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  • . NP Electronics International Michael Vieira Manager 45 Robb Street Lacytown, Georgetown 226-7967 227-0601 e-mail: L.Seepersaud Maraj &Sons Jeweller s 42 Stabroek Market (under the clock) Tel 226-3469.
  • . Click on the image above to visit the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC).

    Guyana News and Information- Assassination of Agriculture Minister Satyadeow Sawh
  • . “He used to come off at Lamaha and walk all the way to Kingston where I used to work and come and pick me up in the morning.” She said that the two would then walk to the market, pick up fruits and vegetables for the children and head home.
  • . “He would help wash, cook and we would even go to the market together and I never had woman problems with Curtis”, she said, adding that he was full of life and had lots of plans.
  • . He noted Sawh had a special liking to showcasing agricultural products, because he felt it would bring enhanced marketing opportunities.
  • . Just before he died, Permaul said Sawh was ardently behind the design of a strategy for marketing change for selected commodities.

    The Washington Times - Guyana
  • . Stabroek Market Once described by Canada's Pierre Trudeau as s "bizarre bazaar, " Stabroek Market with its distinctive clock tower is one of Georgetown's most familiar landmarks.
  • . A market has been here since at least 1842, though the covered area dates from 1881.
  • . The market is always busy: furniture, gold jewelry, handicraft and clothing are offered here as well as fruits and vegetables.

    The Washington Times - Guyana
  • . It is now marketed as a major tourist event in the Rupununi.
  • . Buy a bottle from one of the vendors at Stabroek Market and experiment at home).


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  • . Cartons of eggs are stacked in a corner at Geddes Grant Supermarket on Main Street here.
  • . The "parallel" or black market economy, composed of goods openly smuggled here from neighboring Brazil or Venezuela, is larger than the formal economy, as a visitor finds by walking across the street from Guyana Stores, Ltd.
  • . The real currency rate can be found on two-block long America Street, near the big Stabroek Market, the parliament and the high court.
  • . He says nothing but raises his right hand up-up-up, to indicate the black market rate will exceed whatever the government rate is.
  • . Potential investors mention the shortage of foreign currency, small national markets, bureaucratic inefficiencies and the insecurity in the region as a result of Pretoria's actions as major constraints.
  • . Masire cautioned, however, that measures such as these will achieve very little unless they are developed within a regional production and marketing framework.

    Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)
  • . Activities : Identification and validation of a cost effective and sustainable method of processing cashews in the area, including the establishment of a management system for the processing, packaging and marketing of the cashews in the Georgetown retail market.
  • . Results to date : In 2000, the Helping Hands purchased 1, 353 pounds of raw nuts and processed these into 6, 839 100-gram packages of dried cashews which were primarily sold in Georgetown supermarkets.
  • . They are currently bagging their cashews in Lethem, and marketing them through their own agent in Georgetown.
  • . This year will continue and extend the initial training, with added attention to post-harvest handling and marketing.
  • . Activities : Training in improved production regimens and washed coffee processing techniques, including washing, drying, roasting, grinding and marketing of coffee.
  • . However, there has been an overstock of coffee on the local market for more than 18 months, with the result that no coffee has been sold during that time.

    News and Current Events - October 2002
  • . The absence of cold storage facilities, according to Balkaran, affects the quality of perishable exports, especially in cases of long delays between reaping and arrival at market.
  • . Meanwhile there is a likelihood of expanded cold storage facilities with a proposal being mooted by Royal Caribbean, which is involved in exporting chilled fish to the US market.
  • . Reporters were shown how the packing is done and care taken to ensure that the product meets the market in the best possible shape.
  • . Director of Guyana Dairy Development Programme (GDDP), Dr Hector Munoz said the the main purpose of the NDDP initiative was to improve the nutritional levels of children in the identified schools, create markets for the produce of farmers in Mahaicony/Abary communities, also on East Coast Demerara and encourage them to increase production so that more people can get it.
  • . But this is controlled by companies in developed countries, which manipulate the markets for maximum profits instead of human need.

    Jamaica Gleaner News - Pioneers in export - JABEXCO propels brand Jamaica overseas - Friday | May 26, 2006
  • . Jamaica Broilers had established a favourable niche and had firmly positioned itself in the local agriculture market.
  • . Today, it has a fully integrated poultry operation and has diversified into feed milling, cattle rearing, beef production and fish farming, along with the development and marketing of other value-added products for both local consumption and export.
  • . Appropriately named JABEXCO, Jamaica Broilers Export Company, the entity began operations in 1987 and has been extending the JBG's motto of efficiency and quality in its production and packaging of a range of products for the export market.
  • . The very pride of place that surrounds the delivery of products locally, forms an essential part of its marketing in the international market, which proudly demonstrates the products as distinctly Jamaican.
  • . The Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG), though its subsidiary company Aquaculture Ltd., has increased by some 700 per cent the amount of fresh Tilapia fillet the company produces for the United States market.

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    Jamaica Gleaner News - Agriculture's underperformance - Tuesday | June 13, 2006
  • . "We don't have a problem of marketing" he declared.
  • . We have markets for everything we produce but there is no production.
  • . We have market for coffee but no production.
  • . Pimento, cocoa, we have markets but no production.
  • . When it comes to mutton the same thing and although the Jamaican goat meat is so expensive in comparison to the imported one the people want the Jamaican goat meat but they can't get it." MARKETING PRODUCE "The only time I come under pressure for marketing something is like you know we have some good rain and then you hear out of St.
  • . You can't market what you haven't produced.
  • . Clarke undoubtedly hugs up the role of finding markets for whatever is produced and is unhappy that the farmers are not making full use of his expertise in this area.
  • . But the minister seems unaware that his inactivity in the accepted role of marketing is directly related to his seeming reluctance to own the responsibility for establishing the production systems which he admits are absent.

    Raffique Shah - Guyana Moves To Corner Caricom Sugar Markets
  • ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ Guyana Moves To Corner Caricom Sugar Markets the region's high-cost producers face cutbacks, closure July 19, 2002 By Raffique Shah AS Trinidad and Tobago's sugar industry faces an uncertain future and government moves to restructure Caroni Limited, Guyana is positioning itself to become the major, if not sole, supplier of the commodity to the Eastern Caribbean.
  • . Guysuco's CEO, Brian Webb, speaking with Stabroek News last May, said he was "banking on an aggressive marketing strategy set to place it (Guysuco) as the lead supplier of the region's sugar".
  • . Webb is insisting that a refinery be attached to the new Skeldon factory in order to grab the white and bagged brown sugar markets in the entire region.
  • . Chandarpal boasted to the media: "Sales to Caricom have increased steadily over the years from 29, 792 tonnes in 1999 to 44, 681 tonnes last year." Projected sales this year to the region, including some 12, 000 tonnes of bagged sugar to Gopaul that will effectively undermine Caroni's control of this market, is expected to be around 58, 000 tonnes.

    Living Guyana: November 2005
  • . As other newspapers are merging and re-branding themselves the Stabber is like that broken clock at Stabroek market – stuck in a time warp.Come on Benji Darling , do something, anything.
  • . Did he change the spelling or were the journo-quacks getting it wrong all along? Jaycees will be hosting a workshop on the Caricom Single Market & Economy, in collaboration with USAID (GTIS).Date: 21st Nov, 2005Time:8:00 AMTheme: Strengthening Caribbean Economies through Youth Empowerment and Participating in Entrepreneurship.Venue: Sea Breeze Hotel.Pere St, Kitty, Georgetown.Feature Address by: Mr.
  • . Your desire and longing is so transparent, its like a fine pressed shirt, FUBU maybe, that you bought at the market to accompany your rip-off Nike shoes that you got scammed into buying.So as you continue to write these angry misplaced missives, using Microsoft office, another American product, maybe on an American computer even, though possibly not(but I guarantee it's American technology), think about us.

    Living Guyana: August 2005
  • . A tragic waste of the advertising and planning that went into this event by the Ministry of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock , the Guyana Marketing Corporation and the loosely used ‘private sector’.
  • . Natasha Waldron , easily Guyana's best female anchor has lost her spot to the woefully struggling Hepalina Ferguson .And where is Alana Johnson ? Has she been abducted by NASA for some secret mission? Why is she not anchoring the NCN Sport News every night?An travesty that stinks more than the fish stalls of Stabroek Market.



  • . Prior to 1981 the collection was housed above the Police Station near the Stabroek Market (now used by the Guyana Fire Service) there were no windows, rain would inundate the place and the papers were in chaos.
  • . The operations of the Aluminum plant would put Guyana in a competitive bargaining position in the international bauxite market Ambassador Starikov said.
  • . Stallholders’ fees at New Amsterdam market to be re-adjusted Georgetown, GINA, June 13, 2005 New Amsterdam Market vendors will not have to pay the stallholders’ fees recently asked for by the New Amsterdam Town Council, according to a representative of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development’s Municipal Services Division.
  • . The error was related to the way in which the measurement of the new structure of the market was taken and this led to further errors in calculation of the operations and maintenance costs.
  • . The New Amsterdam market vendors had recently protested the amount of fees asked for by the Municipality, which they pointed out was very exorbitant.

  • . Georgetown, GINA, November 2, 2005 The New Guyana Marketing Corporation (NGMC), the flagship for promoting non-traditional crops now has the capacity to provide its services more effectively through disseminating information to the wider society.
  • . “It has a list of product-care practices of various economic importance to our farmers It provides guidance to the first time exporter, it has downloadable market surveys and it provides information on useful links, ” Hassan added.
  • . In addition, Chairman of the NGMC and Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest), Geoffrey Da Silva said market availability is no longer the concern but, it is the supply that matters.
  • . The NGMC has several departments to promote its functions: marketing, administrative and financial, and technical and it is anticipated that the website will enhance these functions.
  • . The marketing division provides market and marketing information, advises on the availability of produce, freight and other related matters. @CallCenter