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  • . 1981: Wilson Farms expands into Syracuse and the march across New York State is underway! 1991: Ahold purchases Tops Markets LLC., which includes Wilson Farms.
  • . 1960: Co-founder of Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . 1974: President of Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . 1985: Chief Executive Officer of Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . 1990: Chairman and CEO of Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . 1991: Sold Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . to Ahold 1991 to 1996: Vice Chairman of Tops Markets, Inc.
  • . Nanula was co-founder of Tops Markets in 1960, with Armand Castellani.
  • . He served as President of Tops Markets from 1974 to 1985, when he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer.
  • . Nanula became Chairman and CEO of Tops Markets in 1990.
  • . His experience includes Tops Markets from 1976-1998, where he held various positions in operations including District Manager from 1989-1998.
  • . He is a former Tops Markets and Ahold executive who recently held management responsibility for the Convenience Store Division at Tops.
  • . His clients Included: Tops Markets, Wilson Farms and Sugarcreek, Benderson Development, Upstate Farms, Advance Auto Parts, Dash Markets and Supermarket Management.

    iMedia Connection: Broadband Tops Dial-Up for First Time
  • . 6% 9 Verizon 3% 5 SBC 6% 10 Cox Communications 2% All Other 30% Broadband Pulls Nearly Even in Major Markets comScoreís research revealed that in many of the largest markets in the United States, consumer broadband use is nearly on par with narrowband connections.
  • . Broadband use is more common in larger markets, with approximately 40 percent of Internet users in the top 50 markets enjoying the, compared to 36 percent elsewhere.
  • . A number of the nationís major population centers rank among the top ten markets in terms of broadband penetration.
  • . By contrast, only three top-25 markets (St.
  • . Louis, Sacramento, and Indianapolis) were ranked among the ten markets with the lowest broadband penetration.
  • . marketís Internet connections.Ē Connection Type by Market Top 50 Local Markets Q4 2003 Source: comScore Networks Top 10 Broadband Markets Top 10 Narrowband Markets Broadband Narrowband Narrowband Broadband San Diego 52% 48% Albuquerque-Santa Fe 76% 24% Boston 50% 50% Grand Rapids 70% 30% New York 49% 51% Harrisburg, PA 70% 30% Providence, RI 47% 53% Indianapolis 70% 30% Kansas City 46% 54% Sacramento-Stockton 69% 31% Detroit 45% 55% Birmingham 68% 32% Tampa-St.

    bizjournals: Business First of Buffalo Marketing 2005
  • . One former executive at Tops Friendly Markets is replacing another as CEO of Advance Auto Parts Inc.
  • . As part of new strategy to focus its retailing and marketing efforts on its core Western New York base, Tops Markets LLC has announced plans to sell 31 of its upstate stores.

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  • . Google is very dominant in European markets.
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    Event Marketing Tops List of Marketing Tactics for ROI
  • . As the communication markets become increasingly saturated, corporations are becoming more strategic in their outreach with customers.

    Ph.D. Program in Business - William Carroll/Marketing
  • . Responsible for promoting Purina products at the wholesale (Olean, Penn Traffic), corporate (Wegmans, Tops Markets), and mass merchandiser (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target) levels within Central and Western NY.® Tops Technology Category At Nielsen//NetRatings Market Intelligence
  • . portals in markets, namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia.

    MediaOne broadens set-top market: Operator will look to Europe for digital box
  • . One trial, in unnamed markets, will deploy set-top boxes manufactured by Philips using an open software platform from Canal + Technologies and digital headends from DiviCom Inc., MediaOne officials said.

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