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  • . Mr Kwan has extensive experience in corporate management, strategic planning, marketing management, financial advisory and banking.
  • . Prior to joining the Group, he held senior management positions in a number of top-tier global financial institutions where he was responsible for overseeing the development of various business areas within the Greater China region, gaining vast professional knowledge in credit, capital markets, and commercial and institutional banking.
  • . Mr Miao has extensive experience in marketing, investor and financial relations in the financial market.
  • . Before joining the Group, he was the managing director of the Hong Kong operation of the largest international public relations company as well as a financial relations and privatisation marketing consultancy firm.
  • . Mr Li has extensive experience in marketing and general management.
  • . Before joining the Group, he held senior executive positions of several leading international banks in Hong Kong and was responsible for business and marketing development, and corporate management.

    Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 28
  • . 29-41 (link) , : Design and implementation of a case-based reasoning system for marketing plans.
  • . 425-433 (link) , : Dynamic adaptive ensemble case-based reasoning: application to stock market prediction.
  • . 519-530 (link) , , : Empirical study of trading rule discovery in China stock market.
  • . 569-582 (link) , , : Why promotion strategies based on market basket analysis do not work.

    QUT | Faculty of Business | Journal Article Alerts
  • . 44 (10 pages) ISSN/ISBN: 15371816 Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing Aspects of Market Orientation of English and Welsh Charities Tamsin Seymour, David Gilbert, Ailsa Kolsaker Binghamton: 2006.
  • . 151 ISSN/ISBN: 10495142 Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing Benchmarking Charity Performance: Returns from Direct Marketing in Fundraising Anonymous Binghamton: 2006.
  • . 77 ISSN/ISBN: 10495142 Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing The Effects of Employee Attitudes on Workplace Charitable Donations Pushkala Raman, James J Zboja Binghamton: 2006.
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  • . 45 ISSN/ISBN: 10495142 Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing A Taxonomy of Cause-Related Marketing Research: Current Findings and Future Research Directions Shruti Gupta, Julie Pirsch Binghamton: 2006.

    Leading Developers To Discuss Asia Game Design And Business Opportunities On October 28, 2005 // GamesIndustry.biz
  • PRESS RELEASE: Leading Developers To Discuss Asia Game Design And Business Opportunities On October 28, 2005 Press release supplied by Games Press 16:08 26/09/2005 Austin, Texas - September 26, 2005 - Leading game developers from both Asia and North America will convene to discuss game design and business opportunities surrounding the growth of the video game market in Asia on October 28, 2005 in a special conference track hosted by the Austin Game Conference in Austin, Texas.
  • . "Understanding the Asian computer and video game market has become a hot topic of discussion and of paramount importance for the continued growth of the game industry, " said Christopher V.
  • . "The Austin Game Conference engaged industry experts with specific experience in the Asian market to present this topic, and Western developers and publishers will benefit greatly by participating.
  • . North American companies are eager to expand into the Asian market and similarly Asian companies are interested in increasing their presence in North America." Topics covered in the Games in Asia track include: MMOG Design Differences in Asia and North America and an in-depth report on the Chinese Online Game Industry.


  • . Mucha, with its hilly topography and favorable drainage had all the right conditions to be a good tea-growing area, but because the region was fairly remote and the tea farmers were not familiar with the workings of the market, the trade in tea leaves saw many ebbs and flows over the generations.
  • . For instance, production techniques, or marketing channels, and price fluctuation all hindered tea production in the early days, and so there wasn't a great deal of development.

    CND-Canada, February 5, 1996 (CA96-006)
  • . Job Openning in Marketing ............................................
  • . Job Openning in Marketing ............................................
  • . telecommunication company is looking for a marketing manager to work in China.
  • . The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree; have sales/marketing experiences in telecommunication products; speak fluent Chinese and know the Chinese culture very well.
  • . 31 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- _From: Scott Wittig <swittig@iquest.net> Network 21 is looking for key contacts in the US and China to expand a very successful marketing business into China.
  • . The market is just opening in several major proviences including Shanghai.
  • . Network distribution has been exploding accross eastern Europe, South America, China and other markets.
  • . 29 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Form: yli@GlobalVillager.com (1) Business Development Manager at 5F Venture Capital Inc in Beijing, China - college degree + business experience required, US MBA preferred, market salary rate + benefits + % sales.

  • . Chinese economic transition and international marketing strategy.
  • . Labor relations in China's socialist market economy : adapting to the global market.
  • . Perkins 332.10951 C518, B218, 2003 Chen, Jianxun, 1933- The evolution of the stock market in China's transitional economy.

    Contributed Papers
  • . Ahmadi-Esfahani Testing the LOOP in the Chinese Wholesale Food Markets Yes Andrew Alford (first time presenter) A.R Alford, G.R.
  • . Connor and Melissa Bright Which Market Based Instrument Approaches to Natural Resource Management? Yes David Cook David Cook Devising a Method of 'Expected Damage' Estimation for an Polyphagous Invertebrate Pest Exotic to Western Australia.
  • . A Comparison of Wheat Futures Markets: US versus China.
  • . A Comparison of Wheat Futures Markets: US versus China.

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    1997 AAS Abstracts, Cina and Inner Asia Table of Contents
  • . Briller Women and National Politics in Post-Socialist Mongolia, Christopher Kaplonski Who Are Mongolia's Entrepreneurs? What Determines Success in a Post-Socialist Economy, Alicia Campi What Can A Woman Do? Expert Knowledges About Women and Female Labor in Reform-era Beijing, Vera Leigh Fennell Local Administrative Identities in the Transition from Plan to Market Stephen B.
  • . Phillips The Export Performance of Township-Village Enterprises: An Examination of Regional and Industrial Variations, Mita Aggarwal Co-growth of State and Non-State Sectors in China: A Case of Industrialization Big Push, Wei Li Structural Change in China's Labor Markets: Evidence from the Gender-Wage Gap 1988-1994, Margaret Maurer-Fazio The Impact of Mercantilism on the Evolution of Firms and Government Institutions: A Lesson for China or an Opportunity Lost?, J.

  • . Highly on their business, merchandise markets and the central of the nearby areas.
  • . The total participants in mutual market were 124 people.
  • . Bigger super market were Wen-Wu, Chao-Lin, Chang-Hun, San-How and Da-Chia town hall employees shop.
  • . In the coastal area, participate with the general planning to set up touring fish market and leisure fishery develop of the Sun-Po fishing port to be able to increase the incomes of the fishery.
  • . Furthermore for marketing more well.
  • . Water conserver facilities, production facilities and marketing process facilities into action actively .
  • . Improving coastal public facilities include building supply facilities for supplying water, GAS and ice, shipyard, fishermen leisure and service activities, holiday fish markets, marine products exhibition hall facilities.
  • . There were 3 markets in this town presently, the third retail market is closed for a while.
  • . Then reorganize the old markets and strengthen in consoling and managing the nearby venders to correct the orders of business management only.

  • . International financial markets continue developing and being integrated.
  • . It is necessary to adjust the related regulations including Futures Transaction Law, Banking Law, Financing Corporation Law, etc., and the related plan including deregulating holding foreign exchange and absorbing foreign capital into domestic financial market.
  • . The basic courses include general management, quantity and mathematics, and financial markets.