The Silk Road - 07/05/05

  • . Piper Jaffray Internet Media & Marketing Indices Relative Price Performance - Year To Date About The Silk Road Weekly The Silk Road Weekly is our universe publication that covers key Internet stocks and general industry themes.
  • . Rating Definitions Investment Opinion: Investment opinions are based on each stock's return potential relative to broader market indices*, not on an absolute return.
  • . * Broader market indices = Russell 2000 and S&P 500 Volatility Rating: Our focus on growth companies implies that the stocks we recommend are typically more volatile than the overall stock market.

    Stock market posts gains Friday
  • . The market indices lost a respective 11.3% and 12.5% during the week.
  • . will release the CPI and PPI indices next week and the Federal Reserve will decide on interest rates at the end of June, therefore the entire month will be nervous and highly volatility, " Kashtanov said.

    Business Wire Business News: The Bull Market Report Evaluates Online Marketing Sector - MSN Money
  • . The Bull Market Report is one of the oldest continuously published investment newsletters online, and its Recommended List has consistently outperformed the major market indices.

    The Stock Market is for suckers…. - Blog Maverick - _
  • . Yes, the definition of "largest" can be a bit fluid, but I think you know what I mean.However, one thing I didn't see you address were broad indices and their associated funds, such as the Total Stock Market Index, or Wilshire 5000, or whatever you want to call it.
  • . Everyone quotes the performances of the indices when promoting the "Buy and Hold" myth.
  • . But the fly in that ointment is that the indices are rebalanced periodically to drop the losers from the basket.


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