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  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: New restaurant for Ala Moana Center Pacific Business News (Honolulu) - July 18, 2005 Ala Moana Center announced Monday the name of the fourth new restaurant for its new Hookipa Terrace -- Tsukiji Fish Market and Restaurant -- expected to open in early 2006.
  • . The combination fish market and restaurant is inspired by Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in the world.
  • . The restaurant is using the name with the market's permission.
  • . Measuring 14, 000 square feet, the new eatery also will feature a fish market where shoppers can buy fresh local fish and catch from around the world.
  • . Tsukiji Fish Market and Restaurant will have a sushi bar, yakitori bar and Japanese buffet restaurant.
  • . "Tsukiji Fish Market and Restaurant is like nothing Honolulu has seen before, " said owner Ken Mitsusune.

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  • . (5-minute walk from Meguro Station) Day Trips Tsukiji Fish Market - Open from 4 a.m., Japan's largest fish market is a flurry of sights, sounds and smells.
  • . Also nearby are the Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Sumiyoshi Shrine and Tokyo Central Wholesale Market.

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  • . Bestor Fish stories A Harvard academic and anthropologist casts his net around Tsukiji, “the fish market at the center of the world.” Ted Bestor came to Tokyo in 1975 with his wife Victoria to study Japanese.
  • . “He told us about a vast market—Tsukiji—where he and his apprentices went two or three mornings a week to select their fish, ” the Professor of Anthropology and Japanese Studies at Harvard University writes in his recently released book, Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World.
  • . TML The following is excerpted from Chapter 2, “Grooved Channels”, of Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World, University of California Press, 2004.
  • . the bridges across the Sumida and the wide avenues that cut through central Tokyo begin to rumble with long-distance refrigerated rigs that come from almost every fishing port and regional marketing center in the country, driven hard to arrive by the auctions’ cutoff time.

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  • . " We're entering into the market at what we hope is the low of the consumer confidence cycle, " concedes America's most famous domestic lifestyle CEO, Martha Stewart.
  • . She owns five houses in some of America's most expensive markets, in addition to an apartment in Manhattan housing her cats, dogs and daughter.
  • . She wrested control of her trademark magazine, Martha Stewart Living , from Time Warner in 1997, and last year, amid an already shaky market, Stewart's stock went public.
  • . Okue compares Stewart's retail appeal with that of Uniqlo, the wildly successful China-based clothing company that markets shapeless American casual styles to suddenly-yen-conscious Japanese, managing to undersell even The Gap with its factory-stitched image.
  • . An editor at a mass-market Japanese women's magazine sours on Martha Stewart Omnimedia's chances for success in her native land.
  • . She spent her formative years at an investment firm ("My seven years on Wall Street could not have been better!"), and her sense of the market is as finely calibrated as that of pop stars like Britney Spears or Ayumi Hamasaki.


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    Landline - 11/04/2004: Australian tuna industry in turmoil. Australian Broadcasting Corp
  • . Almost all of these highly priced and highly prized specimens are sold in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, and therein lies a problem.
  • . “It's almost totally focussed on the Japanese market and that's the problem everyone is finding.
  • . It's not currency exposure, it's just that the premium market in Japan has only ever been around 45, 000 tonnes.
  • . Due to the expansion of production of bluefin in Europe last year, there was suddenly 75, 000 tonnes chasing a 40, 000 tonne market and inevitably the price drops in those circumstances, ” Brian Jeffriess, of the Tuna Boat Owners Association said.
  • . Last year the Spanish produced around 24, 000 tonnes of tuna and completely blitzed the market, pushing overall prices down.
  • . “I believe it is an aberration in terms of the long term situation, the price will remain reasonably strong over a long period but we have to get used to more volatility in the market, you have to have a different business model and that's exactly what we're adapting to, ” he said.

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  • . Necessarily, a bazaar is a market where miscellaneous items are sold.
  • . With the exception of the Tsukiji fish market which, as its name suggests, specialises in the trade of fish and other seafood, all the markets covered here are bazaars in the true sense of the word.
  • . And yes, take your camera along! Chatuchak Weekend Market, For marketing mayhem and complete chaos just land up at Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak weekend market.
  • . The Chatuchak weekend market comes up on Saturday and Sunday at Chatuchak Park.
  • . On paper the market is actually divided into sections according to what they sell, but that’s only on paper.
  • . In fact the market comes up between 9 and 10 in the morning and shuts down around sundown.
  • . The Skytrain though is by far the most comfortable transport option: get down at Mo Chit station and head in the same direction as the crowd - everybody’s headed for the market.
  • . It’s a 5-minute walk between the station and the market.

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  • . A market is, as defined in, a social arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to discover information and carry out a voluntary exchange.
  • . The existence of markets is one of the key components of .
  • . Though markets are often viewed as being located in a physical that allow a face-to-face meeting, markets may exist in any medium that allows social interaction, such as through or over the .
  • . Structure The information function of a market requires, at a minimum, that the buyer and seller are both aware of what is being sold and if a voluntary transaction is possible.
  • . Markets rely on adjustments to to coordinate individual decision making relating to .
  • . Markets are thus efficient, in the economic sense, in that the buyers who value a good most highly will buy from sellers most willing to sell.
  • . An, such as this for at the in, is one way to organize a market.
  • . In economics, a market that runs under policies is a .
  • . Markets may also be skewed by a seller with a, sellers with an or a buyer with a .

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  • . This introduced the concept of certification of a company's management system as a marketing tool.
  • . Over time, various industry sectors have wanted to standardize their interpretations of the guidelines within their own marketplace.
  • . Many companies only register to ISO 9000 because they are forced to by the marketplace, whether or not ISO 9000 is in fact appropriate to their business.

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    The Standard - China's Business Newspaper
  • End of line for Tokyo tuna heaven Technology may force the closure of the world's largest fish market, writes Lindsay Whipp Monday, October 03, 2005 Technology may force the closure of the world's largest fish market, writes Lindsay Whipp After midnight in Tokyo, restaurants in the Ginza entertainment district spill revelers full of sushi that sells for as much as US$460 (HK$3, 588) a course onto the streets.
  • . Seven blocks away, the Tsukiji fish market, source of much of what they've eaten, is just stirring to life.
  • . A collection of dilapidated, malodorous buildings, Tsukiji is the world's largest fish market.
  • . They then race through the market's narrow alleyways to the auction houses, where the tuna will be sorted according to quality and provenance.
  • . It's the same for a tuna." Kamoshita's way of life, part of a tradition dating back to the time when the US navy was negotiating with Japan's shogun rulers to open its markets to trade, is under threat.
  • . Nowadays, the large supermarkets that sell much of Japan's fish are bypassing its auctions and buying directly from importers.

    PIRSA Annual Report - Appendixes - 5 Overseas travel
  • . EMPLOYEES DESTINATION PURPOSE AGENCY COST FOOD FOR THE FUTURE 1 Singapore Further established a supply chain program with Cold Storage Supermarkets of Singapore for South Australian Food Products.
  • . $8 050 Subtotal $9 070 FOOD AND FIBRE Agricultural Industries 1 Singapore Further established a supply chain program with Cold Storage Supermarkets of Singapore for South Australian Food Products.
  • . ( See also Food for the Future.) $1 020 1 Taiwan, Singapore Discussed the progress of current supply chain programs, and potential for expansion, with supermarkets in Taiwan and Singapore for South Australian horticulture and food products; undertook outturn assessments and documented the supply chain of South Australian cherries exported to Taiwan.
  • . $17 280 Fisheries 1 Japan Investigated the Japanese markets for sea urchins by attending the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo which is the major gateway for seafood import and government control; investigated a processing facility and aquaculture centre for sea urchins in Hokkaido; met with government officers in connection with the Tsukiji market and the seafood–aquaculture industry relating to sea urchins.

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  • . The shop's wholesale source for the fish that is the staple of their boxed meals is Tokyo's massive Tsukiji Fish Market, the highest-volume fish market in the world, and the elder Mr.
  • . Sugiura's position in the market's cooperative management links them to the largest fish distribution nexus in the world.
  • . Additional note: The Tsukiji Central Fish Market is itself a fascinating site and the subject of a research project by the anthropologist Theodore C.
  • . since sompleting that research, he has begun another project on North Atlantic yellow fin tuna trade and its international fishing and marketing networks (that are dominated by Japanese companies).

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  • . Jani-King International has become an official marketing partner of the PGA Tour through a three-...
  • . No matter what's happening in the market, opportunities always abound, according to Ron Sachs, po...
  • . "Customer Marketing Solutions" is a bi-monthly column by CRM industry thought leader Deirdre Gira...
  • . The two managers from one of Tsukiji fish market's largest wholesalers looked on skeptically as we pitched ABI Japan's Cells Alive System (CAS) freezing.
  • . Ocean Garden Products, the Mexican seafood export and marketing company, opted to go private Dec.
  • . After several failed attempts, the Mexican government has finally sold its California-based seafood-marketing company Ocean Garden to a consortium of Sonora shrimp producers.
  • . A new "Don" has dawned in the North American market, courtesy of Ajinomoto Frozen Foods USA Inc.
  • . In another launch related to the food category, NW Publishing (Seattle, WA) has begun the publication of"Wild Catch, " a magazine that focuses on the selling, buying, marketing and preparation of ...


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  • . An early morning trip to the famous Tsukiji fish market is a standard part of any tourist's visit to Tokyo.
  • . This market has been an integral part of Japan's identity for decades and was until recently ...
  • . IT-enabled corporate training made a splashy entrance into the Japanese market in the late 1990s, heralding a new era of vast reductions in corporate training costs and increased accessibility for geographically ...
  • . Much has changed in the office market since early 2003, when the market was flooded with new Grade A office supply, and tenants were offered favorable rents and enticing concessions.
  • . The Satos hoped to use the website to expand their market within Japan, but soon ...

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  • . During our last stop through Taipei on our way back to the USA we spent an evening checking out Kwang Hua Market, of the most famous night markets in Taipei.
  • . If you have a chance to check out any of the night markets in Taipei, check them out– just make sure to scrub clean after.
  • . We did grab a few nice GSM phones and if we had a longer time there I think we probably would have gone crazy exploring these affordable markets! Posted in: by What an amazing experience, a picture is worth 1000 words.
  • . Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world handling more than 2000 tons of more than 450 types of seafood.
  • . I was told today 1/6th of the world’s fish passes through this market before it goes around the world every single day.
  • . Posted in: by We all woke up today at 4:30AM to check out the legendary fish market.
  • . They’re doing this by offering limited-edition artist t-shirts to mass markets around the world with there 8 stores here in Japan alone.

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