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  • [ | ] : The List of Marketing Lists © 1995 In order to use TLOML (the list of marketing lists) you need to know that every mailing list has two addresses, one for taking care of subscription and signoff msgs, called the server, and one for the list itself.
  • . Send email to ADLAND Adland is an email discussion in digest format related to marketing online for those with small or no budget.
  • . ADMIN-HEERA This list has been set up by HEERA (the Higher Education External Relations Association) to enable its members to discuss HEERA's areas of activity - public relations, internal communications, marketing, alumni relations, development.
  • . AFMNET AFMNet was created by the French Marketing Association.
  • . AM-POLITICAL-MARKETING AM-POLITICAL-MARKETING: A Forum for all those engaged in political marketing research to share and communicate ideas, information, conference and event details.
  • . Political marketing as a topic includes lobbying, elections, referenda and campaign communication.

    is4profit: business advice: Sales & Marketing : Business in Europe
  • HOT LINKS FREE GUIDES > > > BUSINESS IN EUROPE Marketing and Doing Business in Europe Knowing more about the European Union (EU) and the programmes that are in place to help small and medium-sized businesses could be vital for your future success.
  • . UK companies will benefit from access to the largest single market for trade and investment in the world, with over 500 million consumers.
  • . They will benefit from cheaper inputs, a larger and more diverse labour market, additional opportunities for technology transfer and greater economies of scale.
  • . Ensure a level playing field for business across the wider single market.
  • . To find out more about how EU enlargement and the Single Market can help your business, visit at the Department of Trade and Industry.

    CRUISE: Business and management: Marketing
  • CRanfield University Internet Site Explorer Helping you to make the most of the Web Business and management: Marketing General Market research Internet/electronic commerce Consumers This magazine is a source of marketing, advertising and media news, information and analysis.
  • . Part of the Ad Age Group, it provides links to other publications such as Advertising Age International and Business Marketing .
  • . Resources for advertising & marketing professionals, students, and teachers.
  • . Dun & Bradstreet's Sales and Marketing Solutions Provides business intelligence to help you locate new markets, target new prospects, and expand your current customer base to help grow your business.
  • . It serves as a resource for the companies that support its work and as a forum for marketing issues and ideas.
  • . Links to abstracts of LBS marketing working papers and gives details of seminars and workshops.
  • . MarcommWise Marketing communications focused website, originating in the USA.

    CSISS Classics - G. William Skinner: Marketing in Rural China, 1964-65.
  • . William Skinner: Marketing in Rural China, 1964-65.
  • . In the fall of 1958, the government instituted the "Great Leap Forward", which was intended to replace traditional villages with communes and place the government in charge of production, marketing, and distribution of goods.
  • . Why was the traditional rural marketing system so enduring in the face of such a challenge? How does a traditional marketing system ultimately evolve into a modern one? Skinner posed these questions to understand not only contemporary Chinese society, but any traditional society confronted with the economic realities of the modern age.
  • . Skinner viewed China as an exceptionally favorable place to study traditional marketing systems for a number of reasons.
  • . Finally, the effects of both external trade and internal political and economic upheaval provided an opportunity to study the effects of modernization on traditional markets.
  • . Rural hierarchy In creating a model for the behavior of rural Chinese markets, Skinner turned to Christaller's central place theory.


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    CRM News: ECT News Exclusives: ATG Marketing Chief Cliff Conneighton: Good CRM Requires Single Focus
  • | Reader Services Site Maps | June 16, 2006 10:26:54 PM PDT > | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ATG Marketing Chief Cliff Conneighton: Good CRM Requires Single Focus By Erika MorphyCRM Buyer 05/26/06 8:06 AM PT "You have to prioritize one approach over the other at some point.
  • . Now they have acquired a company that focuses on a different market and business model.
  • . ATG Chief Marketing Officer Cliff Conneighton pointed out that the customer care market is changing so dramatically a vendor can offer inward focused CRM applications or outward focused applications -- but not both.
  • . Now they have acquired a company that focuses on a different market and business model.

    Marketing to Singles - UK : Market Research Report
  • Search for Market Research Reports: Published by: Published: Feb.
  • . The last Mintel Special Report to focus on the Singles Market, published in 2003, looked specifically at younger one person households (in the 20-54 age range); prior to that, the 2001 Marketing to Singles report concentrated on the 'free and single' - unmarried people aged between 15 and 54 with no children living with them.
  • . US: Int'l: 800-298-5699 +1-212-807-2600 Buy this Report Search Inside Report About is an online aggregator selling over 95, 000 market research reports, company profiles and country profiles from more than 400 research firms.
  • . Our reports will provide you with the critical business and competitive intelligence you need for strategic planning and marketing research.
  • . Coverage includes the US, UK, Europe, Asia and global markets.

    INSEAD KNOWLEDGE - Single Market Europe
  • Jun 2006 In Focus Themes Sector Europe Economics, Trade & Policy Single Market Europe Opportunities and Challenges for Business Jossey-Bass, 1991 This book shows how European integration will affect the conduct of business in Europe.
  • . It examines in depth both the opportunities and the risks of the single market, from the promise of increased sales and more cost-effective operations to the threat of resurgent protectionism.
  • . The authors offer practical advice for developing and implementing effective strategy in key business areas such as financial management, marketing, manufacturing, and human resources.

    MPIfG Discussion Paper 02/6, J. Feick: Marketing Authorization for Pharmaceuticals
  • MPIfG Discussion Paper 02/6 Jürgen Feick Regulatory Europeanization, National Autonomy and Regulatory Effectiveness: Marketing Authorization for Pharmaceuticals Abstract The EC harmonized market entry regulation for pharmaceuticals from the early sixties on, but it achieved neither its goal of uniform national regulatory decisions nor that of automatic mutual recognition.
  • . Second, it tries to assess whether Europeanization furthers the goals of pharmaceutical market entry policy as defined in European regulations - public health protection, creation of a single market and the reduction of regulatory costs to industry.
  • . Only the Centralized Procedure contributes significantly to the goal of establishing a single market.

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    Photo by : Grey Marketing Means Business
  • Grey Marketing Means Business Contributor - Whilst Mick Jagger's sixtieth birthday is newsworthy and spawns numerous pop phycology articles on Baby Boomers, let's be honest, marketing to the 50+ consumer generally bores the pants off most marketers.
  • . What do we mean by the 'Grey market'? Many people associate the term 'grey market' with the sale of products by unauthorised distributors or cross-border trading.
  • . This is a huge single market category that spans 30-40 years of a person's life as a consumer.
  • . Clearly it is a complex market group that subdivides into many sectors.
  • . "Too often marketers lump together the fit, wealthy fifty-something with the ill, cash-poor 75-year old" There are some common characteristics that span all the 'grey market' sectors.
  • . Let's retain the simple definition of the grey market being the 'over 50s' but remember the breadth of consumer types it includes Is it important? Not only is the 'grey market' important it is becoming more so.

    Advertising Age - Out of Site: Mucho Lucre in Lucha Libre
  • June 17, 2006 | Out of Site: Mucho Lucre in Lucha Libre Links to Ad Age's Daily Online Picks By and Published: June 16, 2006 Marketers find new oro in old Mexico There's the NCAA version of wrestling, where men in singlets toss one another about on a mat trying to pin and not get pinned.
  • . And of course, marketers don't follow too far behind.
  • . But who are we kidding? These kids are a gold mine for marketers.
  • . So tell us, when will companies realize that some of the very best marketing is good customer service? As per our dear friendly neighborhood blog,, .
  • . 'It's the open-source software concept applied to product marketing, ' says Georg von Krogh, a professor of management at Switzerland's University of St.
  • . 'The New York Times' We're sure that when marketers play with the idea of starting a blog, there's a laundry list of reasons not to do it.
  • . Every marketer wants a slice of the pie American kids are serving up.
  • . What's a marketer to do? Caroline E.

    Target Market Selection
  • > Target Market Target Market Selection Target marketing tailors a marketing mix for one or more segments identified by .
  • . Target marketing contrasts with mass marketing, which offers a single product to the entire market.
  • . Two important factors to consider when selecting a target market segment are the attractiveness of the segment and the fit between the segment and the firm's objectives, resources, and capabilities.
  • . For example, buyer intentions, salesforce estimates, test marketing, and statistical demand analysis are useful for determining sales potential.
  • . The impact of applicable micro-environmental and macro-environmental variables on the market segment should be considered.
  • . On the other hand, if the firm can develop a competitive advantage, for example, via patent protection, it may find it profitable to pursue a larger market segment.
  • . Suitability of Market Segments to the Firm Market segments also should be evaluated according to how they fit the firm's objectives, resources, and capabilities.

    ACTON Global Marketing -SEO, CPA, CPC, CPL, PPC
  • Acton Global would like to offer your company a free digital marketing consultation.
  • . Acton Global will have you complete a short interview with a digital marketing consultant.
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  • . While trying to offer a full range of products and prices to attract as many consumers as possible, they lose market share and earnings to the specialty or niche stores...
  • . BUT, what about a company - North American Publishing Company - that markets products to the direct mail industry? How do the "experts" feel about the use of teaser copy? For nearly 40 years, ACTON has provided a wide range of turnkey direct marketing services including mailing list brokerage, data hygiene services, lettershop, printing production, direct mail package production and for clients in Banking & Finance, Insurance, Publishing, Travel and Mail Order.


    Marketing Update

  • APRIL 2006 MARKET RESEARCH So, where the **** are we now? No, these were not the words of the latest Australian tourism ad, but the frustration felt by a senior executive of one of Australia’s largest retailer groups about the future.
  • . There is no doubt our consumer market and business environment are going to change dramatically over the next 20 years., in his book The Big Picture, points out that by 2011 the proportion of households that are the traditional nuclear family will have declined from 41% (in 1991) to only 28%.
  • . But the single households will not be young singles, but rather single baby boomers whose spouse has died — quite a different market.
  • . When combined with the ageing population, the changing nature of work and family life, and the fickle nature of young Generation Ys, who live for now and for entertainment, our consumer market is looking decidedly complex.
  • . This requires better use of market research in forecasting consumer trends and developing new products and business models that will meet future needs.

    BA (Hons) Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Marketing Related Links: General Links: Award title: BA (Hons) Marketing Faculty: School: Campus: UCAS Code: N500L Duration: 3 to 4 years Entry Requirements: 200 Points Hours: Full-time Validation Status: Validated Students will regularly hear our programme leader state “the most important item you’ll ever market is yourself” and we’ll help you learn to do that too.
  • . Marketing Course Combinations UCAS Code Marketing (Single Subject) N500 European Marketing N246 Accountancy and Marketing NN45 Advertising and Marketing PN25 Business and Marketing NN1M Finance and Marketing NNH5 HRM and Marketing NN65 Management and Marketing NNF5 Media, Culture and Communications and Marketing NP59 Psychology Marketing CN85 Marketing and Public Relations NPM2 Marketing and Tourism NN58 Marketing is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic subject which impacts on all our lives.
  • . Charities, voluntary organisations, sports, music, visual arts, educational institutions, political parties, national and regional governments and more rely on marketers to connect with the publics that support their existence. @CallCenter