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  • Social Norms Marketing Social Norms Marketing is a scientific approach of gathering normative data on students' perceptions versus their actual behavior and using marketing techniques to report this norm data back to students.

    Social Norms Marketing Study - Naperville Community Unit School District 203
  • Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Naperville, Illinois DISTRICT INFORMATION DISTRICT PROGRAMS SITE INFORMATION GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING // // Social Norms Marketing Study   So cial Norms Marketing Study In August of 2005, parents were asked to complete an important survey included in student registration packets.
  • . Local parents are to be congratulated for participating at such a statistically significant level - a 48% return! In Districts 203 and 204, the project based on this Social Norms Marketing model is called "The Power of Choice." The Social Norms marketing campaign is designed to correct misperceptions, support the majority of students who are making healthy choices, reduce underage drinking and tobacco use, and reinforces positive parenting habits.
  • . Anonymously collected, the data becomes part of a five year Social Norms Marketing Study.
  • . The premise of Social Norms marketing is that by providing teens and families with accurate facts from local surveys, teens and parents will be empowered to make choices based on real data rather than on suppositions or perceptions, which often prove to be inaccurate and can lead to poor decision-making.

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges :: News Releases
  • . Social-Norms Marketing December 9, 2001 New York Times By MARK FRAUENFELDER What’s the best way to stop college students from drinking? Invoke their inner lemmings.
  • . Social-norms marketing is the science of persuading people to go along with the crowd.
  • . Northern Illinois University began the first social-norms marketing campaign on a college campus in 1990, using newspaper ads, posters and handouts to deliver the message that, contrary to popular belief, most students had fewer than five drinks when they partied.
  • . This year universities across the country have adopted social-norms marketing.
  • . Haines, director of the National Social Norms Resource Center in DeKalb, Ill., says social-norms marketing is moving beyond college campuses.
  • . Haines says social-norms marketing works in part because, after years of ‘‘wars on drugs, kids, teens and S.T.D.s, the time is right for messages that are affirming and positive.’’ | ©2006 Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY 14456 (315) 781-3000 / | applicable to this site.

    Hobart and William Smith Colleges :: News Releases
  • . Marketing Seniors Consider Social Norms Campaign Poly Biz News Spring 2004 The Orfalea College of Business California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California H.
  • . , traveled to the Orfalea College of Business in February to lend support to a social norms marketing campaign designed for reducing alcohol abuse rates.
  • . Perkins conducted a workshop on campus for members of the Cal Poly community interested in social norms marketing.
  • . Perkins will be assisting the Cal Poly marketing senior project group with various social norms campaign tactics to transform misperceptions of peer norms related to alcohol abuse.
  • . That evening, Perkins met with the marketing senior project team that will develop and implement the Cal Poly social norms project.
  • . For more information about the marketing senior project, please contact Norm Borin, marketing area chair, at


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    The Social Norms of Discrete Consumer Exchange: Classification and Quantification - Statistical Data Included American Journal of Economics and Sociology, The - FindArticles
  • . Gundlach, Achrol, and Mentzer (1995) note a recent shift in the marketing research paradigm toward a concern for the social determinants of economic exchange behavior.
  • . Marketing researchers have recognized that social norms are a valuable explanatory variable.
  • . Their influence has been depicted in marketing models (e.g., Bagozzi 1978; Kalapurakal, Urbany, and Dickson 1992), tested in relational exchanges (e.g., Dant and Schul 1992; Heide and John 1992; Kaufmann and Stern 1988), and cited in the marketing orientation literature (e.g., Hurley and Hult 1998; Slater and Narver 1995).

    Evaluation of a social norms marketing campaign to reduce high-risk drinking at the University of Mississippi American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Evaluation of a social norms marketing campaign to reduce high-risk drinking at the University of Mississippi , by, , INTRODUCTION Heavy episodic drinking on college and university campuses is a widespread phenomenon (1).
  • . Advertisement Working from this idea, various prevention programs have sought to use social marketing strategies to change students' perceptions of campus drinking norms.
  • . Social marketing can be defined as the application of basic marketing principles to the design and implementation of programs and information campaigns that advance social causes such as alcohol and other drug prevention (7).

    Social Norms Marketing
  • . Appointments: 617-496-0133 Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Services 7 Linden Street, Room 26 Cambridge MA 02138 Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00 pm And also by appointment | What is this ‘social norms’ marketing business all about? Background College and university administrators have consistently cited high-risk drinking as the number-one substance abuse problem on campus.
  • . Several colleges and universities have implemented social norms marketing campaigns with promising results, some of which have seen 20 percent reductions in high-risk drinking after just two years of campaign implementation.

    How Social Norms Marketing Work
  • . Appointments: 617-496-0133 Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Services 7 Linden Street, Room 26 Cambridge MA 02138 Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00 pm And also by appointment | How Social Norms Marketing Works: The Theory behind the Practice Researchers have established that college students tend to grossly overestimate the number of their peers who engage in high-risk alcohol consumption.
  • . In other words, students may feel pressured to drink because they believe that "everyone else is doing it." The basic idea behind a social norms marketing campaign is to turn this dynamic around by using campus-based media to inform students about the true levels of alcohol consumption among their peers.
  • . Finally, various marketing strategies are employed to disseminate the social norms messages.

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    Perception and Reality: A National Evaluation of Social Norms Marketing Interventions to Reduce College Students' Heavy Alcohol Use
  • Overview Interest Areas > Methodology Detail Perception and Reality: A National Evaluation of Social Norms Marketing Interventions to Reduce College Students' Heavy Alcohol Use Wechsler H, Nelson TF, Lee JE, Seibring M, Lewis C and Keeling RP Journal of Studies on Alcohol , 64(4): 484-494, July 2003 Finding an effective method of discouraging alcohol abuse has become an important goal for college administrators.
  • . In recent years, social norms marketing, which offers a positive approach to promoting optimal behavior among students, has become popular.
  • . This study represents the first national evaluation of social norms marketing campaigns using generally accepted research methods.

    Social Norms Marketing 2003
  • >> >> >> Social Norms Marketing 2003 Campaigns Community Parents Youth & Colleges Social Norms Marketing 2003 Grant Awards - ABC Press Release ABC Education Awards 2003 Social Norms Marketing Grants Social Norms Marketing Training 2003 Charlottesville, Virginia Social Norms Marketing is an innovative way to educate people about the healthy behaviors practiced by the majority of the public for the purpose of improving overall health status.
  • . The purpose of this training is to introduce and provide technical expertise and support on the topic of Social Norms Marketing, one of the fastest growing and most effective methods for reducing high-risk behaviors and promoting positive social change.
  • . In an effort to reduce high-risk behaviors and promote positive social change, the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control offered Social Norms Marketing Grants for up to $40, 000 .
  • . All potential applicants had to attend the Social Norms Marketing training.

    Student Wellness Center at OSU : Alcohol Education : Social Norms
  • . The goal of a social norms marketing campaign is to correct these misperceptions by providing students with positive messages, based on reliable research data, that the majority of their peers are making healthy and responsible decisions.

    Social Norms Marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Social norms marketing typically involves reducing the disparity between student and the actual extent of consumption by their peers.
  • . The social norms approach involves conducting credible of a population, typically those on the of an educational institution, and reporting or marketing the findings to that population.


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  • Reprinted from: The Report on Social Norms, Volume 3(1) A Critique of the Recent Evaluation of Social Norms by Henry Wechsler Perception and Reality: A National Evaluation of Social Norms Marketing Interventions to Reduce College Student's Heavy Alcohol Use.
  • . This study evaluates the effectiveness of social norms marketing campaigns by comparing schools in the College Alcohol Survey (CAS) that met the authors' criteria for a social norms marketing campaign with schools that were determined to not have a campaign.
  • . As a result, the authors concluded that the study "does not provide evidence to support the effectiveness of social norms marketing programs, as currently utilized…" and they urged "college administrators and health educators to base their prevention programs on scientific evidence instead of the perception of promise." This is an important study that merits attention and careful scrutiny.
  • . The results of the study hinge on the authors' definition of a social norms marketing program.

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  • . To demonstrate how social norms marketing works, Haines walked me through his first successful effort, which was conducted at Northern Illinois University.
  • . Under the banner "Most of Us, " Montana is using social norms marketing to promote seat belt usage, prevent drunk driving, and reduce smoking among teenagers ( see ad ).
  • . The phrase "everybody's doing it" provides a ready handle for understanding social norms marketing, but Haines was quick to point out that there's more to this success story.
  • . [Social norms marketing] is liberating people to express good behaviors, not necessarily change their behavior to be like others.
  • . And that may be the most important aspect of this phenomenon." To learn more about social norms marketing, visit the National Social Norms Resource Center at .

    Schneider Institute for Health Policy - Research Project Abstracts
  • . Social norms marketing initiatives have demonstrated that when individuals misperceive normative behavior, correct information on the behavior may alter individual behavior.

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Center for Student Life Services
  • Health Awareness is part of the Social Norming and Social Marketing Social norms are beliefs held by individuals about attitudes and behaviors that are perceived to be normal, acceptable and expected in a particular social context.
  • . The method used to correct misperceptions is social marketing.
  • . Social Marketing is the use of commercial marketing techniques to promote the adoption of a behavior that will improve the health or well being of a target audience.

    Social marketing experts on campus Feb. 7-8
  • Social marketing experts on campus Feb.
  • . 7-8 Three nationally known social marketing experts will be at UW-L Feb.
  • . The team will help build on the success of the program and provide consultation on media development, marketing, data/survey interpretation and evaluation.
  • . “We use data collected on our annual surveys to create media that highlights the positive behaviors practiced by the majority of students, emphasizes accurate statistics, and corrects the misperceptions they have about college drinking, ” explains Doug Swanson, communications studies, and a member of the Social Marketing Committee. @CallCenter