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  • . Western Prospector Group (Canada) Abstract This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Uranium in Millions of Tons.
  • . The report provides comprehensive market analytics.
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    Cameco Corporation --- Uranium - Gold - Fuel - Electricity - Mining - Milling - Refining
  • $42.71 (0.16) $38.02 (-0.15) 15 minute delay : : : : : Marketing - Nuclear Business Marketing - Nuclear Business MARKETING - NUCLEAR BUSINESS The uranium market is still under pressure.
  • . but deregulation has resulted in outstanding improvements in reactor performance." Minneapolis, which receives a portion of its electrical supply from nuclear power, became the headquarters for Cameco's marketing team in 1999.
  • . The United States is the world's largest market for uranium.
  • . The largest market is the United States which accounts for about 24% of all operating reactors and for 35% of western world uranium consumption.
  • . Uranium Market Spot Market Still Volatile On average, about 15% of the western world's uranium requirements are procured in the spot market for delivery within 12 months of contract signing.
  • . In 1999, about 24 million pounds U 3 O 8 , or 17% of the western world's uranium consumption, were sold on the spot market.
  • . The spot price had increased to $10.85 (US) per pound U 3 O 8 by March 1999 and despite the increase in spot market demand from the previous year, the presence of cash-hungry inventory sellers caused the spot price to soften over the remainder of 1999.

    Paladin Resources - The new energy in the market
  • . His experience has been on derivatives, structured finance and early stage investment relating to the metal markets.
  • . He has been involved with uranium for several years and has a sound understanding of the uranium market.
  • . Mr Llewelyn was involved as a key player in the formation of a joint venture company between Anglo Gold and First Rand International to assume marketing responsibility for uranium on behalf of Nuclear Fuels Corporation of South Africa (Nufcor).
  • . Mr Llewelyn brings to the Paladin board a unique mix of financial, legal and uranium marketing skills, and to develop trading/financing strategies for the nuclear fuel cycle elements.
  • . His experience in developing an effective corporate finance team for a publicly listed Australian company operating on a global scale, establishing the necessary systems and controls and participation in significant fund raising program in international debt markets will provide added necessary expertise to cater for the growth of Paladin.

    Marketing Developments Affecting FSU Uranium
  • Marketing Developments Affecting FSU Uranium On February 23, 1995, through an exchange of letters, the United States provided Canada with certain assurances and clarifications with respect to the implementation of its uranium anti-dumping suspension agreement with Russia and the Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) contract with Russia.
  • . military HEU by giving it to the USEC free of charge and allowing the USEC to sell it in the market.
  • . uranium market.
  • . During discussions in Washington on August 30, Canadian officials expressed their concerns and presented a market analysis which demonstrated that the immediate and unregulated sale on the U.S.
  • . market of Russian uranium from HEU would disrupt the uranium market to the extent that it would threaten U.S.
  • . Following a series of meetings, draft Senate legislation was published September 18 that provided for the regulated release of such uranium onto the market in a manner that Canadian officials and producers judged would allow it to be absorbed into the market with minimum disruption.


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    Denison Mines :: Disclosure Plus :: Marketing
  • Production>> Marketing Denison's Uranium Marketing Arrangements Denison owns 30% of the outstanding common shares of McClean Uranium Limited (“MUL”), which is a corporation formed under the laws of Saskatchewan.  The balance of the common shares of MUL is held by Denison’s joint venture partner, COGEMA Resources Inc.
  • . (“COGEMA”), a subsidiary of AREVA Group.  COGEMA and Denison jointly market their respective shares of production from the McClean Lake uranium facility and the Midwest project to nuclear utilities around the world through MUL in direct competition with other supplies available from various sources.

    Richard Reinhard Makes his pick in the Junior Uranium Market
  • | Welcome to Gold Investor Saturday, June 17 2006 @ 01:09 AM EDT Sections (176/1) (43/0) (40/0) (21/0) (110/0) - Featured Books Other Sites User Functions Username: Password: Don't have an account yet? Sign up as a Richard Reinhard Makes his pick in the Junior Uranium Market Thursday, August 25 2005 @ 09:00 AM EDT What's the best way to play the hot junior uranium market now? Many of the junior explorers have seen their share prices soar already.
  • . Cameco will be responsible for mining and marketing the mineral if any uranium is found.
  • . Management Titan Uranium Exploration's management team has extensive experience in exploration, mining and in successfully taking junior resource companies to market.
  • . To view the full article with charts copy and paste this link in your web browser http://www.goldeditor.com/archives-59.htm | Views: 1105 | Richard Reinhard Makes his pick in the Junior Uranium Market | 0 comments | The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

    Beyond the Three Mines - In Situ Uranium Leaching Proposals in South Australia (Research Paper 12 1997-98)
  • . The use of ISL methods to exploit Beverley and Honeymoon means the mines will be low cost and likely to remain competitive, despite fluctuations in market conditions.
  • . Analysis of these issues in full is beyond the scope of this paper, but they may affect developments in the uranium market and play some part in the decisions related to the commencement of ISL uranium mining.
  • . During the initial years of the uranium market, its importance in weapons programs and as a strategic resource led to a frenetic, government-dominated market where prices were bid far beyond the cost of production.
  • . The situation changed in the 1980s and the uranium market has increasingly resembled that for other commodities.
  • . Except where production is subsidised for national security reasons, high cost producers have been driven from the market.
  • . Due to the relative economic advantages of ISL mining over conventional alternatives, the mining of Beverley and Honeymoon is likely to survive even severe market downturns.(29) The excess inventory of uranium that has supplied the market with low price uranium for a number of years is near exhaustion.

    StockInterview.com - TradeTech CEO: Speculators Could Drive Uranium to $55/Pound
  • . SUMMARY: TradeTech LLC Chief Executive Gene Clark talked with StockInterview about the uranium bull market, where his price models show uranium prices heading and when to expect the peak of the current upward cycle of the bull market.
  • . When will “hard” times again hit the uranium market, and how long will the trough last? And what does the future hold for the uranium price? An industry insider gives us his insights.
  • . StockInterview: When the uranium bull market began, did you foresee $40/pound uranium, now that the spot price has risen above this level? Gene Clark: I don’t think any of us saw $40 per pound coming.
  • . The price started to go up, and they came into the market with the express purpose of buying for holding and then selling into the market later to realize the trading profit.
  • . I think the market is now finally adjusting to the realities of primary supply and demand.
  • . It’s been a depressed market for 20 or 30 years, primarily from the draw down of excess inventories, and what we call secondary supply.

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    Uranium - Market Research Report

    'Rebirth' of nuclear energy having positive effect on uranium market: Cameco | Markets | Headline News | Canadian Business Online
  • | 'Rebirth' of nuclear energy having positive effect on uranium market: Cameco 'Rebirth' of nuclear energy having positive effect on uranium market: Cameco ROMINA MAURINO May 31, 2006 - 16:39 TORONTO (CP) - Cameco Corp.
  • . (TSX:CCO) says a "rebirth" of nuclear energy is having a positive effect on the uranium and conversion markets, a trend the uranium miner hopes will translate into higher profits.
  • . This article | Helpful links Canadian Business Online | "The merits of nuclear energy are being re-thought and rediscovered around the world, and its rebirth is having a very positive effect on the uranium and conversion markets." The expansion is being led by developments in China and India, but other Asian countries with large populations and rapidly expanding economies, including Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan are expected to follow suit.
  • . (TSX:CG), a gold company with operations primarily in Central Asia, the former Soviet Union and other emerging markets.

    Money & Finance - Market and Economy
  • - ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- » » Market and Economy Market and Economy Tips , , , , , , , , , , , , , » [ ] TradeTech LLC Chief Executive Gene Clark talked with StockInterview about the uranium bull market, where his price models show uranium prices heading and when to expect the peak of the current upward cycle of the bull market.
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    Cotter at the Crossroads
  • . The uranium market is severely depressed and Cotter Corp.
  • . The Atomic Energy Commission turned the tables on the industry by ending the government's exclusive right to uranium and authorizing its sale on the open market.
  • . When it reopened in March 1999 on a probationary basis, however, the market was still practically non-existent.
  • . "We're a subsidiary of General Atomics, but we have an independent board of directors, " said Cotter President Richard Cherry, the former marketing director for Nuclear Fuels Corp.


    Financial Investing Stock Market

  • . :: News: Stocks that were moving substantially or trading heavily Friday on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market: NYSE June 16 (Bloomberg) -- European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co.
  • . shares have been under investigation by the French stock market regulator for ``several weeks, '' and that inquiry will also look into this week's disclosures about delays of the A380 superjumbo airliner at its Airbus unit.
  • . Powergrid Corporation is getting ready to enter the high voltage world of stock markets by December this year.
  • . Transmission major Powergrid has asked the government to give it permission to enter the stock market and its Chairman says that could happen before the year ends.
  • . TOKYO, June 17 (Reuters) - Foreign investors beefed up their presence on Japan's stock market in the last business year by holding more than a quarter of it in market value, marking a record ownership ratio for a third straight year.
  • . This essay speaks to four ways in which investors make money in the stock market.

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