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  • . The tapes were reportedly acquired for $2 million, part of a larger, out-of-court settlement involving CBS Radio.
  • . The latest was filed in the US District Court in Texarkana, TX, which handles a large volume of patent-related claims.
  • . Aspinall made the comments during those court proceedings in April.
  • . The MG-1000 is mated with a new PlaysForSure-based digital download service called MusicGremlin Direct, which offers 2 million tracks courtesy of a MusicNet partnership.

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  • . at the time of coming into force of the first Swedish Marketing Practices Act and the Swedish Market Court.

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  • . Any company, association, court of law, public authority, self-regulatory body or private individual may file a request for interpretation to the ICC International Secretariat.

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  • October 1 2004 LEGO Company wins court action in Sweden The LEGO Company today won a legal action at the Swedish Market Court in Stockholm against Biltema, a Swedish sales company.
  • . The judgment of the court prohibits Biltema Sweden from marketing and selling the copy products, and Biltema was ordered to pay the LEGO Company’s legal costs.
  • . The court based its ruling on the fact that both Coko bricks and individual Coko building sets can be confused with LEGO bricks and building sets, and that Biltema had deliberately exploited the possibility of confusion in its marketing.
  • . In December 2002 the LEGO Company won its action against the Chinese manufacturer of Coko products at The Beijing High Peoples Court.
  • . Coko was ordered to surrender moulds to the court, which then arranged for their destruction.
  • . The Chinese Supreme Court has since denominated the decision as one of the 10 most important intellectual property judgments in China in 2002.
  • . The case was litigated before the Market Court by the Swedish law firm, Rydincarlsten Advokatbyro AB.


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  • Sweden Public Bodies Marknadsdomstolen (Market Court) A specialized court that handles cases related to the Competition Act as well as cases involving the Marketing Act and other consumer and marketing legislation.
  • . In cases related to these laws, the Market Court is the highest court of appeal.

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  • . There have been a number of judgements by the Swedish Courts over the years, that have ruled in favour of the continuation of the Swedish monopoly.
  • . In Wermdö Krog, for example, the Swedish Administrative Supreme Court ruled that the monopoly existed to protect the individual and society at large and to pursue public interest objectives.
  • . In response to a Letter of formal notice of 19 of October 2004 sent by the European Commission, which stated that gambling monopolies must have the objective of limiting betting opportunities in a consistent and systematic manner, the Court ruled that Swedish betting law was indeed proportional and non-discriminatory (with a slight criticism of the level and nature of Svenska Spel's advertising).
  • . On the 26/10/2004 in a concerning a restaurant that had been acting as an intermediary for the bookmaker SSP, the Court once again held that the restrictions placed upon foreign operators by current Swedish law were proportionate.
  • . However, it was notable in this instance that the Court did not assess Swedish gaming policy in concreto in light of the Gambelli requirements laid down by the European Court of Justice.

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  • . "Let's get to court, " he said.
  • . What of the future? In "Gambelli" the European Court stated that public interest considerations may justify limitations on the free movement of services, providing the objectives to be achieved are not disproportionate to the restrictions imposed.
  • . "In November the EC Court announced its ruling in the so called Gambelli case (Italy).
  • . Two recent court cases, however, suggest that their reading of the Gambelli judgement may be too narrow.
  • . On 9th February 2004, the Hessischer Verwaltungsgerichtshof (Hessian Administrative Court of Appeal) in Germany stated that Article 284 of the German Criminal Code was not applicable to the offering of bets to German consumers, by foreign bookmakers, whether from within Germany or online.
  • . Citing extensive marketing by the German state operator Oddset, as part of a campaign to raise funds for the 2006 World Cup, the Court stated that penalising foreign bookmakers, whilst such activity was taking place, constitute a blatant breach of Article 49.

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  • . The court of first instance is Stockholm City Court and the second and final one is the Market Court.
  • . However in common with the way in which the the Marketing Practices Act is applied, it is the Market Court that makes the final decision on the matter in accordance with the Alcohol Act's marketing regulations.

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  • . The Consumer Ombudsman has applied to the Marknadsdomstol (Market Court) for an order prohibiting marketing of the magazine or requiring De Agostini to indicate the number of magazines needed to complete the model.
  • . The Court may also order a trader to provide in his advertising relevant information to the consumer.
  • . Assessment of the Court A) Misleading advertising broadcast from another Member State Directive 89/552/EEC is designed to coordinate the rules of the Member States on television broadcasting and eliminate obstacles to freedom of broadcasting resulting from disparities existing between the provisions of each Member State.
  • . According to the case-law of the Court, prohibitions of television advertising concern in principle the selling arrangements for a product .
  • . If, however, the national court were to find that the prohibition affects foreign products more seriously and is therefore caught by Article 30 of the Treaty, it would have to determine whether the prohibition is necessary to satisfy overriding requirements of general public importance or one of the aims mentioned in Article 36.

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  • Sökväg: >>> The Market Court The Market Court is a special court, which deals with cases relating to issues concerning whether various forms of marketing have been conducted in a proper manner.

  • » » » Search: Site Products News / / / Vaasan & Vaasan Oy Receives Favourable Verdict from Swedish Market Court 02.07.2003 Vaasan & Vaasan Oy Receives Favourable Verdict from Swedish Market Court On 1 July 2003, the Swedish Market Court issued a verdict in favour of Vaasan & Vaasan Oy in a case regarding the changing of Fazer Crisp packages, which are very similar to the FINN CRISP thin crisp packages produced by Vaasan & Vaasan Oy, on the Swedish market.
  • . In the verdict issued on 1 July, the Swedish Market Court stated the following: “FINN CRISP package is conceived to have a distinctive character…The front side of Fazer’s package resembles Vaasan&Vaasan’s packages.
  • . At first glance packages give a similar impression.” The verdict of the Court can be read in full at: www.marknadsdomstolen.se .
  • . “The Market Court decision supports the understanding that Vaasan & Vaasan Oy and Swedish consumers have of the market position held by FINN CRISP thin crisps.

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  • . The Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket) has the primary responsibility for the administration of the Competition Act, while the assessment and sanction of situations such as the anti-competitiveness of a merger may be made only by the Stockholm District Court (Stockholms tingsrätt) or, on appeal, by the Swedish Market Court (Marknadsdomstolen).
  • . Right for the Competition Authority and Swedish courts to apply Articles 81 and 82 of the EU Treaty The Swedish Competition Authority, the Stockholm District Court and the Swedish Market Court have been given the express authority to apply Articles 81 and 82 of the EU Treaty as from January 1 2001.
  • . The parties decided not to pursue the merger shortly after the Competition Authority instituted legal proceedings challenging it before the Stockholm District Court in February 2001.
  • . Agreements restricting competition and abuse of a dominant position Definition of an 'undertaking' In February 2001, the Stockholm District Court decided that the Swedish National Road Authority (Vägverket) did not qualify as an undertaking under the Swedish Competition Act when creating and implementing a system for controlling construction plans.


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  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Court kills Swedish ad ban - News This Month - Brief Article , * A Swedish appeals court has ended a 24-year ban on alcohol advertising, saying it was too intrusive to warrant an exception to European Union law.
  • . The decision in the Market Court in Stockholm, as reported by the Associated Press, was a blow to the government's efforts at maintaining its restrictive alcohol policy, which has been under pressure since Sweden joined the EU in 1995.
  • . The Market Court, Sweden's highest court of appeal for consumer issues, upheld a lower court decision.
  • . The Stockholm District Court ruled in March 2002 that the ban was too far-reaching and ineffective because it only applied to Swedish media.
  • . The court said that Swedes were exposed to alcohol advertising in foreign media and on the Internet.
  • . Advertisement The backdrop to the legal battle was a European Court of Justice ruling saying the advertising ban, which targets all alcohol except for the lightest kind of beer, was unfair because it makes it hard for foreign brands to enter the Swedish market.

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  • . Furthermore, our lawyers frequently represent clients before both the Swedish Market Court and the general courts in matters concerning imitations and unfair competition.
  • . We also act for clients in court proceedings involving competition law, and in liaising with the Swedish Competition Authority.

  • . The Market Court prohibited Oy Hansabox Ab from transmitting commercial text messages to mobile phones, unless the consumer has agreed to this in advance.
  • . The court imposed a conditional fine of FIM 100, 000 to enforce the injunction.
  • . The Market Court found that the general provision in chapter 2, section 1 of the Consumer Protection Act can apply to all types of marketing methods, and that use of hitherto unknown marketing methods does not preclude its application.
  • . The Market Court has dealt with this issue in some of its earlier decisions, for instance in decision 1992:15 concerning the distribution of sample products to consumer’s homes through the mailbox, and in decisions 1990:19 and 1996:9 concerning commercial breaks in children’s television programmes.
  • . In the justification for its decision, the Market Court points out that the purpose of the directive is to safeguard consumers’ right to privacy and freedom from certain particularly intrusive means of communication.

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