• InTouch assists with Social Marketing The new methods of choice in substance abuse prevention is social norming and social marketing.
  • . What is social marketing? Social norming is an environmental prevention strategy using survey data to change false perceptions of community norms.
  • . The theory of social norming/marketing states that if you can reduce the number of peers who believe a false norm, then you will increase the number of peers who will exhibit behaviors consistent with the true healthy norm.
  • . The InTouch office of Breaking Free, along with NCO Youth and Family Services, Naperville School District 203, Indian Prairie School District 204, the Naperville Police Department, the DuPage County Health Department, Linden Oaks Hospital at Edward, Lisle Township Youth and Family Services, and Provena Mercy Center, formed a committee to develop and introduce a social marketing campaign to the high schools of Districts 203 and 204 to reduce tobacco use amongst students.
  • . New posters, videos, and other marketing materials are released to the schools regularly throughout the school year.

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  • Volume XXVIIII Issue 1 August 22, 2003 Social norming: Effectiveness in alcohol campaigns debated Matt Belanger - Assistant News Editor A study performed by the Harvard University School of Public Health has recently sparked a debate concerning the effectiveness of social norms marketing as an approach to alcohol education.
  • . Social norms marketing works to correct these misconceptions through advertising campaigns, often using statistical information collected from surveys.
  • . Many colleges across the United States, including Elon, use social norms marketing as part of their alcohol education programs.
  • . Richard Rice, coordinator of information and education at the National Social Norms Resource Center, called Wechsler’s study "seriously flawed." In his rebuttal published on the organization’s Web site, Rice claimed that Wechsler’s research did not accurately measure the effectiveness of social norms marketing.
  • . Walch emphasized that social norms marketing is just one part of the multi-faceted alcohol education program in place at Elon.

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  • Search: | Expect the Unexpected Social Marketing Campaign Research on college campuses (ours included) indicates that students misperceive campus norms and attitudes regarding alcohol and other drugs (as well as other health and wellness issues such as smoking and sexual behaviors.) Our students greatly exaggerate their peers' alcohol and other drug use--a vital piece of information because we know that perceptions often drive behavior.
  • . To get our messages across to students, we are using a social marketing approach, which uses commercial advertising techniques to create or change a specific behavior within a target audience.

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  • . To get our messages across to students, we are using a social marketing approach, which uses commercial advertising techniques to create or change a specific behavior within a target audience.


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  • . The project's objectives are to: Reach 40, 000 college students per year; Use the social norms marketing approach to correct perceptions and misperceptions about the social acceptability of underage drinking and underage drinking and driving on college campuses; and Provide college students with information on the perils of alcohol use and abuse that resonates with their peers.
  • . Assigned students to the roles of president, vice president, director of marketing, graphic designer, and project manager.
  • . Used institution-specific social norming messages in student-created marketing materials.
  • . Targeted the entire EIU campus in its first year to gain an identity, and then focused marketing efforts primarily on freshmen in the following years.
  • . Collaborated with the Great Plains Group (an advertising, marketing, and public relations company) that provided funding.
  • . For example, student members develop a business-like demeanor, have high expectations and commitment, and develop competencies in marketing and social norms.

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  • . Power of Positive Peer Pressure: Social Norm Marketing Jan L.
  • . Describe the seven step model to create a social norm marketing campaign for a campus.
  • . In social norming, the actual and perceived behaviors and attitudes of the target group are assessed and presented within a social marketing context to modify these misperceptions (Perkins & Berkowitz, 1986).
  • . Social norms marketing approaches have been effective in reducing binge drinking on college campuses (Haines, 1998).
  • . This program will highlight 8 campus demonstration sites using social norm marketing to address tobacco use on campus.

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  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs > Marketing Sobering Messages On Campuses THOSE WHO BELIEVE the drinking habits of college students are a fact of life that can’t be changed are in for a surprise.
  • . A concept called social marketing is making impressive progress in giving students by the thousands a new respect for sobriety.
  • . But a social marketing strategy called the “social norms approach” to prevention is proving effective in reducing their numbers significantly.
  • . The secret of social marketing is to let them know in a convincing way that they’re wrong and that the norm of alcohol consumption in the campus population is less than what they think.
  • . While such counseling and training can turn reckless students into safer ones, one of the advantages of a social marketing strategy is that it can achieve goals with a minimum of investment in personnel time.
  • . Social marketing based on perceptions of the norm appears to be a cost-efficient and peaceful way to approach campus prevention.

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  • . Options' approach to substance use prevention is based on social norms theory and utilizes a social marketing approach.
  • . The following section contains some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about social norming and social marketing.
  • . This information is usually dispensed through the implementation of a social marketing campaign.
  • . What is a Social Marketing Campaign? Using campus-based media, a social marketing campaign attempts to get the message out about how much students are really drinking based on campus data.
  • . Some our past campaign ideas have included the distribution of fortune cookies across campus, with social marketing messages.
  • . The marketing campaign has also used the slogans, "You're here because you're smart" and "Join the majority".
  • . Many other colleges and universities across the country have also seen similar decreases in drinking rates after implementing social marketing on their campuses.
  • . What are other applications of social marketing? We have expanded our social norming campaigns to include information about smoking, attitudes about other drug use, violence prevention, student success, and retention on campus.

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  • -- Alcohol Coalition - Social Norms Social Norming and Social Marketing Social norms are beliefs held by individuals about attitudes and behaviors that are perceived to be normal, acceptable and expected in a particular social context.
  • . A common method used to correct misperceptions is social marketing.
  • . Social marketing is the use of commercial marketing techniques to promote the adoption of a behavior that will improve the health or well being of a target audience.

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  • . Wechsler’s study was to “determine whether schools that use social norms marketing campaigns experience reductions in students' heavy-drinking behaviors and to compare any observed changes with the experience of schools that do not use such programs." However, the method used to identify schools that implement social norming was methodologically unsound.
  • . Theoretical Approaches The WRC uses a responsible decision making approach throughout the year challenging MU students to make informed, responsible decisions regarding their health through educational outreach and marketing efforts.
  • . The WRC creates a comprehensive research driven marketing plan with clear and consistent messages informing students about the actual alcohol and other drug use of their peers as well as informing students about the risks and consequences of substance use.
  • . This marketing plan has been coupled with interactive educational outreach programs that have incorporated social norming messages.

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  • National Media Forum on Highway Safety Other Resources THINKING LIKE A MARKETER Excerpt from “Social Marketing Traction” A NHTSA Publication Developed with The Academy for Educational Development Marketing is an exchange.
  • . This is true in commercial marketing, where the objective is to get people to buy something, and it is true in social marketing, where the goal can be encouraging safer or healthier behavior.
  • . We are all familiar with commercial marketing campaigns that try to add value to a product by associating it with an image – that is part of what separates Coke from the grocery brand.
  • . What’s more, a social marketer should understand some of the basic principles of marketing.
  • . Of course, there are many marketing principles.
  • . Entire textbooks are written about just one slice of marketing.
  • . In social marketing, however, five principles are among the most important: 1.
  • . Marketing is about an exchange.
  • . As noted earlier, social marketing includes the concept of exchange – the assumption that people do things in exchange for benefits they hope to receive.

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  • . Integrated marketing communications is the use of a single message delivered through multiple communications channels offering marketers a way to overcome commercial clutter and for the message to be noticed, remembered, and hopefully acted upon.
  • . The marketer who does not use integrated marketing communication as a way to build awareness and brand meaning for consumers and the public will often be ignored or misunderstood.
  • . It is a way to increase marketing effectiveness while conserving critical resources.
  • . Marketing programs relying solely on advertising provide fewer results per dollar spent than fully integrated programs using a communication mix of earned media, advertising, special events and sponsorships.
  • . INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS AS PART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE INTRODUCTION A good integrated marketing communications program includes a clear and coordinated set of core messages that carry a cohesive and integrated theme through all forms of communication.


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  • University Advancement & Marketing (231) 591-2346 Prakken101A Jeremy Mishler Director, Alumni Relations, Annual Giving and Advancement Services Executive Director, FSU Alumni Association Professional qualifications: M.S.

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  • . The Matter of Degree project works to identify environmental factors such as alcohol advertising and marketing, institutional policies and practices, local ordinances-even social and cultural beliefs and behaviors-that converge to encourage alcohol abuse, and work together to create positive changes.
  • . Utilizing the three levels of prevention, some campuses are conducting social norms marketing campaigns aimed at the general campus population (universal prevention).
  • . Social norms campaigns adopt social marketing principles, which use research to precisely tailor messages.
  • . Prior to conducting a social norms marketing campaign, campuses survey their student populations to find out exactly how much students report they are drinking.

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  • . UT-SA Health Science Center (Statewide, $50, 000) Supports Shattered Dreams marketing and recruitment efforts, with emphasis on identifying and targeting schools in rural, high-risk communities. @CallCenter