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  • Looking for information on better WOM marketing? This page is news about WOMMA (the association).
  • . For the lastest news, case studies, and articles about word of mouth marketing visit .
  • . Although the organization's request confused buzz marketing with deceptive stealth, they address an important issue: Stealth marketing is wrong and the practice is particularly unscrupulous when used to influence teens.
  • . WOMMA has led the fight against stealth marketing and will continue to do so.
  • . Word of mouth/buzz marketing is not stealth marketing.
  • . That's the point of word of mouth marketing.
  • . (No other type of marketing demands this level of honesty.) 3.
  • . The kind of marketing we do gives a powerful platform to consumers - and forces marketers to respect them.
  • . Word of mouth makes all marketing more honest.
  • . When all marketers learn to respect consumers' word of mouth, all marketing will be more honest.
  • . Word of mouth marketing is mainstream.
  • . WOM isn't a fringe marketing practice.

    WOMMA: Word of Mouth Marketing Association
  • WOM 101 Printable version of this report Tell a friend About You Your Name: Your Email: Your Friends #1 - Name: Email: #2 - Name: Email: #3 - Name: Email: Unethical Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies Any practice intended to deceive people is unethical and should not be used.
  • . WOMMA is absolutely opposed to the following unethical word of mouth marketing tactics: Stealth Marketing: Any practice designed to deceive people about the involvement of marketers in a communication.
  • . Word of mouth marketing cannot be faked Artificial word of mouth marketing is dishonest and ineffective.
  • . Word-of-mouth marketing must be based on the honest opinions of real people.
  • . Impersonate people, shill, or hide their identities Manipulate or corrupt honest opinions Infiltrate, invade, or violate online or offline venues Dishonest word of mouth marketing will always be exposed and deplored.

    CorpWatch : US: Marketing Under the Radar
  • l » » » US: Marketing Under the Radar US: Marketing Under the Radar by Deborah Branscum , December 22nd, 2004 Four years ago, Tom Dugan’s company did some work for Peet’s Coffee & Tea by covertly plugging a Peet’s promotion online.
  • . "Most of our clients are loath to discuss the work we do for them, because they don’t want their competitors to know about it, " says Dugan, president of NewGate Internet, which specializes in search engine and grassroots marketing through the Internet.
  • . Stealth marketing isn’t new, but interest in it is growing as marketers divert increasing amounts of money from mass media to less traditional advertising.
  • . How mainstream has stealth become? Last summer California Management Review , published by UC Berkeley’s not exactly radical Haas School of Business, ran a feature called "Stealth Marketing: How to Reach Consumers Surreptitiously." The authors bluntly posited that marketers "should attempt to create ‘zap-proof’ formulas by relying on more subtle messages that are harder to reach an increasingly fragmented audience." In other words, time to get sneaky.

    CorpWatch : US: For Tobacco, Stealth Marketing Is the Norm
  • l » » » US: For Tobacco, Stealth Marketing ...
  • . US: For Tobacco, Stealth Marketing Is the Norm by Julie Bosman , March 10th, 2006 Wednesday's announcement came as little surprise to companies and their opponents: cigarette sales had fallen once again, hitting a 55-year low.Tobacco companies have been on the defensive since reaching a landmark $246 billion settlement with the states in 1998, and cigarette sales in the United States have declined more than 20 percent since then.
  • . In addition, many states and city governments have passed laws banning smoking in workplaces, restaurants and bars.But companies, which are able to vastly outspend anti groups, may still be winning the marketing wars.
  • . It would not disclose its current budget."It truly is a David versus Goliath scenario, " said Joseph Martyak, the executive vice president for marketing, communications and policy for the American Legacy Foundation.
  • . The foundation's marketing has centered on its Truth campaign, an effort created by Arnold Worldwide, a unit of Havas, and Crispin Porter & Bogusky, part of MDC Partners, that began in 2000 and has been credited with reducing teenage smoking.


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    MediaWatch - Nike e le nuove frontiere del marketing occulto
  • . 2009 - 74100 Taranto (TA) / Colpo di tacco col trucco Nike e le nuove frontiere del marketing occulto A Roma una dozzina di ragazzi lancia una nuova moda: il calcio giocato sui tetti.
  • . La realta' e' che Nike ha preso un fenomeno di costume (o forse se lo e' proprio inventato), lo ha fagocitato, ne ha succhiato la potenza comunicativa e l'ha trasformato in un fenomeno di marketing.
  • . I tre minuti in tv che valgono oro Non ha dubbi Andrea Natella, di, agenzia di comunicazione "non convenzionale": "Una bella operazione, evidentemente costruita a tavolino sin dall'inizio.
  • . Per marketing e comunicazione, Nike spende indicativamente il 12% del proprio fatturato (che fatti due conti corrisponde a un miliardo e 400 milioni di dollari).
  • . Da Vienna a Roma le rivincite anti-Nike A volte il marketing aggressivo si prende le sue rivincite.
  • . Stealth marketing, il mondo dove la realta' e' solo un'imitazione Stealth marketing, marketing nascosto, dove la pubblicita' non e' mai esplicita, e la realta' e' solo un'imitazione.

    I'd Love This Product Even If I Weren't A Stealth Marketer | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  • . In stealth-marketing parlance, this is what is known as "roach baiting, " but I prefer to call it "the least I can do." Seriously, it's an honor to subtly plug something I actually believe in for once.

    Creative Tank | Guerrilla Marketing | Stealth Marketing | Undercover Marketing
  • Guerrilla | Stealth Marketing / Undercover Marketing | Creative Tank employs these undercover marketing activities as needed, typically using them to enhance additional promotional efforts.
  • . Stealth marketing (also known as undercover marketing) is an unconventional strategy used to attract consumers, using "under the radar" promotional tactics that essentially go unnoticed by your non-target audience, as well as your competition.
  • . Creative Tank can conduct almost any stealth marketing activity conceivable, with the possibilities only limited by imagination.

    Guerrilla marketing - SourceWatch
  • The coining of the term guerrilla marketing is attributed to Jay Conrad Levinson.
  • . A "stealth marketing campaign" by in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York and other large U.S.
  • . ISBN: 0395906253 ( ) - the website of Jay Conrad Levinson who wrote the original book and describes himself as that "the Father of Guerrilla Marketing" ( ) - a site that has links to several articles on the topic.

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    Stealth Marketing
  • Stealth Marketing The Secret Sales Machine by Tom FitzGerald & Linda Brakeall Note To Reader For a long time people have being talking about how to make "everyone a salesman".
  • . The SSM - The Stealth Marketing Machine.
  • . THE CONCEPTS As with all business concepts that work, Stealth Marketing is profoundly simple.
  • . THE HURDLES To get Stealth Marketing up and running in a company requires just four things and this branch met all requirements: An environment of continuing sales to existing customers.
  • . But when it came time to implement the Stealth Marketing at Heartmann Woods, one difficulty was met that could have stopped it cold: People were afraid to sell.
  • . Stealth Marketing is like a bicycle.
  • . But to get Stealth Marketing through the all too human inertia and built-in prejudice against selling, something extraordinary had to happen.
  • . But the first concrete step toward implementing Stealth Marketing occurred when the non-sales staff, section by section, began to review and appreciate the sheer number of human-to-human connections they made, day in and day out, individually and for their section.

    ffwd: On Fragdolls, Ubisoft, and hidden agenda hilariousness
  • . But then you start looking closer at the weblog posts on the site, and, imho, this falls squarely into the more insidious side of stealth marketing.
  • . Anyhow, I think this is pretty dishonest marketing, and Ubisoft should at least amend the 'About' page to indicate that Fragdolls are paid proponents of Ubisoft games.
  • . The company wanted to "cast female gamers for online promotions and marketing", and apparently "the gamers will work 10 to 40 hours a week as independent contractors." So they're getting specifically paid for this.

    Stealth Marketing (or Undercover Marketing) - Editorial - CMO Magazine
  • Search: The Resource for Marketing Executives > Lingo Lab A Marketing Glossary Stealth Marketing (or Undercover Marketing) ADVERTISER A marketing strategy that uses an undercover pitchman.


    Stealth Marketing in Usenet news groups

  • Stealth Marketing in Usenet news groups OK, if you are familiar with Usenet, you know that you can't blanket newsgroups with advertisements without getting in a lot of trouble.
  • . He was stealth marketing on Usenet! Three years later, he is still successfully selling products in that newsgroup.
  • . For maximum profits: Read the that I listed on my "Marketing on the Internet without Spamming" page.

    FRS: Stealth Marketing: Opportunities and Ethical Issues
  • . 001 — (1 unit) — CRN 73909— M 10:00-11:50 AM — 161 AOB IV Stealth Marketing: Opportunities and Ethical Issues Instructor: Eitan Gerstner, Graduate School of Management Description: In recent years companies started to use stealth marketing to help cut through the traditional clutter of advertising.
  • . Stealth marketing attempts to present new products by creating and spreading “buzz” in a covert and sometimes tricky way.
  • . While companies may see stealth marketing as an innovative way to help create awareness and demand for new products, these practices also set-off alarms with consumer groups who claim that they are unethical and deceiving.
  • . The purpose of this seminar is to (a) provide an overview of traditional marketing, (b) examine stealth marketing critically, and (c) explore ways of using stealth marketing in a way that will be acceptable to both companies and consumer groups, based on ethical standards.
  • . • Individual overall performance and contribution to class and team : up to 30 points • Team Project: up to 40 points About the Instructor: Eitan Gerstner is Professor of Marketing at the University of California, Davis.

    stealth marketing mktg b nascosto b
  • stealth marketing mktg b nascosto b , , , , , , , , , , , , ''Ora tutto il territorio nel quale si vorrebbe realizzare il ponte è tutelato dalla Direttiva Uccelli.

    Pherotones: Pheromone Ring Tones or Creative Stealth Marketing?
  • May 25, 2006 Pherotones: Pheromone Ring Tones or Creative Stealth Marketing? It started off as a seemingly innocent interview with a "Dr.
  • . The trend? Viral, and sometimes deceptive, ultra-creative, interactive stealth marketing campaigns that mix reality and fiction, and integrate participation by the public.
  • . Myra Vanderhood" is part of a viral marketing campaign by the Agency behind the Audi A3 Heist campaign, .
  • . Creative Agencies! An ongoing comment section about Pherotones as viral marketing can be found at .
  • . Viral marketing websites that have made a stir: (Halo 2) (Burger King) (Audio A3) Tags:, , Posted: Jan 18, 2006 COMMENTS I think this is great! Ads are so boring these days I welcome these creative endeavors.
  • . - Posted By: Julie on January 19, 2006 If you're smart enough to figure out that this is a viral marketing campaign, then you should be smart enough to go download yourself some pheretones just in case they *do* work.

    NinjaMarketing - la via del marketing non-convenzionale
  • . Come far evolvere un’icona storica come Coca-Cola? Una delle strade possibili č il marketing esperienziale: č il caso Coca-Cola a dimostrarcelo, che ha puntato sulla creazione di esperienze virtuali attraverso interessanti evoluzioni del packaging ed un mini sito web… Un cartellone animato da persone in carne ed ossa ed un treno della metropolitana che mentre passa dŕ l’impressione di assistere ad un concerto: sono le due campagne realizzate da BBDO per Budweiser...
  • . La strategia č di viral marketing con un tocco di word of mouth e stealth marketing.

    Digital Marketing / Venturini: febbraio 2006
  • . Digital Marketing / Venturini Commenti, informazioni, input interessanti relativi al Marketing Online.
  • . posted by Roberto Venturini at lunedì, febbraio 06, 2006 Ma che profumo di Marketing...
  • . Il profumo delle maidelenettes che ci rimanda all'infanzia.Quello dell'eau de toilette dopobarba che ci ricorda la fidanzata del liceo...non c'è dubbio che l'olfatto sia un potente accesso alle emozioni.Questo senso, a lungo trascurato dagli uomini di marketing ( a parte l'uso di dopobarba di dubbio gusto), si sta oggi trasformando un un nuovo strumento per farci comprare, per fidelizzarci a una marca.
  • . Sono passati i tempi in cui il passaparola era un fenomeno auspicabile ma poco controllabile: il passaparola si è fatto adulto, trasformandosi in una nuova area del marketing; con la sua disciplina, la sua scienza, la sua associazione.
  • . Uno dei veterani dell'Internet / Digital Marketing Italiano.

    Marketing Playbook
  • May 30, 2006 New Media Playbook - 5 "Rules" Back in, I gave a talk entitled “5 Rules for Marketing in a New Media World” at the .
  • . Posted by johnza at | March 22, 2006 Pickle Theory - Proof and Perceived Value As marketing people we have often emphasized the power of .
  • . in marketing, thanks ) Posted by johnza at | February 17, 2006 New Venture Firm: Qiming Venture Partners We just a new fund in China. @CallCenter