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    USDA, Farm Service Agency - & LDPs Factsheet
  • March 1998 Revised March 19, 1998 Nonrecourse Marketing Assistance Loans and Loan Deficiency Payments Statutory Authority Sections 131 through 136 of the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 (1996 Act), P.L.
  • . 104-127 (7 USC 7231-7236) require that a nonrecourse marketing assistance loan and loan deficiency payment (LDP) program be administered for the 1996 through 2002 crops of 16 commodities.
  • . The Farm Service Agency (FSA), on behalf of the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), administers nonrecourse marketing assistance loans for wheat, corn, grain sorghum, barley, oats, soybeans, minor oilseeds (oil-type sunflowerseed, other-type sunflowerseed, flaxseed, canola rapeseed, safflowerseed, and mustard seed), rice, upland cotton, and extra long staple (ELS) cotton.
  • . Market loan repayment and loan deficiency payment provisions apply to each of these commodities except ELS cotton.
  • . Later, when market conditions may be more favorable, a producer may sell the crop and repay the loan with the proceeds of the sale.

    Food Industry, beverages, supermarkets, food processing, business analysis, market research, trends, companies, statistics, intelligence, nutrition, agriculture, GMP, imports, specialty
  • . Industry Research Trends, Technologies, Market Data, Statistics and Glossary Terms > > > > > > Leading Companies and Associations Export Custom Lists > > > > Online Access IT'S FAST.
  • . Restaurant Industry Employment: 2004-2014 Top Supermarket Sales Categories by Dollar Amount and Units, 2005 U.S.
  • . Price Indexes of Food Processing & Marketing Costs: 2001-2005 U.S.
  • . Corn, Soybean and Wheat Crops: 2004-2005 Number of Meat Animals, Market Price and Commercial Production, U.S.: 2002- November 2005 U.S.
  • . For example, our market research shows that many of America's best-known food packagers, such as Heinz, get 30%, 50% and even higher percentages of their total revenues from outside the U.S.
  • . On the supermarket side, giant, American supermarket chains like Albertson's and Kroger are battling the ever-increasing market share and incredibly low retail prices offered in the immense discount grocery departments at Wal-Mart Supercenters.
  • . Many retailers, including Safeway, are learning how to successfully combine bricks-and-clicks, taking grocery orders online and then fulfilling those orders through existing supermarkets.

    Commodity Investment World Asia 2006
  • . He was previously with Goldman Sachs where he was an Executive Director on the Commodity Investor Sales desk marketing the GSCI and creating index related structured products, derivatives and swaps.


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    FB Market Briefing - Commodity & Marketing - Farm Bureau - The Voice of Agriculture for Arkansas
  • Market Briefings for 04-28-06 By, & Cotton An unexpected technical break floored cotton.
  • . The Planting Intentions Report gave the market a brief ray of hope, but exceptionally good planting weather put a lid on things.
  • . Obviously, other factors are also affecting the market.
  • . Internationally, Vietnam’s just-harvested crop has softened the market.
  • . Other negative fundamentals — big carryover, big South American crop, big planting intentions, Avian influenza concerns — have bent the market, but not broken it.
  • . Technically, $4 and $3.50 established the market’s bounds.
  • . Analysts thought a rebounding market was buying some of that acreage back, but weather may temper those ideas.
  • . Cash prices are declining, as well, and will remain under pressure for a few months as the market works through its burdensome supplies.
  • . Hogs June hogs broke out of their recent down trend as the monthly Cold Storage Report helped boost the market.
  • . The fluid cream market is still weak, with demand not improving as many had hoped.

    FB Market Briefing - Commodity & Marketing - Farm Bureau - The Voice of Agriculture for Arkansas
  • Market Briefings for 04-07-06 By, & Cotton Cotton is struggling to regain upward momentum.
  • . Record export numbers bolstered cotton going into the Intentions Report, but a 3-percent rise to 14.63 million acres was more than the market expected.
  • . Old-crop May must close above trend-line resistance just over $8.65, then challenge the $9.01 contract high to put the market back into an up mode.
  • . One million acres less wheat than expected gave the market something to think about.
  • . The market will test support at $3.50, since crop conditions have improved in recent weeks and soft red development is on track.
  • . Planting problems might move the market to that goal.
  • . Improving prices suggest more acres, so be aware of what the market is doing.
  • . The entire meat market is dealing with a glut of product, and the market is being forced to lower prices to stimulate demand and move the product.
  • . Pork prices have also been affected as the market seeks to work through burdensome meat supplies.

    If You Were in Charge, How Would You Market These Products? - Knowledge@Wharton
  • . But the tangle of options also requires any successful marketing plan to take into account the nature of the product, its durability in the public's mind and the advertising budget needed to make it all work.
  • . As Wharton professor notes: It's very hard to find "the one big lever that can reach a whole lot of people in a way that is cost-effective." Knowledge@Wharton asked four Wharton marketing professors --, , and Bell -- to suggest strategies for launching two hypothetical products, a summer blockbuster movie and a cell phone.
  • . While each professor had specific ideas, all agreed that the best way to spend marketing dollars wisely is to know the potential upsides and downsides of your product, and identify your target audience as precisely as possible.
  • . Go for the Soft Launch According to Eric Bradlow, no matter what the product, marketers should consider a preliminary soft launch in sample markets to determine what works best before investing in a full-scale campaign.

    Commodities - Market Place
  • Idaho Farm Bureau Market Place Idaho Weather The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation understands the importance of keeping up-to-date on the ever-changing weather conditions.
  • . Corn is also a good indicator for all feed grain markets.
  • . Idaho Farm Bureau's Small Seeds Program Looking for Alfalfa, Lawn, Pasture Mix or Grass Seed? The Farm Bureau Marketing Association of Idaho offers competitive prices on public varieties.
  • . to develop a number of markets for our members, both domestic and in Mexico.
  • . Durum Wheat for an Italian Pasta Company Identity Preserved Soft White Varieties with Premium Klasic Hard White Wheat Identity Preserved Hard Red Spring Wheat with Premiums Malt Barley Contracts For more information on contracts or other marketing opportunities offered to IFB members, contact Gary Fuhriman at (208) 239-4206.
  • . Idaho Farm Bureau Market Update | © 2006 Idaho Farm Bureau Federation.

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    Finding New Ways to Farm
  • . Farmers throughout Kentucky looking for a commodity that will replace lost tobacco income are unlikely to find any single, legal crop that can mimic the qualities of tobacco: a crop with a high return from small acreage with a ready market.
  • . Although several crops together may replace lost income, farmers need help in finding those crops and learning how to produce and market them.
  • . The New Crop Opportunities Center, an initiative of the College of Agriculture unveiled in July 2000, is helping farmers identify those crops, find out how best to produce them, and locate markets for them.
  • . Bottom Line Questions and Research While the New Crop Opportunities Center already has under way a spate of research and Extension projects— both in production and marketing of new and sometimes novel crops— its biggest contribution to date may well be its template for farmers to use in evaluating whether a new or novel crop could fit into a farm’s operation profitably.
  • . And research under way under the auspices of the New Crop Opportunities Center is helping farmers with both production information and marketing information.

    New Soft Sell at P&G | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog
  • . its marketing of its category leading laundry detergent: Tide.
  • . While no one could argue with the dominance of Tide’s 42% market share among laundry detergents, the article states that Tide “...was in jeopardy of slipping into mere commodity status.
  • . Of course, this begs the question: why shouldn’t P&G push to retain, and possibly grow, its 42% market share? In response to the company’s concerns, and new marketing strategies it is in the process of pioneering, P&G decided to replace conventional Tide advertising.
  • . Of course plenty of seasoned marketers, myself included, believe that marketing initiatives should seek to create emotional, as well as intellectual connections with consumers.
  • . And after all: how much more can be said about stain removal and whitening power, that hasn’t already been said? Read more on this subject: : TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: Comments With the proliferation of laundry and stain removal products on the market, I think it's a smart preemptive strategy on Tide's part.

    Innovation in Daily Global Commodity Markets Forecasts: Proactive Structural OSA Markets Tracking Forecastss: Strategic Structural Commodity Finance Dynamic Operations Simulation Analysis, Forecasts
  • Structural Dynamics Proactive Simulation Forecast for Global Commodity Markets Futures Prices Trend Forecasts: Daily Markets Operations Simulation Strategic Proactive Structural Commodities Finance Operations Simulation Analysis (OSA), Forecasts Months Ahead of Emerging Market Trend, Maximize Risks Adjusted Return two-day in- House Workshops by OSA global strategic management pioneer Dr.
  • . Warren Huang Global Strategic Management OSA forecasts emerging market prices trend month ahead capitalize investment opportu- OSA nities, avoided trillion dollar market loss achieve sustainable profit control, market shares in financial crisis 5-day .
  • . f riendly link to of Eurex and IMC major currency, futures, derivatives trader in Europe Be a global commodity strategic trade decision leader, capitalize on the emerging market trend, not follower in crisis.
  • . provide the latest proactive structural dynamic market forces mechanism forecasts You missed the opportunities on Dr.
  • . Warren Huang s proactive structural dynamic oil prices market forces simulators accurately predicted on his Beijing Feb 23-25, 2005 workshop, keynote speeches, lectures that oil price will rise to 55 in March.

    Commodity Investment Summit 2006 - The Inaugural Pan-European Conference On Commodity Investment
  • . 12.15 Frederic Dodard, Head of Asset Allocation Europe, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS Commodities are becoming recognised as an asset class in their own right and this has resulted in an influx of investors into the market.
  • . In this talk you will learn what this means in terms of market dynamics and which strategies are best placed to reap returns over the coming two years.
  • . One of these strategies is in Commodities, the others are in Emerging Markets, Global Event Driven, and Global Macro.
  • . The Titanium Commodity Fund seeks absolute returns regardless of overall market direction with measured volatility.
  • . The Fund has a global remit, with the majority of investments taking place in liquid G-10 markets, and has a strong emphasis on risk management, at both portfolio and individual position levels.
  • . His broad background encompasses Interest Rate Derivatives, as well as Debt Capital Markets, covering a range of European Corporates and Financial Institutions on the Debt Issuance and Liability Management side of the business.


    Triple Point News: General Maritime Selects Triple Point to Manage Global Freight Tanker Fleet

  • . Triple Point Technology is the leading global supplier of cross-industry software platforms for the supply, trading, marketing and movement of commodities.
  • . Triple Point's solution integrates physical positions to show freight dependencies with freight hedges, enabling General Maritime to more profitably hedge tanker positions and enter the global freight forward market.
  • . "The freight market has gained in importance and volume in the last few years, " said Peter Armstrong, president of Triple Point Technology.
  • . The next-generation platform enables producers, traders, refiners, marketers, distributors and consumers to profitably manage the opportunities and risks involved in the purchase, sale, movement, and storage of commodities including gas, power, crude oil, and refined products, coal and coke, base metals and ores, agrifoods and other soft commodities, and shipping and freight.
  • . This interoperability gives clients a single, real-time view of supply and delivery obligations, financial risk and market exposure either in a single market or across all commodities and markets - and all desktops-around the world.

    Research and Analysis
  • To view and print pdf documents found in this web site, please Research and Analysis Informa Economics offers a comprehensive package of well-respected, timely and highly detailed commodity market information.
  • . Daily market commentary via email and/or fax.
  • . - Due diligence for any long-term marketing agreement, especially designed for hog producers.
  • . Fundamental analysis on corn and soybean meal markets.
  • . Supply/demand/price analysis of the hog/cattle markets, with an active and ongoing assessment of the opportunities to manage margin.
  • . Client service, including regular market updates, quarterly meetings with pricing strategy discussions and customized risk management plans for specific business operations.
  • . Bi-monthly outlook reports providing production estimates for major countries, such as the Philippines and Malaysia, with balance sheet estimates and cash market forecasts.
  • . A daily briefing of factors and events important to the commodity markets, including: US and world crop situations and production outlooks.

    STATPUB Agriculture Commodity Market News
  • Market Intelligencefor the World'sAgriculture IndustrySince 1988 General Specialty Crop | | | | | | | | | | | | | Grain market news for Apr 2002 Indonesia Removes Wheat Import Tax JAKARTA Apr 1-02 - STAT -- The Indonesian government cancelled an 5% import tax it imposed March 14, saying the import tax hurt the local wheat milling industry by boosting raw ingredient costs.
  • . or visitors Winnipeg Barley Continues to Test Lows WINNIPEG - Apr 2/02 - STAT -- Western Canadian barley futures remained under pressure through Tuesday trading session as markets continue to worry about expectations of a major increase in corn seedings in the United States this year.
  • . or visitors French Grain Stocks Rise Moderated PARIS - Apr 3/02 - STAT -- France's national grains board, Office National Interprofessionnel des Cereales (ONIC), expects the country's coarse grain sales during the 2001-02 marketing year to finish the year better than expected, while wheat usage rates falter.

    STATPUB Agriculture Commodity Market News
  • Market Intelligencefor the World'sAgriculture IndustrySince 1988 General Specialty Crop | | | | | | | | | | | | | Farming Market News Canada Farm Product Price Index - March 2006 A table about Canada Farm Product Price Index - March 2006 USDA Certifies 26 Varieties WASHINGTON - Jun 2/06 - SNS -- The USDA issued certificates of protection to developers of twenty-six new varieties of seed-reproduced and tuber-propagated plants.
  • . For 1996 and subsequent crop year commodity and marketing assistance loans, the interest rate for loans disbursed during June 2006 is 6.000%, up from 5.875% in May 2006.
  • . or visitors Canadian Farm Incomes Plunge OTTAWA - May 26/06 - SNS -- First-quarter market cash receipts for Canadian farmers fell to their lowest quarterly level in a decade, according to Statistics Canada, because of a substantial decline in revenue from crops and a marginal drop in livestock receipts.
  • . or visitors Cash Advance Program Changes Sought OTTAWA - May 18/06 - SNS -- The Canadian government plans to introduce legislative amendments to the Agricultural Marketing Programs Act (AMPA) intended to increase the amount of money available under cash advance programs for the country's farmers.

    Market & Industry Research
  • Market & Industry Research Key Starting Points for Market and Industry Research A guide to business information companies, publishers and databases.
  • . The Alacra Industry Spotlights in particular are extremely useful in providing reviews and commentary on industry specific web sites that have statistics, market research and news.
  • . This site gives free access to various industry information including research findings, articles written by industry professionals such as market research in general, qualitative research, quantitative research, survey methods and statistics.
  • . A useful starting point for anyone wanting to understand market research jargon and methods.
  • . (MROW) Priced service from IRN-Research.
  • . MROW provides direct links to market data, company lists, statistics, and industry news on over 3, 000 regularly evaluated UK and European sites.

    Food Marketing: Consumers, Food Innovation, Retailing, and the World-wide Market
  • FOOD MARKETING: CONSUMERS, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING, AND DISTRIBUTION San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus 720 Heber Ave.
  • . Food Marketing, Consumption, and Manufacturing Food Marketing .
  • . Food products often involve the general marketing approaches and techniques applied the marketing of other kinds of products and services.
  • . In food marketing, topics such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research, and market entry strategy, for example, are highly relevant.
  • . In addition, food marketing involves other kinds of challenges--such as dealing with a perishable product whose quality and availability varies as a function of current harvest conditions.
  • . The value chain --the extent to which sequential parties in the marketing channel add value to the product--is particularly important.
  • . Today, processing and new distribution options provide increasing increasing opportunities available to food marketers to provide the consumer with convenience. @CallCenter