Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund

  • Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund MARKETING Producers and Retailers - We welcome your participation in our Marketing Program For more information contact Cornelius Blanding, Federation/LAF Director of Emerging Markets SUMMARY OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES The Federation provides extensive cooperative training and technical assistance in marketing and assisting cooperative members in securing reliable markets.
  • . Ten markets were established and operated under the WIC program in Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.
  • . Rural/Urban Marketing Project: This project focuses on proving poor urban consumers with high quality affordable food while ensuring reliable markets for our member farmers and cooperatives.
  • . We also serve similar markets in South Carolina, Chicago, Washington, DC and Maryland.
  • . Cooperatives enable them to pool resources and produce both the quality and quantity required for these markets.
  • . Thus, the Federation provides market development, management and coordination assistance to its member cooperatives to help them become successful suppliers for a variety of commercial markets such as Kroger, Kraft and Alliance Foods.

    Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund
  • . Evelyn Lowery to be honored by the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/ Land Assistance Fund The Honorable Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to serve as the 2006 Event Chair South Carolina Black Farmer Impacts the Charleston Markets Chemical Free Lettuce Mix Sold in Charleston Farmers Markets the Past 2 Weekends Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative Training and Outreach Continues to Build Attending the Women in Agriculture Conference in St. - Covering Delaware's Cape Region
  • . Southern Delaware Tourism markets Sussex County for weddings During a tourism partners marketing meeting in fall 2004, Southern Delaware Tourism/CVB staff requested partners to identify changes in tourism trends in Sussex County.

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  • . At CJ Patrick Company, Rick applies the disciplines learned working with these corporations to help small to medium sized enterprises accelerate growth and enter new markets.
  • . native, Wright joined the company in 2000 and played a key role launching the company's business to International markets.


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    Growing for Market - Farm Tours
  • . In addition to local farmers' markets, we sell produce through our CSA program.
  • . We deliver to our regional area, sell at farmers' markets, operate a CSA, and sell through local grocers and caterers.
  • . Marketing venue is CSA and Denver farmer's markets.
  • . "We sell our nuts at all the farmer markets in the greater Portland area.
  • . "We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and flowers for our CSA programs, for farmers' markets, and for restaurants through our farmers' cooperative in Nassau and Suffolk Counties." (4/15/03) ~ is a u-pick farm in Metro Atlanta, GA.
  • . We sell at farmer's markets, restaurants, and direct to people who order (can ship)." (9/25/02) ~ -Virginia-Grown Cut Flowers.
  • . "Located in Central Virginia between Charlottesville and Richmond, we grow a wide variety of annuals, perennials and woody-cuts for sale to florists, specialty supermarkets and farmers' markets.
  • . Our on-site farm stand sells our fresh produce, serves lunches, brunches, and breakfasts, and offers much more! We also have a CSA and sell at farmers markets, local food stores, and restaurants.

    Center for Profitable Agriculture - About Us - Cooperative Efforts
  • . The Appalachian Spring Cooperative (ASC) is a member-owned association of family farmers and food & herbal product manufacturers utilizing the Clinch-Powell Community Kitchens to produce specialty foods and herbal products for commercial markets.
  • . This collaborative effort will focus on direct marketing of hardwood products to hobbyist woodworkers, craftsmen, artisans, small-home builders and other markets.
  • . The pork team is currently identifying Hispanic food markets across the state and is developing an in-depth questionnaire to determine how many markets are currently selling fresh pork, Hispanic markets preferences for meat cuts, and their likelihood of purchasing fresh Tennessee pork.

    SSAWG | Enterprise Development | Resources
  • . Emerging Markets for Family Farms: Opportunities to Prosper Through Social and Environmental Responsibility , 1997, by Kelly O'Neill.
  • . Discusses strategies to develop new markets that reward environmental stewardship and enhance family farm opportunities.
  • . Methods to Develop Markets to Improve Profitability of Small Family Farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey , 2002 by the Rodale Institute.
  • . Overview of more than 10 different marketing strategies, from farmers markets to entertainment farming to selling to restaurants and through the internet.
  • . Chapters on setting goals, assessing markets, production, profitability, and financial feasibility.
  • . Numerous resources grouped under the following headings: 1) Investigate value-added products, 2) Markets and Industry trends, 3) Business Development, and 4) Consultant and Business directories.
  • . Box 599, Crookston, MN 56716; 800-279-5010; This state-funded nonprofit institute helps businesses and agricultural groups develop new uses and markets for traditional and alternative commodities.

    SSAWG | Enterprise Development
  • . Develop a system of on-going research on markets and price information at local levels.

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  • . James & Sons Supermarkets will install its first branded store-within-store section Monday with Staples, Framingham, Mass, according to a report in the Princeton, Ky., Times Leader.
  • . INDIANAPOLIS (June 14, 2006) - The stock of Marsh Supermarkets slipped only slightly yesterday despite its rejection of a buyout proposal for about $13.625 per share.
  • . Local 1500 members representing Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Quincy, Mass., were scheduled to vote last night, and King Kullen workers will vote today, the union said.

    Southern SAWG conference offers practical tools and solutions for sustaining family farms
  • . Community food systems Duncan Hilchey of the Community Food and Agriculture Project at Cornell University opened the keynote address with statistics on the rapid growth of farmers markets, CSAs, and community food initiatives in the south, all of which he attributed in no small part to the work of Southern SAWG.

    Safari in Southern Africa - African Chapter is your guide to luxury African Safari Game Lodges & Safari Tours in Southern Africa.
  • . Mail drops: African Chapter posts information on travel news and specials , thus introducing our products to new selected markets and past clients, further increasing and maintaining our extensive client base.

    Oxfam America: Oxfam Partners Have Deep Roots in Rural Communities Hit Hard by Katrina
  • . For its farmer members, MAC also offers guidance on improved production, access to markets, grant applications, and ways to increase their income.
  • . As a result, the co-ops are now able to receive short-term loans to pay for packing, hired hands, and storage until they get paid by the supermarkets through Red Tomato.
  • . “In today’s global markets, small farmers need to seek out niche markets that pay them high enough prices to keep their farms viable, ” said Minor Sinclair, Oxfam America’s director of US regional programs.
  • . This system will enable African-American farmers and cooperatives to market their products collectively and thereby successfully compete with larger-scale producers in mainstream markets.