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  • . of securities X price) - Issue underwritten by the Syndicate Members (may or may not be) - Offer made through an Offer Document Advantages - Ensures widespread shareholding - Sets valuation benchmarks for further fund raising/ offer for sale - Relatively quick method - Transparent method Disadvantages - Dependent on capital market conditions - Price at a discount to market/ intrinsic price to ensure good response - Process expensive -cost app.
  • . to be resolved WAREHOUSING Pricing: Market determined price, after building in returns to the warehouser.
  • . Public offerings make more sense when the company to be sold has a reasonable strong skill base and capital markets are liquid.

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  • . •Organize training sessions for members of corporate boards in Egypt’s top banks, financial institutions, listed corporations, and firms coming to market.
  • . •Develop and refine mini-cases studies to be used in corporate governance training programs by interviewing market actors (possibly in collaboration with a local MBA student).
  • . Hours Per Week: 40 Class Credit: N Teaming: Y Disciplines: Customer and Product Management, Communications, Management Consulting, Marketing ADDITIONAL INFO QUICK QUIZ: Quick quiz: What was the world’s best-performing stock market in 2005? Hint: This exchange was formed from the merger of two exchanges, one formed in 1885 and the other in 1903.
  • . Answer: Egypt’s CASE (Cairo-Alexandria Stock Exchange) Background: The Kenan Institute Washington Center has been awarded a one-year, $280, 000 contract with Egypt’s Ministry of Investment to help launch an Institute of Directors serving Egypt’s fast-growing equities market (http://www.egyptse.com/index.asp).

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  • . Managerial Labour Markets in Small and Medium Size Enterprises , Routledge, August 1993, (with H Short, R Watson, P Wynarczyk and D Storey), 267 + xiv pages.
  • . Financial Markets and Financial Services The Intelligent Guide to Stock Market Investment , John Wiley, 1998, reprinted 1999, (with R Hudson and K Littler), 314 pages.
  • . Chapters in Books 'Capital Market Efficiency and the Underpricing of New Issues on the Unlisted Securities Market' , (with H Short and R Watson) in J Rowre and S.
  • . 'Prospectus Earnings Forecasts and the Pricing of New Issues on the Unlisted Securities Market' , Accounting and Business Research, Spring, 1991, (with P McGuinness).
  • . Unlisted Securities Market: The Ability of Entrepreneurs to Signal Firm Value' , Small Business Economics, Spring, 1992, (with P McGuinness and H Short).
  • . 'A Note on the Weak Form Efficiency of Capital Markets: The Application of Simple Technical Trading Rules to UK Stock Prices - 1935 to 1994' , The Journal of Banking and Finance, (1996), (with R Hudson and M Dempsey) 'Owner-Manager Drawings, Firm Performance and Financial Structure: An Analysis of Small and Closely-held UK Firms' , Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, (1996), (with R.

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  • Already a member? | Content Related to this Topic 13 This Article'sTable of Contents Strategic marketing analysis Product Consumer customers marketing Encyclopædia Britannica Article Page 78 of 96 Marketing in different sectors > The government market This market consists of federal, state, and local governmental units that purchase or rent goods to fulfill their functions and responsibilities for the public.
  • . Page 78 of 96 Marketing in different sectors The government market The civilian establishment To cite this page: " marketing ." Encyclopædia Britannica .
  • . marketing .
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  • . An example is the former Cocoa Marketing Board of Nigeria (which, after 1977, functioned as the Nigerian Cocoa Board and controlled marketing of tea and coffee, as well).


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    Unified Market Signs Worldwide Agreement With Fran Tech - Technology / Internet Articles
  • . January 10, 2006 UnifiedMarket, Inc.
  • . / UnifiedMarket Worldwide, LLC (UnifiedMarket) signed a non-exclusive agreement with FranTech International Licensing, Inc.
  • . (FranTech), of Ventura, California, which grants FranTech the right to market UnifiedMarkets Financial Information Exchange Network through FranTech's network of agents in 220 countries to governments, institutions and brokers around the world.
  • . The company explained that the UnifiedMarkets Financial Information Exchange Network is uniquely suited to meet the needs of most countries.
  • . It deals with securities, unlisted securities, with illiquid listed securities being the targeted marketplace.
  • . Owens, CEO of UnifiedMarket, said, "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing master distributorship agreements.
  • . With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech knows international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking, and technology research.

    FT.com / Advice & comment / Ask the FT - Clarified conditions on investing in Aim
  • .   / | Main page content: Clarified conditions on investing in Aim Isabel BerwickPublished: May 3 2006 17:52 | Last updated: May 3 2006 17:52 Clarified conditions on investing in Aim We hear a lot about tax advantages attached to Alternative Investment Market (Aim) investments, including inheritance tax protection.
  • . “The IHT relief is 100 per cent for shares which are either unquoted or traded on the unlisted securities market (USM) or Aim.” That sounds good, but Mock warns: “A number of other conditions must also be met: for example, the company must not be engaged wholly or mainly in dealing in securities, stocks and shares, land or buildings, or in making or holding investments.
  • . For this relief, you do have to subscribe at launch and Mock says a professional adviser should be able to direct you to investment houses that specialise in marketing these investments.
  • . We have moved downmarket but still have a loan of £75, 000 against a house valued at £105, 000.

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  • Energy - - - by , and October 2004 Highlights New exemptions from trading restrictions have been added, including for market stabilization activities and for arbitrage activities in inter-listed securities.
  • . On September 10, 2004, the OSC released amendments to Proposed Rule 48-501 (the 2004 Amendments), which reflect the comments received by the OSC from market participants and increase harmonization with counterpart rules, including Regulation M of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (Regulation M) and the Universal Market Integrity Rules (UMIR Rules) of Market Regulation Services Inc.
  • . New exemptions from trading restrictions have been added, including for market stabilization activities and for arbitrage activities in inter-listed securities.
  • . In addition, the dealer-restricted person and the related entity or department or division must have no officers in common that solicit or recommend trades and the related entity, department or division must not (during the restricted period, in connection with the restricted security) act as a market maker, solicit orders or engage in proprietary trading.

    Micex | Equity & Bond Market | Rules of Admittance to Trading Sessions and Securities Allocation
  • . MICEX Listing Rules have been developed in compliance with Provisions on Requirements to Organizers of Trading on the Stock Market, enacted by Ordinance of the Federal Commission for Securities and Stock Market No.
  • . Admittance Procedure for Allocating Securities at MICEX All types of securities are admitted to be allocated by the Exchange, if registration of their issue is made in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, with legal acts of the Federal Commission for Securities and Stock Market, of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
  • . The Exchange does not perform either expert evaluation of unlisted securities or the check of the Issuer's solvency, so it does not take any responsibilities to inform the Members of MICEX Stock Market Section concerning any events, related to the market of unlisted securities and their Issuers.
  • . The following steps shall be performed by the Issuer of securities, not subject to be introduced into MICEX Quotation Lists, or by its Authorized Representative, or by the Member of MICEX Stock Market Section: Submit Application in Including Securities into MICEX Register of Unlisted Securities ( Appendix No.

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    Micex | MICEX Stock Exchange | How to List a Security
  • . The rules of listing stipulate the following categories of securities traded on MICEX SE: placed securities (the sale of issuer's own securities to their first owner) securities traded in the secondary market (the Federal Service for Stock Markets/the Bank of Russia have registered the Report on the results of the issue of securities) Securities traded in the secondary market of MICEX SE are subdivided into the following sectors: 1.

    Marketed - definition of Marketed by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
  • . TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text subscription: Dictionary/ thesaurus market(redirected from Marketed ) Also found in:, , , , 0.03 sec.
  • . A store or shop that sells a particular type of merchandise: a vegetable market.
  • . The business of buying and selling a specified commodity: the soybean market.
  • . A market price.
  • . A geographic region considered as a place for sales: grain for the foreign market; the West Coast market.
  • . A subdivision of a population considered as buyers: cosmetics for the upscale market.
  • . The opportunity to buy or sell; extent of demand for merchandise: a big market for gourmet foods.
  • . An exchange for buying and selling stocks or commodities: securities sold on the New York market.
  • . The entire enterprise of buying and selling commodities and securities: The market has been slow recently.
  • . To deal in a market.
  • . To buy household supplies: We marketed for a special Sunday dinner.
  • . Idioms: in the market Interested in buying: We are in the market for a used car.

    MA MBM Faculty
  • . Sarah Davis (BA Hons, MA) Deputy Programme Director Senior Lecturer daviss@wmin.ac.uk Modules Issues and Challenges in the Creative Industries Music Marketing Management Music Business Management Project Sarah Davis brings a broad range of experience and knowledge gained over nearly 20 years from working across a range of music industry roles in the UK and Europe.
  • . Director Zip Dog Records As Director of the independent label Zip Dog Records, Sarah was responsible for both Marketing and Promotion and Artist & Repertoire.
  • . Music Industry Journalist As a freelance journalist, Sarah has conducted significant research into the essentials of the music business such as the charts, music manufacturing and marketing.
  • . Paul Lynton Music Industry Consultant Consultant Director for Copyright Acquisition (Ricall) Visiting Lecturer Modules Intellectual Property and Copyright Management Paul Lynton is one of the UK's leading licensing, marketing, merchandising and compilation experts inaudio and audio-visual products.

    Irish Stock Exchange-Why list?
  • . Listing on the Irish Stock Exchange enables a fund to market to these institutional investors.
  • . A listing allows investors to mark their fund investment to market .
  • . A listing on a long established, well regulated and recognised European stock exchange provides a valuable marketing tool for fund promoters.
  • . Since its establishment in 1793, the ISE has provided the main national market for Irish equity securities and Government bonds.
  • . These characteristics provide a listed fund with the credibility and profile which are valuable tools in the marketing of the fund worldwide.
  • . Recognition The ISE has received the relevant recognitions from the market authorities in many jurisdictions including Japan and the United States.
  • . We have extensive experience of many types of investment vehicles, structures and products having listed hedge funds, feeder funds, multi-manager funds, property funds, as well as funds investing in venture capital, emerging markets and derivatives.


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  • Securities market > Supervision of institutions in the securities market KREDITTILSYNET’S supervision of institutions in the securities market comprises on-site inspections and off-site supervision.
  • . Important areas of supervision are the market players’ financial position and operations and their compliance with rules governing their activities.
  • . Supervision of institutions in the securities market Investment firms Investment firms On-site inspection Kredittilsynet conducted 20 on-site inspections at investment firms in 2001.
  • . Since equity capital instruments were subject to substantial value falls over the year, special attention was given to companies’ exposure to market and credit risk.
  • . ON 9 OCTOBER 2001 Kredittilsynet revoked Boston Asset Management ASA’s licence to provide investment services: 1) discretionary management of investors’ portfolio of financial instruments on an individual basis and as authorised by the investor and 2) marketing of financial instruments .The background to the revocation was offences brought to light in connection with the company’s asset management on behalf of Halden municipal pension fund.

    The Hindu Business Line : Corporate bond market sluggish
  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003 News Features Stocks Port Info Archives Group Sites - Corporate Bonds Corporate bond market sluggish Poornima Mohandas "With the debt markets in a bearish mood, even mutual funds and primary dealers are not in a buying mood, " said a senior debt analyst.
  • . The market is ill prepared for the new regulations and now trades are restricted to oil bonds and UTI bonds, according to him.
  • . 24 THE corporate bond market has been gridlocked with the spate of recent regulatory changes from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI); large public sector undertakings (PSUs) and private companies are seen delaying fresh issuance of bonds.
  • . Meanwhile, trading volumes in this market have dropped to a few tens of crores as against a hundred crore or more on a sunny day as the mood is generally bearish and players are settling down to the new compliance issues.
  • . Said Mr Deepak Mundra, Deputy General Manager (Finance), Grasim Industries, "The formalities for raising corporate debt now take as much as 2-3 weeks while earlier one had to just go to the market, negotiate a rate, which took about an hour and float the bond." Corporates now also have to engage a merchant banker to do the due diligence, prepare the offer document and the listing agreement.

    Comvita - Media Releases
  • Media Releases New Updates Comvita to be Listed on New AX News Release June 23, 2003 Comvita Announces Intention To Be Among First To List On The New AX Complementary health products market leader and Unlisted Securities Market issuer Comvita New Zealand plans to be one of the first companies to list on the NZX's new AX (Alternative Exchange) when it opens in August.
  • . Riding high after winning a prestigious Trade New Zealand export award last week, Comvita is confident listing on the new market will lift the company's profile for the benefit of investors with an interest in the growth of natural health products.
  • . He says Comvita is right behind the NZX in its efforts to create a market that will act as a catalyst for growth in New Zealand's capital markets.
  • . "Aside from the obvious advantages of lower costs and streamlined processes, an AX listing will give us more liquidity." Bracks is keen to see Comvita take a lead in listing on the new market.
  • . The judges said Comvita was a classic example of how important the natural products industry can be to the growth of the New Zealand economy, by focusing on small, niche markets.

    Business & Public Administration Guide: University Libraries
  • >> >> >> >> Marketing | Online counterpart to the print journal.
  • . Provides timely news and viewpoints, plus free download of tables and charts on market share, advertising spending, and rankings.
  • . Site offers cutting edge commentary on Internet marketing and advertising from industry leaders.
  • . Latest in news, insights and information from the American Marketing Association.
  • . Includes access to articles and reports, best practices, marketing tools and a marketing services directory.
  • . Market Share Reporter EKSTROM Ref.
  • . Table 15, HF 5410 .M35 Annual compilation of market share data on companies, products and services; includes charts, lists and publication sources.
  • . Includes up-to-date market data, news & commentary as well as chart builder software for analyzing specific company performances.
  • . Table 15 Alphabetical listing of brand names of consumer products marketed in the U.S.; includes manufacturer or distributor; cross-reference to separate volume which is alphabetical by company and includes address/contact information.

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  • . Mr Bob Squirrell , W: Ecademy ID: 37752Club Leader:, Last visited: 17-Jun-06 1:47pmJoined: 15-Oct-03 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Find other people - View the top Profile: Professional Overview From idea to implementation, I have over 30 year's business development experience in high-tech and industrial markets.
  • . The company is now the boards & systems division of ACAL Electronics, a publicly quoted company on the London Unlisted Securities Market (USM).
  • . From my base in Paphos I am willing and able to provide rapid access to these markets either as consultant or in a more hands-on role such as Importer and/or Distributor.
  • . Currently we're handling the launch in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East of the Staycon range of credit-card sized emergency mobile phone batteries and "Skins" - condoms for mobiles - see www.technologymarketingmanagement.com for details.
  • . I'm interested in helping with the marketing in this region of any similarly innovative or technologically advanced products that could be readily introduced to the channels I have recruited.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter