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  • QuickLinks About Me email: Get Your Chart Read Tip Jar -or- Most Popular Posts | A Stock Blogging Bubble? June 19, 2004 As you know, I've been keeping I've come across.
  • . What does it mean? Is it a bubble? I don't pretend to know, but it is interesting.

    Nomura report on 'The Great Arabian Bubble' | Financial Planning
  • Saturday, June 17 - 2006 | : Browse related articles Nomura report on 'The Great Arabian Bubble' Foreign stock brokers do not often call the top of a stock market bubble.
  • . But last week Japanese broking giant Nomura issued a report on 'The Great Arabian Bubble' which has formed in the UAE and Saudi stock markets.
  • . Saudi Arabia: Wednesday, June 29 - 2005 at 08:26 related stories The Bahrain office of Japanese broking giant Nomura last week surprised clients with a report entitled 'The Great Arabian Bubble' which pointed to a disconnect between the real economy and the financial instruments that are supposed to reflect it in the GCC stock markets in general, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia in particular.
  • . But stock market investors have run well ahead of the game and heavily borrowed retail investors have fuelled 'The Great Arabian Bubble' in stock values, with a historic price-to-earnings ratio of 50 for the stock market in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Posts filed under 'Bubble' Here is one reason why I don’t think we are in a web 2.0 bubble, there hasn’t been a rush of web 2.0 companies trying to go public.
  • . If this were a bubble, people would be ignoring the concerns of people like Any Kessler and Joseph Weisenthal, and focusing on how to get in the Vonage IPO, and guessing how much it was going to be up in the first day.
  • . When I see or IPO with a valuation north of a $100 million, I will concede bubble.
  • . This type of talk makes me think bubble. Commentary August 20, 2002
  • . This is a stock market bubble Hard to believe that anyone could have looked at a chart like the one above that was posted on March 2000, at the peak of the NASDAQ bubble, without seeing a bubble.
  • . That's because when you are inside a bubble, pricing is normalized to bubble standards.
  • . Bubbles are driven by their own internal logic.
  • . But how? Bubbles often form out of legitimate bull markets.
  • . stock market went from bull to bubble in 1995 without anyone ringing a bell alert investors that a change from investor's market to speculator's market had taken place.
  • . The stock market bubbled (see top of page).
  • . Asset bubbles create economic and financial market imbalances, such as in the balance of trade, savings rates and household debt.
  • . It doesn't take a genius to see a bubble in the extraordinary pictures above.
  • . Nonetheless, it is apparently very hard to see a bubble if you are a central banker with an overpowering desire to be loved by Wall Street and Main Street and a religious belief in neo-liberal free-market theory.


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  • . From a section on the 1719-1720 South Sea Bubble in Burton G.
  • . Each card contained a caricature of a bubble company, with an appropriate verse inscribed underneath.
  • . When the Fed realized the danger that the asset bubble posed to the real economy, it moved to decrease liquidity and the bubble collapsed.
  • . The second thesis relates to the medium term outcome of a crash should the Fed be not much better at mitigating the effects of the collapse of this bubble better than in the 1930s, or at least no better than the Japanese have been in the past ten years since their market bubble collapsed in 1989.

    Recollections of the Greatest Market Bubble Ever
  • 11/22 Frank Veneroso - 11/20 Frank Veneroso - The Stock Market Recollections of the Greatest Market Bubble Ever Memories of the Souk al Manakh How large can a bubble grow before it bursts? Farther than you think.
  • . In May of 1982, while the bear market in US stocks was in its deepest throes, and the epic bear market in US bonds was still completing its base, I was called to advise on the greatest stock market bubble of all time---the Souk al Manakh in the Persian Gulf.
  • . "It is all a bubble, " I told my client-.
  • . I told them that the market they wanted to organize was a bubble and that it would crash.
  • . It did not take a trigger to burst this bubble; it simply crested sometime in the dreadful heat of the Middle East's summer.
  • . Nothing except the greatest bubble of them all---the Souk al Manakh.
  • . Part of this is due to sheer speculation by uninformed household investors who extrapolate a once in a lifetime bubble in stock prices forward forever.
  • . The peak of every such bubble is marked by stock fraud.

    NASDAQ: Definition and Much More From
  • . The technology-heavy NASDAQ Composite index peaked in March 2000, reflecting the high point of the dot-com bubble.

    The Indian Stock Market Rally: No Bubble Here : HBS Working Knowledge
  • The Indian Stock Market Rally: No Bubble Here April 19, 2004 The spirit of India should be judged through its capital markets, said Naina Lal Kidwai, an investment banker and native of India who was a keynote speaker at the first HBS India Business Conference.

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    08/22/02 - Technology, Immigration: The Gilder Bubble Bursts
  • [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Technology, Immigration: The Gilder Bubble Bursts [ Peter Brimelow writes : In another life, I write about and am thus in a position to report that a stock portfolio based on George Gilder’s recommendations would have lost 92.2% of its value since February 2000, according to the count kept by the .
  • . Gilder personified the telecom and bubbles – while contributing more than his share to the wrong-headed on immigration.
  • . (Here's a 1996 of Gilder by the fine novelist .) Gilder's wonderfully enthusiastic nature and deep faith (he’s a director of the , one of the leading promoters of Creationist thinking) combined to make him America's #1 cheerleader for the technobubble.

    The Emperor's New Mutual Funds
  • . As the stock-market bubble inflated, we offered investors 564 new technology, telecom, Internet and aggressive growth funds that focused on the "new economy." In the March 2000 issue of one leading financial magazine -- right at the market's peak -- the 44 funds that advertised their performance were proudly hawking an average return for the previous 12 months of +85.6%.
  • . Scandal, or not? By our failure to act as good corporate citizens, this industry shares much of the responsibility for the great stock market bubble.

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  • Bear Case Library > Book Store > Manias, Bubbles & Market Histroy Book Store Ponzi's Scheme by Mitchell Zuckoff There's a reason that the old "rob Peter to pay Paul" scams are now simply known as Ponzi schemes.
  • . But “Riders” also gives readers a history of the recent stock market bubble, along with a fresh look at famous speculative manias.
  • . The book reviews several factors, many seldom discussed, that inflated the stock market bubble, all the while reminding readers of prior manias with disturbing similarities.
  • . The Internet Bubble by Antony B.
  • . They show how the allure of fast-paced innovation and overnight success has driven an ongoing market frenzy around Internet stocks, creating what they call an "Internet Bubble".
  • . The authors correctly predicted that when the Bubble inevitably burst, Main Street--not Wall Street--took the big hit.

    Is Nasdaq bubble similar to Japanese one? Commentary by
  • I strongly believe that the charts often speak themselves, you just need to look at them from the right angle and at the right moment - JB90 Market commentary by JB90 aka JapanBear90 on the 01/03/2001 Is Nasdaq bubble similar to Japanese one? When we speak about financial bubbles we always mention a Japanese stock market crash of 90s.
  • . If the bubble burst in Japan and high-tech mania in USA have not only a coincidental resemblance of each other, but some sort of human herd activity phenomena and the analogy between these two indices holds for longer time, we should see a very short-lived rally in Nasdaq to approximately 3K mark followed by another powerful wave of selling, which could bring it to 1400 -1500 range.


    "Take Care in the Stock Market"

  • . My guide to it is Robert Shiller, the Yale economist, who's famous for inventing "irrational exuberance" as the way to describe what happened during the great stock market bubble of a few years ago.
  • . He believes that there's a housing bubble somewhere out there, although he also admits that it's incredibly difficult to forecast when and where it will hit....
  • . One thing we found out, especially from the work of Yale economist Bob Shiller, whom I talked about earlier, is that the kind of stock market bubbles that we had a few years ago cast a very long shadow.

    Investing Insights- BusinessWeek Online
  • . So with apologies to Willie Wonka, are the fires of hell a-glowing for Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and UBS, underwriters of the Vonage deal? Is the grisly reaper mowing Vonage’s share price? Certainly the danger must be growing of an IPO bubble blowing for the underwriters certainly aren’t showing any signs that they are slowing.
  • . | May 24, 2006 Oy vey Vonage Back in April 2000, just as the bubble was popping, AT&T -- still a telecom goliath at the time -- did an IPO spin-off of its fast-growing but profit-starved wireless arm.
  • . Since I wrote in February that the IPO market was looking to post its since the bubble burst, naysayers have complained that the market for venture-backed companies was still ice cold.
  • . | May 09, 2006 Top 10 signs of an inflating ethanol bubble With tongue at least partly in cheek, I found it all too easy to come up with the top 10 reasons you know that an investment bubble is inflating around ethanol production.
  • . When the VCs who funded the dotcom bubble and telecom bubble hook up with the bankers who funded the independent power generation bubble, watch out.

    Ah So ! Thats What Pricked The Stock Market Bubble -
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  • . 29-05-2006, 17:08 # Registered User Join Date: Feb 2005 Posts: 3, 535 | Ah So ! Thats What Pricked The Stock Market Bubble The Bank of Japan sez the Torygraph Recently (but 15 years after big the housing market peak in 1990) the Japanese Economy finally stopped shrinking and the easy money that eventually made it grow again is being withdrawn.
  • . The next speculative bubble to unwind will be commodities.
  • . The next speculative bubble to unwind will be commodities.
  • . It seems more like a good ole local bubble as they tracked oil prices and like all bubbles, it bursht !!! From Quote: In the process Suhaimi found himself at the centre of the confidence crisis that swept the bourse, halving its value in three months and wiping some $400 billion off investors’ books. @CallCenter