Detto makes headway in small data-transfer market - Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle):

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  • . "The market for this doesn't seem to be growing as fast as I anticipated, " said Broussard.
  • . "When you're a small market, to say you're growing at 20 to 30 percent sounds impressive, but it's a teeny, tiny market.
  • . A lot of markets are attracting attention, but this ain't one of 'em." People who've used Detto's product, however, praise its ease of use.
  • . Lea Knight, owner of Seattle-based FBK Research, a marketing research and consulting company, recently purchased IntelliMover when she bought a new laptop.
  • . I just plugged (IntelliMover) in and it worked fine." Kevin Johnson, director of services and marketing for Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.
  • . Eventually, the company would like to branch out to the corporate market.

    Detto makes headway in small data-transfer market - Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle):
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  • . ft.: 6, 867 SF Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: Detto makes headway in small data-transfer market Consumer focus has Bellevue company on edge of profitability Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) - July 26, 2002 by Assistant Managing Editor The way Kevin Chang figured it, somebody would hit it big by devising a product that would easily transfer data from one computer to another.
  • . A handful of companies focus on data transfer in the corporate market for enterprise software, but Detto is among the first to target the individual consumer market.
  • . New-computer sales have leveled off, but the computer-reseller market is strong, Mana'o said.

    USF hires new leader to market technology transfer partnerships - News at USF
  • > > USF hires new leader to market technology transfer partnerships || || NEWS ARCHIVES :: :: :: :: :: :: :: || RESOURCES FOR MEDIA :: :: :: || OTHER NEWS SOURCES :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: || EVENTS :: :: :: (813) 974-4014 USF hires new leader to market technology transfer partnerships Tampa, Fla.
  • . Laurenzo as the point person for marketing the university's technology transfer partnerships and outreach programs.
  • . As deputy director for USF's Division of Patents and Licensing, Laurenzo will promote opportunities to move university inventions into the marketplace, an area in which he has extensive experience.
  • . He previously worked for the Iowa Department of Economic Development, where he served as marketing manager for business development, then managing director.
  • . "Mark Laurenzo was chosen because of his excellent credentials in business and marketing, and his performance and experience in a university setting, " said Ian Phillips, USF's vice president for research.

  • . The Code deals with such matters as when the transfer may occur in association with a meter reading and whether there can be any objections to the transfer from other market participants.


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    shareit: Shareware marketing, distribution and credit card clearing
  • Your global partner for software sales, shareware marketing and order fulfillment on the Internet.
  • . We are one of the market leaders in e-commerce for shareware sales, shareware marketing, shareware downloads, digital wrapping, credit card clearing, electronic software distribution and complete e-commerce fulfillment.
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  • . Your customers can choose from a wide range of options, from credit and debit cards to wire transfer, cash and check - ensuring that you meet the needs of customers worldwide, whatever the payment preferences are in local markets.
  • . shareit has a global Marketing Network and cooperations with partners like CNET, ZDNet and CHIP.
  • . The Control Panel offers Promotion Management and cross-selling as well as an integrated REACH e-mail marketing tool with triggered response functionality.
  • . Enjoy simplified order processing, better customer service and an expanded worldwide market for your products.

    Social Marketing Institute - Working Papers - Alliances and Ethics in Social Marketing
  • . Gundlach, eds., Handbook of Marketing and Society, Sage Publications, 2000.
  • . For further information, contact: Alan Andreasen, Social Marketing Institute, 1825 Connecticut Ave.
  • . NW, Suite S-852, Washington, DC 20009 or: Intersector Transfer of Marketing Knowledge Alan R.
  • . This chapter traces the history of the broadening of marketing from its traditional economic domain.
  • . Recent growth in social marketing is, however, addressing this gap.
  • . Introduction Marketing is, at base, simply an activity carried out by individuals and organizations to achieve certain personal and social ends - just as preaching, plumbing, auto repair and surgery are also activities to achieve personal and social ends.
  • . Wilkie and Moore make the persuasive argument that marketing clearly meets the test of contributing significantly to a great many dimensions of social welfare (Wilkie and Moore 1999) Activities clearly improve with practice -- as any athlete will attest.
  • . It is the central thesis of this chapter that the migration of basic concepts and tools from private sector marketing to the nonprofit sector has the potential to profoundly affect the ways in which the latter operates .

    Find Advertising and Marketing Products, Supplies and Services, B2B marketing, alumina market, related flow transfer product, market micromachining, aluminum item, item non-developmental, advertising rfp,
  • . Advertising and marketing products, supplies and services may also encompass the creation and placement of print, web or broadcast advertising; publicity and direct marketing as well as branding and identity creation for a wide variety of business enterprises and organizations.
  • . Providers of advertising and marketing products, supplies and services are located across the United States and around the world.
  • . Marketing supplies and advertising supplies often include hats, t-shirts, key chains, pens, calculators and product samples.
  • . Other marketing supplies may include logos and graphics that are to be applied to company trucks, buildings, and products throughout the marketing supply chain.
  • . services include the generation of free publicity in print, web and broadcast media as well as complete marketing plans that encompass advertising services (which may require an advertising RFP) and direct marketing through print or e-media to potential customers.
  • . The key driver behind such marketing services is the announcement of real news that would be of interest to the users of the print, broadcast or web media.

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    Transfer pricing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Goods from the production division may be sold to the marketing division, or goods from a parent company may be sold to a foreign subsidiary.
  • . When a firm is selling some of its product to itself, and only to itself (ie.: there is no external market for that particular transfer good), then the picture gets more complicated, but the outcome remains the same.
  • . Transfer Pricing with No External Market It can be shown algebraically that the intersection of the firms marginal cost curve and marginal revenue curve (point A) must occur at the same quantity as the intersection of the production divisions marginal cost curve with the net marginal revenue from production (point C).
  • . If the production division is able to sell the transfer good in a competitive market (as well as internally), then again both must operate where their marginal costs equal their marginal revenue, for profit maximization.
  • . Because the external market is competitive, the firm is a price taker and must accept the transfer price determined by market forces (their marginal revenue from transfer and demand for transfer products becomes the transfer price).

    Technology transfer, market research for specialty transfer chemicals
  • >> Marketing Research, Product Valuation, International Markets for Specialty and Fine Chemicals and Technology (1147) Expertise Senior executive with broad international experience, including over 25 years in the chemical and related industries focused on technology assessment, global management and commercial development.
  • . Responsible for the strategic development of the Fluorine Specialties business, including strategic planning, marketing, product licensing, joint ventures, new business development and technology acquisition.
  • . 1981 - 2000 ELF ATOCHEM GROUP 1996 - 2000 Elf Atochem N.A., Philadelphia, U.S.A., General Manager Managed the worldwide Inorganic Fluorine Specialties business, including P&L responsibility, marketing, product licensing, joint ventures, technology acquisition prior to and during the divestiture process.
  • . 1981 - 1989 M&T Chemicals, New Jersey, Market Manager: Business management: Responsible for several product lines of the North American subsidiary including Fine Chemicals, Plastic Additives and Industrial Products. - Press Releases, Technology Transfer, R&D Spending Markets,
  • Search Technologies Technology Needs The Company The Marketplace News .
  • . The offerings draw upon best practices derived from the company's experience in working with Fortune 500 corporations participating in the global marketplace for online technology transfer.
  • . With's domain expertise, IAM service professionals are able to identify for clients the technologies that are most likely to attract interest on the global marketplace.
  • . "These new Intellectual Asset Management Services evolve naturally from the success of our online global marketplace, " said Tim Bernstein, director of product development management at .
  • . These new services answer the requests from our customers to improve their ability to internally leverage their intellectual assets and better engage with the marketplace." Additional Services also offers separate listing and marketing services to help clients maximize their investments in licensing technology on the global marketplace.

    Full-Service - Marktforschung - Market Research
  • . Prozess-Strukturen , die sowohl die hochwertige Entwicklung von (teil-) standardisierten Messinstrumenten als auch deren effizienten Einsatz ermöglichen MediaTransfer - Netresearch & Consulting ist Mitglied von: World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals.
  • . Dies belegt eine gemeinsame Studie des Instituts für Handel und Marketing der Universität Hamburg und von MediaTransfer AG Netresearch & Consulting.
  • . Markentransfers 2: Langfristige Markenerosion durch Überdehnung Produkte, die unter einem bekannten Markennamen eingeführt werden, wirken auf die Muttermarke zurück – nicht immer positiv, wie eine langfristig angelegte Untersuchung des Instituts für Handel und Marketing der Universität Hamburg und von MediaTransfer AG Netresearch & Consulting zeigt.


    Pew Hispanic Center: New Study Reveals Challenges in Money Transfer Industry

  • . The slowing has come despite rapidly growing volume and increased competition in the marketplace.
  • . This suggests that further price reductions might be difficult to achieve under current market conditions.
  • . However, they have captured only a small fraction of the market which continues to be dominated by wire transfer firms.
  • . The Pew Hispanic Center commissioned a detailed assessment of the marketplace for remittance transfer services by Manuel Orozco, a senior researcher at Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration, to better understand the challenges involved in assisting immigrants who send money to their family and friends back home.
  • . No government agencies or industry associations systematically collect data on the costs of transfer services, market shares or the types of products on the market.
  • . Cost information was gathered from 84 companies offering remittance transfer services, representing the most active firms in the market as well as some recent entrants. @CallCenter