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  • . Something about the way certain drugs influence consciousness and behavior seems to clash with what many people think of as "the American way." Many Americans, who live in a culture which values individuality, controlled "toughness, " and the work ethic, find little use for vulnerability and an enhanced connection to one's social world.

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  • . ( 13 Imix (Alligator) / 19 K'ank'in - 221/260 - clash (klàsh) verb clashed, clashing, clashes verb, intransitive 1.
  • . To collide with a loud, harsh, usually metallic noise: cymbals clashing.
  • . To come into conflict; be in opposition: factions that clashed on a tax increase; an eyewitness account that clashed with published reports.
  • . To create an unpleasant visual when placed together: colors that clash.
  • . - 3/9/02 The Clash temporarily became The Lash when they became studio players for vice queen Janie Jones.
  • . The Clash weren't always into combat fatigues.
  • . Most of the debut LP _The Clash_ was written on the 18th floor of a council high rise on London's Harrow Rd.
  • . The flat was owned by Mick's grandmother, who regularly turned up at Clash gigs.
  • . In the early days the Clash often went hungry.
  • . Shane MacGowan was victim of a famous ear-biting attack at an early Clash gig.
  • . The Clash were the first (and last?) white band to have their likeness painted onto the wall of famous Black Ark recording studios in Jamaica.

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  • . business business - grant .htm - 11k - - super black market clash · business management council ...

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  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Clash of the Titans added 27.01.02 Is this town 'big enough for the both of them?' asks Alastair Metcalf Playstation 2 (£199 with no game) - out now X Box (£299 with no game)- out 14th March Since Sony launched the follow up to its groundbreaking Playstation console in the UK fourteen months ago, it can be argued that the black box has not had the same impact enjoyed by its grey sibling.


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  • . Alguns ouvintes enviaram emails pedindo uma homenagem a Joe Strummer, guitarra e vocal do Clash.
  • . Será que eles querem ouvir mais Clash do que essa rádio já toca.
  • . Infames.E aqui vai outra - tardia - homenagem aos eternos garotos do Clash.Pelo menos uma idéia pra vc, que sempre ouviu e que não sabia de certas coisas sobre a banda.
  • . THE CLASHJoe Strummer, guitarra e vocal (21.8.1952)Mick Jones, guitarra e vocal (26.6.1953)Paul Simonon, baixo e vocal (15.12.1955)Topper Headon, bateria (30.5.1955)Terry Chimes, bateriaNick SheppardVince WhiteDe todos os grupos surgidos na efervescência do punk rock inglês em 1976, o Clash foi de longe o que avançou mais, em termos musicais.

    excerpts from the book The Clash of Fundamen The Clash of Fundamentalisms by Tarij Ali
  • excerpts from the book The Clash of Fundamentalisms by Tarij Ali Verso Press, 2002, paper A short course history of US imperialism 282 As he [Reverend Billy Graham] flanked President Bush at the New York memorial to honour the [9-11] dead, Reverend Graham informed the gathering of stars and megastars that he had been deluged with letters and queries since the events.

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  • . And for this reason, it was interesting to watch the clash of newspaper ideologies and philosophies in the US, because it is much purer.

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  • . Tuesday's Dead.mp3/scratch/Media/Music/Rock & Pop/70s/The Clash/Super Black Market Clash/04 The City Of TheDead.mp3/scratch/Media/Music/Rock & Pop/70s/Grateful Dead/Grateful Dead- Werewolves of London (Live) 7-8-78.mp3/scratch/Media/Music/Rock & Pop/80s/Aerosmith/Just Push Play/Aerosmith-Just Push Play-10-Drop Dead Gorgeous.mp3/scratch/Media/Music/Rock & Pop/80s/Oingo Boingo/Anthology - Disc 1/17.

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