, detailed discussions of the major qualitative issues for each of the major fuel supply markets, and a presentation of a range of possible quantitative results, based on the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) National Energy Modeling System (NEMS).
  • . The following paragraphs summarize the discussions of issues related to the markets for coal, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, and renewable fuels, followed by the quantitative analysis of electric power industry restructuring on fuel markets.

    Claritas > Demographics, Demographic Data, Segmentation, Marketing Research Analysis, Site Selection, Site Location, B2B Marketing Data
  • Adding Intelligence to Information | For more information about Claritas products and services, call today! 1-866-737-7429 > What's New What's New Keep up with the latest developments from Claritas: Retail Market Power Now on SiteReports, eConnect and iXPRESS We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Retail Market Power ™ (RMP) database, providing an actionable portrait of sales opportunity for optimal site and market analysis.
  • . Retail Market Power is the evolution of Retail Trade Potential ™ , combining superior methodology and an expanded number of categories that includes not only an extensive set of retail store types, but also a considerable number of merchandise line items.
  • . This 2005 Retail Market Power database includes two reports available on ™ and two reports and one dataset on .
  • . Retail Market Power (RMP) data is also available on iXPRESS -- include RMP data as an add-on option to any of the four standard iXPRESS datasets (Discovery, Select, Retail Insight or Financial Insight).

    Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence - American Press Institute
  • . Information is power.
  • . How well is your organization acquiring and using its market intelligence? Join the American Press Institute June 25-28 at its campus in Reston, Va., for its brand-new seminar Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence.
  • . You’ll learn about the power that market information gives you to identify opportunities and capitalize on them quickly.

    Buy Green Power
  • guide Buy Green Power            off-site                             Innovative programs around the country now make it possible for all environmentally conscious energy consumers to support renewable energy directly by participating in the "green" power market.
  • . What Is Green Power? Green power is the solution to a cleaner, sustainable energy system.
  • . Renewable energy—power from the sun, wind, plants, and moving water—is a sustainable way to meet our energy needs and protect the environment and public health.
  • . Wind  energy converts the power available in moving air into electricity.
  • . Wind power does not produce emissions, generate solid waste, or use water.
  • . Geothermal  energy uses heat from inside the earth to make clean power.
  • . Solar  power captures the heat and light of the sun to generate electricity.


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  • . In this way producer market power is attained as measured by profits that would not be realized under a free market.
  • . To some critics, the ability of marketers to alter consumer behavior is powerful and frightening.

    Electrical Deregulation and Customer Choice Task Force Report
  • . The task force focused on deregulation of the generation component of electric power, the industry being generally divided into generation, transmission, and distribution; and examined how restructuring would impact the various types of utilities and consumers.
  • . Aggregation (or combining of customers to create greater purchasing power) Aggregation can be an effective way to enhance competition and provide potential savings to consumers.
  • . Geographic aggregation could help address risks that profitable customers will be skimmed while individual customers with weaker bargaining power will not be offered electrical services at reasonable prices.
  • . State government should examine what benefits it may realize from aggregating its purchase of electrical power.
  • . Electric Power Marketers (electric suppliers that often purchase the power on the open market and sell to consumers) Under a restructuring plan, the Legislature should direct the Public Service Commission to draft potential rules that would address the licensing and regulation of power marketers.

    Reconsidering Electricity Restructuring: Do Market Problems Indicate A Short Circuit Or A Total Blackout?
  • . Behaviors in the economic and political marketplace make it clear that powerful interests helped to create and are exploiting this vulnerable market structure.
  • . · Inadequate transmission capacity and self-interested manipulation of access to the transmission system limits the ability of power to flow.
  • . Pricing behavior indicates the existence of market power.
  • . Stalon, Market Monitoring Committee of the California Power Exchange, Report on Market Issues in the California Power Exchange Energy Markets (August 17, 1998) 4 = Bohn, Roger E., Alvin K.
  • . Stalon, Market Monitoring Committee of the California Power Exchange, Second Report on Market Issues in the California Power Exchange Energy Markets (March 9, 1999) 5 = Klein, Michael and Loretta Lynch, California's Electricity Options and Challenges (August, 2000) 6= Department of Energy, Interim Report of the U.S.
  • . Department of Energy's Power Outage Supply Study Team, January 1999; Horizontal Market Power in Restructured Electricity Markets, March 2000 7 = Department of Energy, Horizontal Market Power in Restructured Electricity Markets, March 2000 8= Alderfer, R.

    Market Research - Internet World Stats - Global e Marketing
  • . Market Research - a powerful tool for making the right decisions.

    Positioning for Power: Global Marketing Strategies
  • . She also recently chaired the session ‘Engaging Consumers around the Globe’, at an ESOMAR conference on ‘The Power of Imaginative Solutions’.

    FuelCell Energy, Inc. Investor Relations
  • . Extend Agreement to Address Expansion of Asian Markets Marubeni Commits to Order Additional 6 Megawatts of Ultra-Clean Direct FuelCell(R) (DFC(R)) Power Plants in Exchange for Extended Exclusivity in the Japanese Market DANBURY, Conn., May 04, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- FuelCell Energy, Inc.
  • . (NasdaqNM:FCEL), a leading manufacturer of ultra-clean, efficient electric power plants for commercial and industrial customers, today announced it has extended the distribution agreement with its Asian partner, Marubeni Corp.
  • . Terms of the revised agreement include a commitment by Marubeni to order 6 megawatts (MW) of DFC power plants and a cash down payment related to the commitment.
  • . "With the number of DFC power plants in Japan and Korea increasing, commercial and industrial customers in Asia are recognizing that Direct FuelCell power plants can provide firm, reliable power generation while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gases, " said Kenji Natori General Manager of Marubeni's New Technology & Renewable Energy Department. @CallCenter