Western Risk Managment Library Market Risk Frame - Value Added and Niche Marketing

  • . Value Added and Niche Marketing Mark Gaskill, University of California, September 1997 Presentation outline of speech presented at the Risk Management Education Summit in Kansas City, Missouri on September 16 & 17, 1997.
  • . One such alternative available to producers is niche marketing.
  • . Deborah Young, Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, 1995 One popular marketing option which allows farmers to receive a higher return for their crops is direct marketing.
  • . Instead of paying packers, shippers and brokers to market their crops, direct marketing allows farmers to sell directly to consumers.
  • . Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, 1995 Handbook on direct marketing topics, including Characteristics of Direct Marketing Alternatives, Direct Farm Marketing Options, Farmers Markets, Pick-Your-Own Markets: Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables, Roadside Stands, Selling to Restaurants.
  • . Russell Tronstad, Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, 1995 Direct farm marketing has the obvious advantage in that you can increase the value of your product by eliminating or taking over common "middlemen" services.

    Western Risk Managment Library Market Risk Frame - Marketing Plans
  • . Marketing Plans Derrell Peel and Kim Anderson, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service This fact sheet provides a simple framework to reduce the pain and dread when it making marketing decisions.
  • . Chris Bastian, University of Wyoming, 1996 When developing a marketing plan compare your marketing alternatives based on risk, costs and actual price after marketing costs, but also consider your price goals.
  • . Stan Bevers, Mark Waller, Steve Amosson and Dean McCorkle, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, April 1998 Developing a good marketing plan will help you identify and quantify costs, set price goals, determine potential price outlook, examine production and price risk, and develop a strategy for marketing your crop.
  • . Texas Agricultural Extension Service, April 1998 Goals and Objectives: (1) understand the need for developing a marketing plan, (2) understand each component of a marketing plan, (3) develop marketing plans for their own use.
  • . George Flaskerud, National Crop Insurance Services, March 1999 Take time to develop a marketing plan for each crop that will be produced in 1999.

    Farm Marketing - AgEBB
  • Data from Pork Checkoff Marketline Data from Pork Checkoff Marketline June 16, 2006 Friday LIVE HOG PRICES CHANGE PRACTICAL TOP Peoria S $ 53.00 PRIOR DAY PURCHASED Greenville N/A $ N/A Price per cwt.

    Marketing :: Case Western Reserve University
  • CASE.EDU: | MARKETING | SEARCH WEATHERHEAD: RELATED SITES: Market institutions, innovations and evolution Description: In the study of market institutions, innovations and evolution, the marketing faculty is active in pursuing problems relating to the evolution of marketing institutions, the shaping and reconfiguring of exchange markets by innovations, technology, communication systems, and demographics, and the “management” of markets by collectives of firms and consumers.
  • . Key Contributions: , “Actualizing Innovation Effort: The Impact of Market Knowledge Diffusion in a Dynamic System of Competition, ” Journal of Marketing, 68 (July), 1-20.
  • . , “A Dynamic Model of Managerial Market Knowledge Evolution, ” working paper.
  • . , “From Dynamic Micro-Level Process to Macro-Level Change:Individual Knowledge Evolution and Strategic Reorientation in Turbulent Markets, ” working paper.
  • . Porac, “Socio-cognitive Processes and Their Influence on Category Dynamics in Mature Markets, ” under review, Journal of Business Research.


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    Marketing :: Case Western Reserve University
  • CASE.EDU: | MARKETING | SEARCH WEATHERHEAD: RELATED SITES: Marketing Course Listing This course covers key concepts and practices of marketing with emphasis on analysis and development of integrated marketing plans and programs that create customer value and competitive advantage in the world-wide marketplace.
  • . This course will introduce students to marketing research, its applications to managerial decision-making and emphasizeresearch as an aid to problem solving in marketing management.
  • . Students will go through the steps of conducting marketing research, which include problem definition, research design (exploratory, descriptive and causal), data collection methods, questionnaire design, attitude measurement, samplingand data analysis.
  • . The course will be based on lecture, discussion, individual problem solving analytical assignments, case analyses, and a semester-long team-based marketing research project.
  • . Drawing on psychology and sociology it examines a wide variety of topics including motivation, attribution, decision-making, reference group influence, and information processing with anemphasis on the practical application of these theories into actionable marketing strategies.

    Resources by Subject - Marketing
  • Marketing The Research Process : This guide presents major sources of information available from Western Libraries, and on the Internet, about this subject.
  • . This section lists resources that provide access to reports that are primarily oriented to data about current market research for global, regional or country markets.
  • . Volume 4 of this set is the Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marketing .
  • . This is an excellent introduction to marketing practices.
  • . This search in Western Libraries' Catalogue lists marketing encyclopedias and dictionaries held by Western Libraries.
  • . This search in Western Libraries' Catalogue lists marketing handbooks and manuals held by Western Libraries.
  • . This dictionary provides a mix of short definitions and articles, with some bibliographic references, for marketing terms and concepts.
  • . This search in Western Libaries' Catalogue finds bibliographies that list articles and literature about marketing.
  • . Produced by The World Advertising Research Center (WARC), Market Research Abstracts provides 5 years of searchable archives of world advertising and marketing news.

    Marketing Resources - Business Library
  • Market Research Market Research reports are typically produced by commercial market research firms for corporate clients.

    Euromonitor International: Global market research on industries, countries and consumers
  • Euromonitor International offers quality international market intelligence on industries, countries and consumers.
  • . We have more than 30 years of experience publishing market reports, business reference books, online information systems and bespoke consulting projects.
  • . Sugar-free confectionery goes mainstream Sugar-free confectionery is outperforming the sales growth of the total confectionery market, thanks to the development of new sweeteners and the backing of major brands, according to a new report from Euromonitor International – “Health and Wellness Food in the US”.
  • . The global appeal of the game has encouraged multinationals to develop marketing strategies that connect their brands with FIFA 2006.
  • . Though the tournament itself lasts only a month, the extended build-up period gives marketers a longer window of opportunity to deliver increased sales and to capture share.

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    Rangelands of the Western U.S.: Economic and Social Sciences: Marketing Information
  • > > Marketing Information Marketing Information Selected region only? or include regional resources? 21 resources, listed in alphabetical order by title.
  • . - @griculture Online claims to be the "Voice of the People on the Land." This is their page of marketing information.
  • . [Western Region] - A commercial enterprise located in Texas which advertises itself as the place to get the latest in agricultural markets, news, and the latest industry information.
  • . [Western Region] - Provides current, unbiased price and sales information to assist in the orderly marketing and distribution of farm commodities.
  • . [Western Region] - Specializes in creating custom marketing solutions for livestock producers and agribusinesses.
  • . [Western Region] - Up to the minute market news.
  • . [Western Region] - Marketing cattle begins with an understanding of the factors affecting the price, knowing the cattle and the market.

    Midwest Independent System Operator, Closed Circuit newsletter, Oct. 24, 2003, Western Area Power Administration
  • Western joins MISO market testing Western joins MISO market testing When the moves forward with its Midwest Market Initiative, Western staff in UGP's Power Marketing and Watertown Operations Offices will roll up their sleeves to take part in upcoming market tests.
  • . The Market Initiative is MISO's plan to prepare and launch its wholesale energy market in the Midwest.
  • . The market is part of MISO's transition to performing all the functions of a regional transmission organization, or .
  • . "To be able to buy and sell energy and serve our firm customers located within the MISO footprint, we need to become a MISO market participant, " he added.
  • . "And part of the preparation for this new market is to take part in MISO's upcoming market tests." The tests, originally planned to begin in November, were just last week to allow the regional transmission organization time to focus on reliability enhancements.
  • . The testing is organized into four phases: Control area interface testing Market participant interface testing "Day in the life" testing Real-time market trials "Taking part in MISO's Market Initiative doesn't mean Western has joined MISO, " he explained.

    Marketing Forum - Tourism Western Australia
  • | Saturday 17 June 2006 | 4:37 PM > > > > Marketing Forum Marketing Forum On Friday 2 December 2005, Tourism Western Australia invited industry to attend an informative marketing forum held at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.
  • . This forum offered tourism operators and key stakeholders an opportunity to meet and interact with members of Tourism WA’s marketing divisions including managers from all remote offices.
  • . The forum was organised to provide insight into the current market climate and the activities of the various marketplaces.
  • . For market profiles .

    Korea - Tourism Western Australia
  • | Saturday 17 June 2006 | 4:37 PM > > > Korea Korea South Korea is a strong growth market and is key trade partner for Western Australia.
  • . The WA market share has traditionally been very low at less than 3% (5, 100 12 months to June 2005).
  • . There is high internet penetration in this market, making this tool a highly valuable marketing and communications strategy.
  • . Tourism WA became active in market for the first time in 05/06.
  • . Segmentation for the South Korean market is yet to be undertaken.
  • . Planned Marketing Activities for 2005/2006 Year Round Consumer Brochure Western Australia - The Big Picture Tourism Western Australia will be producing a consumer motivational brochure for the South Korean market.
  • . Local Industry Participation: No 4th Quarter (April - June, 2006) Online Marketing Campaign: May to June, 2006 The will be designed to increase awareness and commence building a database of prospective Korean travel consumers.
  • . The campaign will employ a variety of online media to promote Western Australia, including travel portals, email marketing and search promotions.


    Marketing professionals - What’s their market?

  • Search | Managing Pay for Sales Professionals 2006 Knowledge Center Date: 2 May 2006 Managing Pay for Sales Professionals US$840 Mercer’s 2006 Managing Pay for Sales Professionals report includes data and analysis on worldwide salary information for marketing professionals.
  • . The report provides information on the annual base salary, annual guaranteed cash, annual total cash, and annual total remuneration of general industry employees within the sales and marketing area.
  • . Packages for top level managers The United States is the top paying country for the Head of Sales & Marketing at both the annual base salary and annual total cash compensation levels.
  • . Switzerland provides top salaries for the Marketing Manager level, but falls to 5th and 8th position respectively in the rankings for a Head of Sales & Marketing for annual total remuneration and annual base pay.
  • . United Kingdom pays more than most countries for a Head of Sales & Marketing, but falls to 10th rank for annual base pay for a Marketing Manager position.

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  • . Work closely with the Products and Services Development Team to provide market intelligence on ongoing product and service development.

    Working Paper No. 39 - C I N T R A F O R
  • C I N T R A F O R Working Paper Abstract   Marketing Strategies of Western North American Sawmills Juha S.
  • . The main purpose of this study is to provide information regarding the marketing strategies employed by Western North American sawmills.
  • . The results of this study will aid strategic planning in the Western North American lumber industry, and its purpose will be achieved by describing the marketing strategies used in the Western North American lumber industry and by comparing and contrasting the marketing strategies employed by U.S.
  • . RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The theoretical background for this research is based on extensive research work reported by several authors in the area of strategic planning and marketing strategies.
  • . The concept of marketing strategy, especially that used in operationalization, has its theoretical and methodological base in the work by professor H.
  • . Juslin at the Department of Forest Products Marketing in University of Helsinki in Finland.

    Higher Education Center: Social Norming at Western Washington University
  • Search this site powered by Google Project WE CAN: Social Norms Marketing at Western Washington University Project WE CAN is a comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention program with the aim of reducing misperceptions of alcohol and drug use norms held by all groups on campus and in the surrounding community.
  • . Develop, market test, and publish two advertisements per week in the campus newspaper.
  • . Using feedback from focus groups over the course of the social norms marketing campaign at Western, the slogan has evolved as follows: 1997: Most (66%) of Western students drink 4 or fewer drinks when they party.
  • . Develop, market test, and implement neighborhood "door-knocker" campaign, utilizing student-designed social-norms marketing materials to inform students and community residents in neighborhoods surrounding the university of actual campus drinking norms.
  • . Develop, market test, and distribute to faculty and staff a specially designed research paper on the relationship between WWU drinking norms and academic progress of students.

    Western Video Market News
  • . JOINS WESTERN VIDEO MARKET Stockman Oklahoma, an auction company with facilities in Oklahoma City and Apache, Oklahoma, has joined forces with Western Video Market to market cattle via satellite.
  • . Stockman Oklahoma's entry extends Western Video Market's satellite cattle services into a wide territory in the Southwest as Stockman will be representing cattle in Oklahoma, north Texas, Kansas and southwest Arkansas.
  • . For more information on Stockman Oklahoma, please visit their web site: OR E-Mail: Western Video Market to Hold Satellite Cattle Sale in Elko September 20th Auction to be Broadcast from Nebraska & Nevada Two years ago, Western Video Market held the first-ever satellite cattle auction from two different locations on the same day.
  • . Ranch, Land & Real Estate Auctions on satellite and Internet Next e -Auction: June 13-14, 2005 Next Live Auction: July 13th, 2005 Go to for results & more info Satellite Auctions to be Broadcast on DISH Network REGISTER NOW to watch on DISH Channel 9612 Western Video Market cattle auctions will now be viewable on a "private" channel on your DISH Network system.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter