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    Stock Market (Business Age)
  • . 4 April, 2002 (Chaitra 2058 - Baishakh 2059) Stock Market Stock market Performance Dismal By Bhaskar Sharma The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse), the country’s only secondary market, has been performing dismally for the last few months.
  • . And comparing the mid-July figures to mid-March 2002, the loss is well over Rs 18 billion, a huge loss for Nepali investors.
  • . And that is over eight per cent increment as compared to the price of January 1st, 2002.

    Asian Consumer Growth Prospects Index
  • . December 2002: Continued confidence in China and significant jumps for India and South Korea as we move into the new year suggest that 2003 may be a year of good consumer growth for East Asia, excluding a still moribund Japan.
  • . In South East Asia, Thailand seems to be generating the most excitement at present - it's performance in 2002 exceeded many predictions, though fears of a second "bubble" have arisen.
  • . November 2002: This month is characterised by a significant rise in the perceptions of consumer growth prospects in China, continuing a general trend established since the commencement of this index.
  • . September 2002: Very little movement this month, other than a slight decrease overall with the prospect of instability in the Middle East in the face of US threats to Iraq.
  • . July 2002: Some good news on Japan has seen prospects rise, and a resurgent Thailand continuing their positive showing in recent months.
  • . June 2002: This month saw Australia and New Zealand rise significantly as the economy expanded.

    The great recession
  • . Only last May, the OECD was predicting near 3% growth for2002.


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    Web Marketing Guide: Domain Naming
  • . A perspective is provided by Allan Metcalf's Predicting New Words: The Secrets of Their Success (New York: Houghton Mifflin 2002) and Alex Frankel's Wordcraft: The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business (New York: Crown 2004).
  • . We have highlighted particular sources in our of domain name valuation, for example the legal Domain Names: a Practical Guide (London: Tolley 2002) by Simon Halberstam, Joanne Brook & Jonathan Turner and the accounting Valuation of Intellectual Property & Intangible Assets (New York: Wiley 2000) by Gordon Smith & Russell Parr.
  • . Another is provided by The Game of the Name: Valuation Effects of Name Changes in a Market Downturn , a 2002 paper by P.

    European Investment Management 2002 : Market Research Report
  • . 14, 2002 - 152 Pages Table of Contents Overview Introduction European Investment Management 2002 is a fully standardized analysis of the investment management industry in Europe.

    Growth Opportunities in Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Growth Opportunities in Electronics & Semiconductors Volume 1, Issue 3 - September 2002 Welcome to the latest issue on Growth Opportunities in Electronics & Semiconductors.
  • . September 9, 2002 saw the launch of the latest generation of single-chip Bluetooth solutions by Cambridge Silicon Radio, the leading developer of Bluetooth chipsets.
  • . economy is estimated to have grown at 1.4 percent during the third quarter of 2002.
  • . The unemployment rate dropped to 5.7 percent in August 2002.
  • . Automobile sales increased by 8.7 percent and 13.5 percent in July and August 2002, respectively.
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    Growth Opportunities in Test & measurement
  • Growth Opportunities in Test & Measurement Volume 1, Issue 4 - October 2002 Welcome to the latest issue on Growth Opportunities in Test & Measurement.
  • . The first half of 2002 has seen the entry of two new players in the 40 Gig BERT arena.
  • . US Economic Forecast US Economy Gaining Momentum The average growth rate for 2002 is expected to lie in the range of 2 percent to 2.5 percent and consumers seem to be the driving force behind the growth during the fourth quarter of 2002.
  • . The Federal Reserves on September 24, 2002 left the interest rate unaltered at 1.75 percent – we opine that the recovery process has begun and a further cut in interest rate may be misinterpreted as an attempt to prop up the stock market.
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    Haas NewsWire - October 7, 2002
  • Haas NewsWire, October 7, 2002 CONTENTS HAAS HEADLINES All Haas alumni, faculty, students, and staff are invited to attend the Haas School's festivities at this year's "Haas Reunions & Homecoming 2002" on Saturday, October 19.
  • . "Although some forecasters anticipate a continued recovery, we believe there is a substantial chance that we may enter a full-blown recession in late 2002 and 2003, " Rosen and Bishop say in their report, which calculates the odds at 60 percent.
  • . Gary Shansby Professor of Marketing Strategy and chair of the Haas marketing group, received an award for his lifetime contributions to pricing research at the 5th Annual Fordham University Pricing Conference in New York City in September, 2002.
  • . 6-11, 2002." Varian will be a panelist at the Federal Communications Commission's hearing on October 7.
  • . HAAS REUNION & HOMECOMING 2002 Saturday, October 19 Haas School of Business 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.
  • . $15/person before October 21, 2002; $20/person after October 21, 2002 For more information contact Dan Rosler, MBA 98, President, HAN South Bay Chapter, at 650.570.6720 or email .

    Haas NewsWire, January 22, 2002
  • Haas NewsWire, January 22, 2002 CONTENTS HAAS HEADLINES HOUSING MARKET NOW A BUYER'S MARKET, ACCORDING TO NEW HAAS RESEARCH Severe job loss and a decline in household wealth have turned the Bay Area housing market into a buyer's market, a situation that is unlikely to change until 2003, according to the latest research by real estate professor Kenneth Rosen and research associate Amanda Bishop at the Haas School's Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics.
  • . Based on their report, "The San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market: A Buyer's Market, " Rosen and Bishop consider some economists' predictions of a speedy economic turnaround and a strong Bay Area housing market in 2002 "overly optimistic." The current economic climate has turned the Bay Area housing market into a buyer's market for the first time since the early 1990s.
  • . As Nasdaq plunged, not only did hundreds of so-called dot-com companies lay off their staffs, but traditional companies that benefited from the Internet boom were also forced to downsize as demand for their products and services fell sharply from unsustainable levels." Bishop and Rosen expect the Bay Area labor force to contract a further 1 to 1.5 percent in 2002.

    Interim Report 2002
  • . Against the 2000 base, £61m in savings was delivered in 2001 and a further £60m has been achieved in the first half of 2002.
  • . An additional £34m has been secured for the second half of 2002 with another £10m planned for 2003.
  • . COMPARISON WITH SECOND HALF OF 2001 Key comparators 1st half, 2002 2nd half, 2001 Change (%) Revenues (£m) 412.8 441.8 (6.6) Operating Profit (£m) 36.4 20.6 76.7 EPS (p) 8.9 6.3 41.3 The table above reveals the extent of UBM’s improvement in its operating efficiency.
  • . This compares the consecutive operating periods of the second half of 2001 with the first half of 2002.
  • . Although turnover is around 6.6 per cent lower in the first half of 2002, total operating profit has improved by 76.7 per cent, with earnings per share up 41.3 per cent.
  • . DIVISIONAL REVIEW NOP World - Market Research Turnover (£m) Profits (£m) 2002 2001 2002 2001 NOP World 101.5 76.1 11.4 10.6 Revenues at NOP World increased by 33.4 per cent to £101.5m, and profits improved by 7.5 per cent to £11.4m, reflecting the benefit of the Allison-Fisher, Roper Starch and Cozint acquisitions completed last year.

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