High Performance Marketing: Walk, Don’t Run Toward Real-Time Marketing

  • Sign-Up for Free Exclusive Services: | Covering Business Intelligence, Integration & Analytics INFORMATION CENTER GENERAL RESOURCES DM REVIEW High Performance Marketing: Walk, Don’t Run Toward Real-Time Marketing Column published in DMReview.com September 16, 2004 By DMReview.com welcomes Steve Schultz as an online columnist.
  • . He will share his expertise in combining IT technology with business process design experience and information-based decision-making methodologies in this High Performance Marketing column.
  • . As direct marketing professionals, we are not immune to this phenomenon.
  • . Recently, one trend that appears to be vying for status as a core business function is real-time marketing.
  • . The "right offer, right time, right marketing channel" mantra of the 1990s has met the Internet and created a "best of both worlds" solution labeled real-time marketing.
  • . However, before conferring core business status on real-time marketing, we need to make sure we understand the answers to two key questions.

    High Performance Marketing: How to Deal with Direct Marketing's Evolving Challenges and not Burn Out Your IT Department
  • Sign-Up for Free Exclusive Services: | Covering Business Intelligence, Integration & Analytics INFORMATION CENTER GENERAL RESOURCES DM REVIEW High Performance Marketing: How to Deal with Direct Marketing's Evolving Challenges and not Burn Out Your IT Department Column published in DMReview.com May 11, 2006 By The increasing demands that companies are placing on their direct marketing departments seem to parallel those that we as consumers place on car companies.
  • . In the good old days, direct marketing had a well-defined role: maximize the value it created from its marketing campaigns.
  • . Today, the direct marketing discipline must deal with new challenges including email and Web channels, real-time marketing, decentralized organization structures and customer dialogue demands.
  • . Real-Time Marketing Data Needs: To meet the demands of real-time marketing, direct marketers continue to expand the types of information they require.
  • . Specifically, real-time marketing significantly increased the amount of customer preference and channel interaction data that has typically been desired by direct marketers.

    Web Marketing Team
  • Web Marketing Team Changing the marketing, one site at a time...
  • . Versioni in Lingua: | Il Web come strumento di comunicazione e di lavoro, il marketing come strumento per ottimizzare i risultati.
  • . Per questa nasce Web Marketing Team, il tuo compagno ideale per crescere su internet.
  • . La nostra specilizzazione, il Web Marketing, consiste in una serie di interventi finalizzati ad aumentari il ROI (Ritorno sull'investimento) del proprio sito.

    La Shawn Barber’s Corner » Ann Coulter, Marketing Genius
  • . She does this every time., some conservatives do, too, but the rest of us appreciate her edgy commentary and controversial remarks for what they are: press-generating, book marketing plans.
  • . She’s a bit more edgy in her writing and marketing than I am, but you better believe I’ll develop some kind of Barber-Shtick when I’m ready to sell books, set tongues wagging, and drive the blogosphere crazy.
  • . Comment by James — 06.08.06 @ Ann Coulter and the “Jersey Girls” I agree with LaShawn - Ann Coulter is a marketing genius.
  • . Thanks! - Admin Comment by Renee — 06.08.06 @ Marketing Genius? La Shawn Barber thinks quite a few people took the bait regarding Ann Coulter’s book and her interview with Matt Lauer: “Ann says one thing liberals and some conservatives don’t like, and suddenly her photo’s plastered on front pages, her… Trackback by — 06.08.06 @ Personally, I love Ann.
  • . Fortunately, he reached out to that group hated even then… Republicans, err I mean publicans Comment by Tom — 06.08.06 @ It seems sad that we are at the point where “marketing” is seen as a justification of bad behavior.


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    OneStat.com - provider of web analytics and free counter.
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    MarketingTeam - GNOME Live!
  • Search: Immutable Page More Actions: Contents Contacting and Joining To contact the Marketing Team, or to join it, use our .
  • . Join us on the #marketing channel on irc.gnome.org.
  • . See the overview of the marketing planning for GNOME at Regular Activities Stuff that we do regularly.
  • . Defining a GNOME marketing strategy: - - Estimating the number of GNOME users worldwide Update Gnome websites.

    Find Time for Marketing
  • • • | Find Time for Marketing …or kick yourself later when your client pool dries up.
  • . Here are 6 ways to make time for marketing.
  • . Here are six tips to help you free up time for marketing, even when you have several "plates" spinning at once.
  • . Make marketing a priority.
  • . You must commit to making time for marketing—whether to attend networking events, put together a brochure and business card, research prospects on the Web, or write a proposal.
  • . Without a strong commitment, you'll find yourself consistently putting off your marketing efforts, which could haunt you a month or two from now.
  • . When you're proactive in managing your time, you reduce the number of unexpected crises that you'll have to face in the next week, freeing you up to devote more time to your marketing initiatives.
  • . So, create time for marketing by evaluating your schedule to see where you can "cut the fat." Which activities are most crucial to you achieving your goals? Which tasks can you effectively delegate? Consolidate your activities when possible.

    Take Time for Marketing
  • • • | Take Time for Marketing Manage your marketing year-round with these time-saving tactics.
  • . Gordon and her top-level marketing team, you'll create an effective and affordable marketing program that will help you find and motivate your best prospects, rise above your competition and win more sales.
  • . In Kim's newest book, Big Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets, you'll find step-by-step marketing guidance created specifically for entrepreneurs.
  • . Finally, deluged, you stop marketing once again and the whole cycle repeats itself.
  • . Lower Your Cost Per Sale Some business owners mistakenly use the word "marketing, " when what they really mean is "sales." When you're meeting with a prospect, you're not marketing, you're selling.
  • . Marketing, on the other hand, exists to support sales and consists of tactics that produce leads or motivate prospects, such as direct marketing, public relations and advertising.
  • . Selling is more time-intensive than marketing, which can be largely automated or subcontracted.

  • Benefits

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    the cluetrain manifesto
  • . Most corporations, on the other hand, only know how to talk in the soothing, humorless monotone of the mission statement, marketing brochure, and your-call-is-important-to-us busy signal.
  • . Most marketing programs are based on the fear that the market might see what's really going on inside the company.
  • . But you tell us speaking to the market is Marketing's job.

    Seth's Blog: Marketing pothole (#2 of 3): I'm too busy
  • Seth Godin's riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.
  • . The Next Big Marketing Idea.
  • . Links Powered by Member since 08/2003 | Marketing pothole (#2 of 3): I'm too busy I can count on one hand the number of marketers I know who get to do "Marketing" every day.
  • . But marketers, it seems, have a long list of things they do (budgets, coupons, projections, photo shoots, bizdev meetings, meet and greets, etc.) that is technically marketing--cause I think everything an organization does is marketing--but is hardly in the sweet spot.
  • . Think about the giant marketing successes of our time.
  • . in every case, these organizations won big time because of a kernel of an idea, a marketing insight that they built upon.
  • . Perhaps 200 of them are marketing success stories.
  • . Once an organization is up and running, it's almost impossible to carve out the time to find the marketing vision that will make all the difference.
  • . Tracked on May 31, 2006 at 01:36 PM » from Living Intentionally - The Education of Sean Johnson Seth Godin wrote a good piece today about one of the main excuses people give for not marketing - that they don't have the time: Once an organization is up and running, it's almost impossible to carve out the time...

    Corante Marketing Hub
  • OUR PUBLICATIONS: › › SPECIAL ALERT: Join Corante and the Center on Global Brand Leadership in June for a high-level, two-day event on Marketing Innovation .
  • . Posted by Olivier Blanchard Hi everyone! I wanted to point you to a very thorough recap of the 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference, courtesy of Francois Gossieaux.
  • . Posted by Olivier Blanchard So, Corante's first Innovative Marketing Conference wrapped Friday, and by all accounts was a fantastic success.
  • . Thanks again to everyone who helped, attended, and blogged about it! Here's some of the post IMC chatter I happened upon over the weekend: "A lot of good stuff happened at the 2006 Corante Innovative Marketing Conference.
  • . Posted by Olivier Blanchard Wow! Day 2 was so packed with conversations about innovation, branding, co-creation, advertising, content creation, consumer engagement, passion, new media tools, and experiential marketing that there is no conceivable way to recap everything that was covered here.

    MyMarketing.Net il web magazine del marketing
  • . Mibtel Mib 30 Londra Parigi Zurigo Dow Jones Nasdaq 100 Tokyo Agenda Formazione | MyMarketing.Net è una testata giornalistica registrata al Tribunale di Milano n.


    Medill - Integrated Marketing Communications

  • . It is a customer-centric, data-driven approach to marketing and branding that stresses communicating to consumers through multiple forms of media and technology.

    Publishers Marketplace: Job Opening 2548
  • . < < Marketing Assistant posted: 9 June 2006 Offered by: Guilford Press Salary: Competitive Benefits: Health, Dental, 401K, Bonus, Profit-sharing Duration: Full Time Location: New York, NY Requirements: Guilford Press is seeking a full time Marketing Assistant with a minimum of one year of administrative experience, preferably in publishing, who will provide support to a busy marketing department, performing various administrative and marketing tasks.
  • . Major duties include: coordinating and obtaining all prepublication and academic endorsements for books; acting as the administrative liaison with foreign distributors and authors; and coordinating various administrative, clerical, and marketing tasks for the department.
  • . When e-mailing, you must include the title of the job, Marketing Assistant, in the subject line.

    Weblogs Forum - Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • | Weblogs Forum Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come 114 replies on 8 pages.
  • . | ] Posts: 224 Nickname: guido Registered: Apr, 2003 Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come Posted: Mar 2, 2006 3:14 PM Summary I'm reposting without comments a plea for more Python marketing by John Sirbu.
  • . -John Posts: 2 Nickname: sybren Registered: Mar, 2006 Re: Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come Posted: Mar 2, 2006 3:54 PM I fully agree with John here.
  • . Posts: 224 Nickname: guido Registered: Apr, 2003 Re: Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come Posted: Mar 2, 2006 5:07 PM > Guido, perhaps your hiring by Google has PR value that > isn't being used to best effect? I blogged about it.
  • . As developers, we want to be cool, they want to have fun, and we sometimes like to stick it to "the man." Let's not allow Ruby's marketing people to position python next to Java and .net as languages that are forced on developers by the enterprise.
  • . I think stories about individual developers using Python to build something cool, or to change the world will do a lot better for us than another case study of "Python in the enterprise." Posts: 2 Nickname: jgilbert Registered: Mar, 2006 Re: Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come Posted: Mar 2, 2006 5:39 PM A very important point.

    Request Marketing (Alertbox Oct. 2000)
  • . 2000 Request marketing | 's Alertbox, October 15, 2000: Request Marketing Summary: The Web must reverse the traditional direction of marketing.
  • . Instead of a company generating messages when it wants to reach its customers, with request marketing, the company sends only messages that users ask for.
  • . Request marketing is especially suited to the mobile Internet, where intrusive messages are ultra aggravating.
  • . Although once a viable paradigm permission marketing is no longer sufficient.
  • . Seth Godin deserves much praise for, a landmark book that established opt-in as the marketing strategy of choice for ethical Websites.
  • . However, permission marketing does not go far enough.
  • . It is based on the notion that marketing is the transmission of messages from the business to the consumer.
  • . The Web and permission marketing work in opposite directions.
  • . Whereas permission marketing is business to user, the nature of the Web is from the user to the Website.
  • . It is time we recognize this fact and embed it in Internet marketing strategy.

    Permission Marketing
  • Permission Marketing How Smart People Work Site Navigation Magazine Resources | Permission Marketing Internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin says he wants to change the way almost everything is marketed to almost everybody.
  • . A telemarketing call interrupts a family dinner.
  • . "Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers, " he says.
  • . What do game shows have to do with permission marketing? Consumers give a company permission to send them messages in return for the chance to win prizes they care about.
  • . "The first rule of permission marketing is that it's based on selfishness, " Godin says.
  • . In an interview with Fast Company, Seth Godin described the future of marketing - and how your company can get there.
  • . You've got a radical critique of conventional marketing.
  • . What's different today from 30 years ago? Marketing is a contest for people's attention.
  • . This year, the average consumer will see or hear 1 million marketing messages - that's almost 3, 000 per day.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter