upstream-marketing (English translation glossary) High potentials, rising stars, Human Resources, Bus/Financial

  • . English to English translations [PRO] Bus/Financial - Human Resources / High potentials, rising stars English term or phrase: upstream-marketing The candidate's *** upstream-marketing *** skills were poor to nonexistent.
  • . Can you please explain the meaning of "upstream-marketing"? TIA KudoZ activity Questions: (all closed) Answers: Italy English translation: Essentially, downstream marketing is the APPLICATION of "traditional marketing" for EXISTING BRANDS/PRODUCTS using traditional media and traditional marketing activities (advertising, promotion, PR, etc.) Upstream marketing refers to the strategic process of identifying and fulfilling consumer needs.
  • . It is done very early in the product development cycle (hence the term), and it requires the marketer to embrace the end-user and develop not only products but also the accompanying marketing approaches that can be customized to these strategic segments.
  • . Author Ram Charan provides an excellent definition of upstream and downstream marketing in his book Profitable Growth Is Everone's Business.

    Marketing Materials : UpStream Networks
  • Marketing Materials Marketing Materials If you need UpStream Networks marketing material for your website, please feel free to download the logos below.

    Legal Marketing :: Tom Kane :: Law Firm Marketing for Lawyers & Attorneys
  • Legal Marketing Blog Published By Tom Kane June 16, 2006 Posted By Promote Your Law Firm By Promoting Your Clients Larger law firms have for years been promoting their clients by taking out ads congratulating the client on some innovation, or award, or whatever.
  • . The purpose is to show what important clients the firm represents, what innovative type of legal work they have done, and/or to make brownie points with the client.I have had mixed feelings over the years as to how effective this type of legal marketing is.
  • . Extra kudos to Mark Beese, Holland & Hart’s “marketing guy” as he is called.
  • . As I have preached a number times (, , and ), law firms serious about legal marketing need to get focused on doing work they want to do (and presumably are very good at) for the clients they want to represent.
  • . It’s not only smart, but will lead to effective niche marketing that will result in more happy lawyers within – and more success for – your law firm.

    Chevron Crude Oil Marketing - North America
  • . Our multi-faceted focus on marketing Upstream production and supplying domestic refineries can bring you timely and pertinent market analysis and opportunities.
  • . Crude Oil Marketing Services for Producers We understand that the primary focus of an E&P company is finding and producing hydrocarbons.
  • . Marketing crude oil production at the lease and managing daily price volatility are not always your first concerns.
  • . Whether you are looking for daily crude oil marketing and price management, or to secure long term pricing, Chevron can design a program to achieve your goals.
  • . Lease Crude Marketing Services Purchasing: Chevron's large and diverse portfolio allows us to offer multiple pricing mechanisms across many regions.
  • . Chevron has a proven track record in the crude oil marketing business.


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    On Social Marketing and Social Change
  • News and Views on Social Marketing and Social Change Is Obesity Prevention a Legal Problem? The reviews that appears in the Thursday edition of The New England Journal of Medicine .
  • . It's in the playbook.] Will there still be room for and to fight the obesity epidemic or has the legal train left the station? Technorati Tags: , , 15 June 2006 | Social Marketing in the News New Program Preaches Energy Efficiency EarthCare Sudbury was chosen as one of seven pilot projects to receive a one-year grant from the conservation fund of the Ontario Conservation Bureau.
  • . Technorati Tags: , , , , , 15 June 2006 | Program Planning 2.0 Account planning is, for me, the bridge between reality and creativity when it comes to developing the social marketing and health communications programs that inspire and move our audiences (as well as many of our peers).
  • . The opportunities posed by the growing acceptance of new media among many of our audiences for social marketing and social change programs (and this includes the ) can be summed in the 5Es: how to educate, engage, entertain, empower and evangelize with our audiences, not at them.

  • | “By having UpStreamMarketing design our product catalog on CD-ROM, helped us eliminate all the expenses associated with the literature we used to bring to our tradeshows.
  • . Houston LHR Services & Equipment 4705 Tetralene 1601 Hawk Industries 1045 Lea-Der Coatings 4705 Kepner Plastic Fabricators 3106 Custom Safety Products 4109 Jones Hydraulic Service 2505 Feubo 4705 Weatherford 2723 Canada 1925, 2035, 1817, 1917 Norriseal 1640 Latest Oil & Gas Industry News Upstream Marketing was created by experienced communications professionals who believe that results matter more than the method.
  • . We deliver that messaging in creative websites (from concept to build), online marketing strategy, multimedia CD-ROMs and focused, targeted print materials.
  • . From 500 Ton Cylinders to Custom Pipe Threading Upstream Marketing has worked with these Oil and Gas Industry companies to ensure their successful marketing.
  • . was designed to help our Oil & Gas Industry clients keep up with the industry news, events, publications and web portals.

    Futurelab's Blog
  • FUTURELAB - - - - - Assembling the World's Sharpest Minds in Marketing & Strategy Innovation On this blog we assemble the world's sharpest minds in marketing and strategy innovation.
  • . To find out more about Futurelab: Or subscribe via e-mail: Powered by Authors Contributing Blogs Blogs We Read | Marketing Russian Style :-) by: If you think marketing innovation is something we've got down here in the West, think again.
  • . Posted by Futurelab on May 22, 2006 11:48 PM | • TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference : » from On Social Marketing and Social Change The grin of the day goes to the Futurelab's Blog report on a Russian merchant's use of upstream marketing (relationship marketing?) to help liquidate an overstock of bottled water.
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  • Benelux: English | ExxonMobil in the Benelux Upstream Gas Marketing Prospecting for, striking and producing natural gas is only the first step in the natural gas chain.
  • . ExxonMobil is currently consulting with its co-shareholders in the Gasunie on a new setup for gas marketing activities in the Netherlands.
  • . As the largest natural gas supplier in Europe, ExxonMobil is determined to maintain its leading position in the production and marketing of natural gas.

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    Hudson Sales & Marketing - Selling Your Sales & Marketing Skills
  • | Sales & Marketing Selling Your Sales & Marketing Skills > > > selling your sales & marketing skills Selling and highlighting your credentials, particularly in today's market is not easy.
  • . Highlight job functions such as Account Management, Pipeline Management, Business Development, Increased Territory Size, B2B Sales, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, Revenue Growth, Profit Growth, New Product Development, Full-Cycle Sales, Full-Cycle Marketing, Upstream or Downstream Marketing and etc.
  • . Highlight industries worked in such as medical device, pharmaceutical, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial operations, legal, marketing services, consumer products and retail, advertising and public relations, technology solutions, professional services and etc.

    Marketingfacts : Zoekmachine marketing
  • Rubrieken Leden Dossiers (alleen voor leden) Archief jun 2006 zo ma di wo do vr za 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Nieuwsbrief Dagelijks het belangrijkste nieuws van Marketingfacts in je mailbox.
  • . Zoekmachine marketing vrijdag 16 juni 2006 | 16 juni 2006, 9:41 | Bekeken: 4030 keer (459 keer doorgeklikt) Rubriek: Kijk, eindelijk weer een handige toevoeging aan AdWords.
  • . (150 woorden) | dinsdag 13 juni 2006 | 13 juni 2006, 9:12 | Bekeken: 10300 keer (440 keer doorgeklikt) Rubriek: Gisteren ontving ik het (pdf) van online marketingbureau over de introductie van AdMax, een trendgestuurd bid-managementtool dat volgens eigen zeggen meer bezoekers via Google Adwords oplevert tegen 20 tot 50 procent lagere kosten.
  • . Over de gehele periode steeg de return on investment met 40%”, zegt Peter Vos, marketing manager bij Onetomarket.
  • . Maar hoe werkt dat dan? (77 woorden) | zaterdag 10 juni 2006 | 10 juni 2006, 10:13 | Bekeken: 21083 keer (532 keer doorgeklikt) Rubriek: | Eind vorige maand deed Marketingfacts mee aan de voor de introductie van het nieuwe boek van, getiteld .

    Case: Virale Marketing (deel 1) · Marketingfacts
  • Case: Virale Marketing (deel 1) | 31 mei 2006, 10:54 | Bekeken: 20513 keer (1115 keer doorgeklikt) Rubriek: In deze tweedelige miniserie zal ik het hebben over het bedenken, ontwikkelen, en lanceren van een virale marketingcampagne voor een startende .
  • . Ik kwam al snel uit op een virale marketing campagne.
  • . De viral Er zijn, zoals bekend, verschillende vormen van virale marketing.
  • . | reacties (17) En dit is onderdeel van je marketingstrategie ;-) Jammer dat hier weinig doelgroep te vinden is denk ik! Maar ik ga het volgen.

    Upstream Australia - Marketing & Media
  • Upstream Australia is a member of one of the fastest growing media, marketing and public relations groups in Asia-Pacific.
  • . Our deep understanding of the region, marketing savvy and strategic and creative approach to campaign planning, help us to achieve this.


    Upstream Australia - Marketing & Media

  • . Our people and our resources are dedicated to helping our clients: Build + protect their brand Win + grow new business Drive or influence change Manage + enhance their reputations We offer a powerful combination of online and offline marketing and public relations capabilities and services.
  • . We fill a unique and growing niche where marketing and media meet .
  • . In recent years, we have designed break-through marketing and communications campaigns for many technology companies seeking to bring new products and services to the Australian market.
  • . We offer superior marketing communications through a combination of sound strategic analysis, creativity and independent judgment, and a deep understanding of the IT industry and market landscape.
  • . Upstream campaigns across a wide range of marketing and communications disciplines: technology marketing, brand marketing, B2B, B2C, media and analyst outreach, event management, issues management, communications training, employee communications, advertising and Internet marketing and communications.

    Unocal Midstream & Trade - Unocal's energy marketing and midstream asset management business unit.
  • MARKETING & TRADING As one of the world's leading independent natural gas and crude oil exploration and production companies, Unocal's upstream portfolio is focused on North America and Asia.
  • . Unocal Midstream & Trade supports the company's upstream activities by overseeing the marketing of its U.S.
  • . Our marketing and trading organization creates value for Unocal by monitoring and evaluating the supply and demand for the U.S.
  • . Unocal Midstream & Trade's marketing and trading staffs in Texas, Canada and Singapore provide a full range of services, including marketing, contract negotiations, scheduling, risk management and strategic planning, with a commitment to efficiency and integrity.
  • . Gas Marketing & Trading Operations Our U.S.
  • . gas marketing and trading group is responsible for marketing Unocal's gas production from its activities in the Gulf of Mexico, West Texas and Alaska.
  • . This group's services include: The marketing of Unocal's Gulf of Mexico and Pure Resources' crude oil production Negotiations for annual sales agreements for Unocal's production from the Alaska North Slope and Cook Inlet Marketing assistance for Canadian oil produced by Northrock Resources Ltd.

    Church Marketing Sucks: Upstream Logo Review
  • . Questions: Which logo do you like best? Why? Which logo do you like least? Why? What do you think of the typography? What do you think of the colors? What do you think of the graphics? Posted by at November 3, 2005 07:19 AM Trackback Pings TrackBack URL for this entry: Comments 1.
  • . Posted by: at November 24, 2005 12:17 AM Post a comment Name: Email Address: URL: Remember Me? Yes No Comments: (you may use HTML tags for style) Church Marketing Sucks is a part of the .

    Selling Rain to Arabs: Marketing to a World View - flyte: web marketing strategies for small business
  • Download the Free Report: Written by Rich Brooks Get Flyte's Blog Via Email! Output Input Entrepreneurial Web Tools Powered by | Selling Rain to Arabs: Marketing to a World View The Wall St.
  • . Rather than trying to convince sun worshipers that the rain isn't so bad, the tourism industry in Goa markets to people who see rain as the perfect outdoor weather with the slogan "Come Feel the Rain." They are marketing to people who have a specific world view, and what they have to offer fits into that world view.
  • . Are you marketing upstream? Instead of trying to convince people against their will, perhaps you would be better served finding people with a world view that celebrates your product or service. @CallCenter