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  • . companies in overseas markets.
  • . The candidate will communicate with the Departments of Agriculture of the 15 southern states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Services, and the other cooperating State Regional Trade Groups (SRTG), which also conduct joint promotions in foreign markets.
  • . companies in overseas markets.
  • . Understanding of market plan development procedures, the knowledge and ability to organize and carry out market promotions, organize seminars, meetings and conduct trade visits.
  • . Requires completion of B.A., plus three years' appropriate work experience or the equivalent in the areas of international marketing, international trade or related field.
  • . Unusual Physical Demands This position requires light duty physical work during general office duties, trade shows, market promotions, and during international travel mode.
  • . If you are interested in applying, please send your résumé and a list of three references to: SUSTA ATTN: Bernadette Wiltz, Generic Program Director 2 Canal Street Suite 2515 World Trade Center New Orleans, LA 70130 Marketing Coordinator SUSTA has an opening for a Marketing Coordinator.

    BIA Southern California
  • Featured Events Starting May 24 Baldy View Chapter Office Rancho Cucamonga, CA > Our 12 councils offer a great way to get involved in the association and network with peers in your area of concentration, be it as a trade contractor, a marketing professional or a senior housing builder.
  • . The DSMC supports, encourages and educates those in the building industry involved with new home sales and marketing in the Desert Chapter area.
  • . The SMC/IE supports, encourages and educates those in the building industry involved with new home sales and marketing in the Inland Empire.
  • . SMC/LAV's mission is to raise the level of professionalism among the Sales, Marketing, and Associate Members in the Greater LA/Ventura Chapter area.
  • . SMC/SC is the educational arm of BIA/SC for Sales Managers, Associates and Marketing Directors.
  • . SHC provides the education and networking tools needed to ensure success in building for and serving the senior market.
  • . "State struggles to meet increasing housing demands" Pasadena Star News June 16, 2006 Survey shows remodeling market nationwide is picking up speed in 2006.

    Southern Baptist Convention Newsroom
  • By Ken Walker WASHINGTON (BP)--Despite a past pledge to not back anti-family movements, American Airlines markets to the homosexual community and actively supports pro-homosexual causes.A spokesman for American's gay and lesbian marketing division boasted of the airline's courtship of its homosexual constituency, in the April/May edition of a homosexual TV news program, "In the Life, " aired on 120 Public Broadcasting System affiliates.
  • . Rick Cirillo said the airline is the first "Fortune 100" company to establish a department dedicated to the homosexual market.
  • . In the Life, a pro-homosexual news and issues program, is aired in the nation's top 20 viewer markets, among its 120 public television station affiliates, according to information on its Internet site.
  • . The other five features included a segment titled, "Friendly Skies?" which lauded American's attempts to reach the homosexual market.
  • . American's stance has earned it the designation of the official airline for GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, In the Life reported, noting that the company netted $177 million in revenue last year from this market.

    Safari in Southern Africa - African Chapter is your guide to luxury African Safari Game Lodges & Safari Tours in Southern Africa.
  • . South African tourism spend in excess of R 100 billion per year Tourism is expected to grow 50% faster than any other sector of world employment Europe also still remains the world's number one inbound tourism region with 57.8% of the global market.
  • . The world's leading tourist destination is France, South Africa is currently only at number 30! Asia and the Pacific occupy a further 17% of the global market America seeing 16% of the global market South Africa's market share increased for France, Netherlands and remained constant for Germany.
  • . With vast experience, skills and the same super ordinate goal! "To increase South African tourisms' global market share".
  • . Entering into the global market as a collective unit reached quicker results than individual introductions.
  • . South Africa will compete with other leading countries on search engines as a phenomenal travel destination in the global market thus improving our current position of 30th.
  • . Improvements in turnover are gained through increased marketing efforts as well as earning a passive income through the affiliate programme.


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    Software Council of Southern California
  • . Marketers have taken notice – online advertising is expected to quickly grow to a $20 billion industry, in some cases supplanting traditional print and broadcast media.
  • . Savvy online marketers have figured out how to use the media to combine the expansive reach of broadcast with the targeting and measurement formerly only available to direct marketers.
  • . And now, with a bevy of new techniques, technologies and devices at their disposal, there are virtually no limits to where, when, how and how often online marketers can communicate with their prospects and customers.
  • . So what’s your company’s online marketing strategy? And how will you outflank your competition in this fast-growing, highly-effective marketplace? Join us on June 15th to learn about what’s new and what’s next in the world of online marketing.
  • . PANELISTS: James Colburn , Product Manager, MSN AdCenter Harry McCracken , VP & Editor-in-Chief, Ben Wright , Director, Channel Strategy and Development of MODERATOR: Rick Sharga , President and CEO of SPEAKER BIOS: James Colburn, Product Manager, MSN AdCenter James works for Microsoft on developing the go to market communication strategies for Microsoft adCenter.

    Center for Profitable Agriculture - About Us - Cooperative Efforts
  • . These workshops provide potential and existing entrepreneurs with an introduction to value-added marketing, financial and technical concepts, considerations and principles.
  • . The Appalachian Spring Cooperative (ASC) is a member-owned association of family farmers and food & herbal product manufacturers utilizing the Clinch-Powell Community Kitchens to produce specialty foods and herbal products for commercial markets.
  • . Faculty of the CPA have participated in educational programs and market development activities to enhance the success of the ASC mission.
  • . A published form of the market development studies will be available upon completion.
  • . Made In Tennessee : The Made In Tennessee retail store and gift basket company has agreed to cooperate with the Center as a real "test market" for qualifying products.
  • . Made In Tennessee has agreed to provide shelf space for products evaluated by the Center and provide information concerning market acceptance and buying trends.

    Southern Rural Communities Devastated by Katrina
  • . Farmers also lost major direct and commercial marketing outlets that were destroyed in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.
  • . The Crescent City Farmers Market in New Orleans that served as a lucrative outlet for our Mississippi farmers was totaled.
  • . Casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi, that were also good marketing outlets for our farmers, were completely destroyed.
  • .


  • Benefits

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    Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund
  • Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund MARKETING Producers and Retailers - We welcome your participation in our Marketing Program For more information contact Cornelius Blanding, Federation/LAF Director of Emerging Markets SUMMARY OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES The Federation provides extensive cooperative training and technical assistance in marketing and assisting cooperative members in securing reliable markets.
  • . The Marketing Department is primarily responsible for marketing assistance and continued marketing capacity development for cooperative members.
  • . This includes the following: Marketing plan development for cooperatives Development of a cooperative and unified labeling system Establishment of a regional marketing system The Federation's marketing work is concentrated in three areas: direct, commercial and international.
  • . Direct Marketing Direct Marketing continues to be an important facet of the Federation's overall marketing program because it helps accomplish our basic objective of serving and helping to empower the underserved.

    USDA- AMS - Farmer Direct Marketing Website - Regional & National Direct Marketing Associations
  • Regional and National Associations Active in Direct Marketing: Regional or national associations which have a direct marketing component: PLEASE NOTE: External Sites are not endorsed by USDA.
  • . area markets - including great recipes from local chefs! American Farmland Trust 1920 N Street N.W., Suite 400 Washington, DC 20036 Phone: 202-331-7300 Fax: 202-659-8339 email: Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - is the national sustainable farming information center operated by the private non-profit National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT).
  • . ATTRA provides technical assistance to farmers, Extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers, and other ag professionals in all 50 states.
  • . Topics addressed by ATTRA can be categorized into three broad areas: sustainable farming production practices, alternative crop and livestock enterprises, and innovative marketing.
  • . Organic commodities bought and sold are extensively indexed, and explanations of state and federal organic laws are provided) and the California Farm Fresh Directory (a bi-annual directory of California Certified Farmers Markets, farm stands, u-pick operations, farm festivals, tours, and farms that mail order organic foods).

    Southern SAWG conference offers practical tools and solutions for sustaining family farms
  • . Other sessions cover direct and cooperative marketing, farm-to-school projects and other community food security programs, and how to access government programs that support earth-friendly farming.
  • . This year’s event included an extensive track on community food systems, workshops on farm policy, and 35 practical sessions on sustainable production and marketing, including some led by each of 10 growers participating in Southern SAWG’s Experienced Organic Farmers’ Network (for more on this project, contact Jean Mills, ).
  • . Community food systems Duncan Hilchey of the Community Food and Agriculture Project at Cornell University opened the keynote address with statistics on the rapid growth of farmers markets, CSAs, and community food initiatives in the south, all of which he attributed in no small part to the work of Southern SAWG.
  • . A co-author of Growing Home: a Guide to Reconnecting Agriculture, Food and Communities (The Community, Food, and Agriculture Program, 2002), Hilchey encouraged those in attendance to keep on “growing home” by exploring new strategies such as community market gardens, local food restaurants, and value-added products from commodity crops.

    Growing for Market - Farm Tours
  • . In addition to local farmers' markets, we sell produce through our CSA program.
  • . "We are a unique farm focusing on diversity and heirloom varieties available through our CSA Food Club, Local Farmer's Market and seasonal Pick-Your-Own garden.
  • . We deliver to our regional area, sell at farmers' markets, operate a CSA, and sell through local grocers and caterers.
  • . Marketing venue is CSA and Denver farmer's markets.
  • . Although we are a vendor at the CitiParks South Side farmers market, our main marketing outlet is our 6-year-old CSA which will serve 100 families this year.
  • . "We sell our nuts at all the farmer markets in the greater Portland area.
  • . Our fresh flowers are available locally by subscription and at the Glens Falls Farmers' Market." (9/14/04) ~ is a wholesale supplier of premium quality bare root perennials, direct from growers in the Netherlands.
  • . "We sell our products at Ann Arbor Farmer's Market from May to December, and have been in business since 1994.


    CIAS: Marketing beef cattle via satellite, video auction proves succesful in areas distant from markets

  • Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Menu Main Navigation Search Search our publications Categories Browse our publications on: Other resources Powered by Articles Marketing beef cattle via satellite, video auction proves succesful in areas distant from markets Video and satellite auctions provide a number of marketing advantages to cattle producers who live long distances from markets or feeding areas.
  • . Related Articles A five-year research and demonstration project at the UW-Madison Hayward Agricultural Research Station evaluated a number of methods for marketing beef cattle.
  • . "Marketing livestock in farming areas like northern Wisconsin requires a lot of planning and care before selecting a marketing system, " says Richard Vilstrup, a UW-Madison meat and animal scientist.
  • . Results from four years of marketing feeder calves via video and satellite auction from the Hayward station show the following advantages to this marketing approach: Cattle were filmed in their natural surroundings and appeared fresh.

    Austin Farmers' Market | Vendors
  • . Click to learn Vendors | For Our Vendors Sign up early to secure a reserved space at the market! Thank you for expressing an interest in the Austin Farmers' Market.
  • . Our goal is to build a centrally-located, community market with local produce and farmers as the centerpiece.
  • . Prepared food vendors and local artisans are also encouraged to participate in the AFM, to help bring the full flavor of all that Austin has to offer to the market.
  • . Your participation will contribute to the success of the Austin Farmers' Market, and it will provide you with income, as well as merchandising and technical training in seasonal workshops.
  • . Because it is our goal to make this market productive and rewarding for all participating vendors, we encourage you to with any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the farmers' market.
  • . View the results from the Market Survey: Contact Information For more detailed information please or call Suzanne Santos at 512-236-0074.
  • . Vendor Information and Applications We are currently full in the following vendor categories: Bakers and Arts/Crafts We have openings for the following vendors: Farmers, Orchardists, Dairy, Specialty Foods Please be aware that this is a growers only, producer only market.

    Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
  • provides Grants and Information to Improve Profitability, Stewardship and Quality of Life 2005 Professional Development Projects All four new projects show close ties to the direct marketing of pastured livestock, industries that have been producer led.
  • . Sustainable Production Systems for Range-Reared Standard Turkeys, $109, 444 Direct market Training for Agricultural Professionals $ 96, 757 Small-Scale Poultry Production: Sustainability Training, $ 129, 530 Regional Meat Goat Production and Marketing Project: Phase 2, $9, 269 ES05-078 Sustainable Production Systems for Range-Reared Standard Turkeys There is an urgent need to disseminate information on range production of naturally-mating, standard varieties of turkeys (a.k.a.
  • . As recently as 2001, the market for free-range "heritage" turkeys was virtually non-existent.
  • . A dramatic increase in public awareness and discriminating consumers seeking a high quality, specialty entrée for their holiday feasts are fueling market demand.

    NAREEE Advisory Board Southern Region Listening Session - August 2, 1999
  • . These themes, [Risk Management, Work Force Development, Business Skills and Training, Public Information and Education, and New Market Opportunities], represent key elements in Southeast production agriculture and rural community health, nutrition, and economic development that are affected by the [changing structure of agriculture].
  • . Research and education on niche marketing.
  • . ERS analysis of market data.
  • . Extension has played a major role in the Northeast by educating farmers on a) capabilities of their farm, b) methods for conventional and organic production, c) new and added-value products, d) marketing opportunities, and e) innovative means for supplementary income (e.g., increasing tourism via Bed &Breakfast).
  • . 10) Marketing - by producers in the consumer interface (supermarket savvy) is needed to make new production ventures a success.
  • . Needs include: Niche market research and statistics (where and what?).
  • . Marketing research for new alliances and linkages to the private sector. @CallCenter