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  • . April 13 - The United Farm Workers and a key supplier of farm labor from foreign countries announced April 11 they have signed “the first nationwide union contract protecting agricultural guest workers.” April 13 - The 13 major potato states held 114 million cwt.

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  • . In Great Britain, for example, a study carried out by Don Pollard, the former chairman of the Rural, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union, shows that it is the "gangmasters" system that supplies the large number of labourers needed by the fruit and vegetable sector at peak picking times.
  • . This collective is proba-bly unique in Europe in that it brings together leading trade unions, a progressive farmers union (the ConfĂ©dĂ©ration Paysanne), anti-racism organisations, the Human Rights League… This question has been given considerable media coverage in the local and national press and television.
  • . The local president of the Rural Coordination, a farmers union, explained to the press that "the employment agency says that there are thou-sands of local candidates for employment, but we know that this workforce is not adapted to our needs.
  • . The Spanish small farmers union, COAG, has expressed great interest in the OMI system and there is a danger that it could serve as a model elsewhere.

    New Village Journal: Greenmarket
  • Purchase and see our books at our new site: Issue 2: Community Scale Economics Green Market by Jane McGroarty Four days a week Union Square in New York City is home to a farmers’ market, one of the 28 locations in the five boroughs where fresh farm products are sold.
  • . Tony Manetta, Director of Greenmarket, walked through the Union Square market on a humid August day, stopping to ask Jing Lee, a farmer from Pittstown, New Jersey, how he was managing in the drought.
  • . That summer two more markets opened, at Union Square and near the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
  • . In the urban setting, the Union Square Greenmarket has been an important force in the revitalization of the neighborhood.
  • . In 1976 Union Square was a neglected urban park that was home to a cadre of drug dealers.
  • . Today the square is lined with upscale stores and restaurants such as the Union Square Café, whose owner, Danny Meyer, is a regular Greenmarket patron.

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  • . Sixty-nine percent of the construction contracts for the plaza were awarded to local minority-owned enterprises, and 91 percent of initial Food 4 Less employees were hired from the community in a process run jointly with the United Food and Commercial Workers union.


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    Farm Credit Canada - November 10, 2005
  • . "It's good news, " Olymel's senior vice-president Paul Beauchamp told journalists after the company announced it is satisfied with the results of a re-negotiated agreement with the 417 unionized workers at its pork de-boning plant in Saint-Hyacinthe, 50 kms east of Montreal.
  • . According to the workers' union representative Réal Ménard, Olymel argued that it has lost money for the past 30 months.

  • . The Consumers Union has also created a searchable website ( ) about specific ecolabels currently found on food, wood, personal hygiene, and household cleaning products.

    Agriculture FACT BOOK 98: Chapter 12-A
  • . To date, this service has been requested by exporters of products destined for Japan, South Korea, other Pacific Rim countries, South Africa, several European Union countries, and countries of the former Soviet Union.

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  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Anglo Platinum, union seen close to accord , by LONDON -- Anglo American Platinum Corp.
  • . Ltd., the world's largest platinum producer, and South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) appeared to be close to a deal Wednesday.
  • . "We're waiting for (Anglo Platinum) to come back to us on (some issues).We've accepted (the offer) in principle." Other unions representing Anglo Platinum workers have already accepted the revised offer.
  • . The Solidarity union signed a deal Oct.
  • . Other trade unions taking part in the Anglo Platinum strike include the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, the Commercial Workers Union of South Africa, the Mouthpiece Workers Union and the Togetherness Amalgamated Workers Union of South Africa.

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  • . (23/02/2004) The Australian Workers Union has called for rural employees to receive the same Federal Government drought assistance that's available to farmers.

    Organic & Union - The Swanton Berry Story
  • O rganic C onsumers A ssociation Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability Organic & Union - The Swanton Berry Story from: Way Beyond Organic California maverick Jim Cochran became the first strawberry farmer, and the first organic farmer, to sign a contract with United Farm Workers.
  • . In the picture, the famous union organizer and human rights activist walks with his head down, a shovel slung over his shoulder.
  • . Before that, he says, it didn’t make administrative sense to go union because he had so few employees.
  • . Unionizing “The Jim Cochrans of the world are few and far between, ” says Marc Grossman, a UFW spokesperson, commenting on the beginnings of the Swanton/UFW relationship.
  • . For starters, Grossman says, it’s not typical for the grower to initiate talks with the union.
  • . Especially in the strawberry industry, he says, where there’s a history of farm owners going to great lengths to stifle worker-organized union drives.

    8/12/1998 SJ Mercury News -- D'Arrigo wins restraining order
  • . a temporary restraining order against striking harvest workers and the United Farm Workers union.
  • . Grossman said dozens of strikers will join San Francisco county supervisors, religious leaders and union officials in San Francisco neighborhoods where rappini and other specialty crops grown by D'Arrigo are popular.
  • . For more than three decades, the United Farm Workers has sought support in cities with a strong tradition of pro-union sentiment when it wished to pressure growers in California and other Western states who employ migrant farmworkers.
  • . Last Sunday, UFW president Arturo Rodriguez announced a campaign in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Boston aimed at increasing public awareness about the union's organizing efforts at D'Arrigo Bros.

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  • . 1st June 2006 - European Union agriculture ministers were divided over plans to set up new EU-wide labelling of organic and bio-produced foods.


    Labour Market Review - Southern Manitoba

  • . The union representing Safeway workers was notified of the decision during contract negotiations a year ago.
  • . Don Keith, spokesman for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union in Manitoba said about 200 jobs will be affected.

    Texas Ag Exports Could Feel Impacts of Immigration, High Energy Prices
  • . We've seen a pick up in economic growth in the European Union and seeing a pick up in Latin America.

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  • . Growers Moldova Greenhouse production was a traditional way to make additional money on private plots in the village of Singerei Noi when Moldova was part of the Soviet Union.
  • . Phillips, CNFA Program Coordinator When was the last time you volunteered your time to help others learn about your profession, to help people in need help themselves, or to discover a new culture? CNFA’s Agribusiness Volunteer Program (AVP) volunteers who have worked with small-scale farmers in the Former Soviet Union can answer these questions. @CallCenter