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  • . Asia's "supermarket revolution" creates risks and opportunities Farmers and supermarkets in Asia The squeeze on farmers' profit margins is likely to tighten as supermarket chains become as concerned with safety and quality as they now are with cost...
  • . He points out that little large-scale research has been done on the impact of supermarket development on Asian farmers' incomes, and many policymakers are "ill-equipped to help farmers make informed decisions about their eventual fate in the marketplace." "Wet markets".
  • . Marketing of this fresh produce involves many vertical linkages: a large number of farmers sell their output to a relatively small number of traders who supply wholesale markets which, in turn, supply retail (or "wet") markets and other outlets.
  • . But that traditional way of doing business is changing: rapid economic growth, increasing urbanization and accelerated integration into the world economy has led to a surge in the number of supermarkets and hypermarkets across developing Asia.

  • . In this paper, we provide an insight into the retail marketing system for vegetables and the actors in Hanoi at the time when supermarkets first started to expand.
  • . While supermarkets have arrived in Vietnam, their share of the total food retail turnover is still rather limited, especially for fresh vegetables.
  • . The most important retail system for vegetables is the 12, 000 traditional retailers in the wet markets and street vendors.
  • . Based on surveys carried out in 2003, we analyse the characteristics of different types of wet markets and retailers in both urban and peri-urban areas.
  • . We discuss how the current retail system is likely to change because of the rise of supermarkets and what the impact on actors will be.

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  • . It was overwhelming, numbing, yet exciting, and so alive! Not Helpful 1 2 3 4 5 Very Helpful Wet Markets: We didn't really know where ...

    Wet your whistle with Beefeater
  • Breaking News on Food Marketing and Retailing Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter News Headlines Products & Marketing > > | Wet your whistle with Beefeater Related News News Archives 04/12/2002 - The drinks world has been inundated with new products over the last few years, nowhere more so than in the flavoured vodka market.
  • . But what of gin, the perennial underachiever of the white spirits category and a product, which in some markets at least, has a somewhat stuffier image than its more youth-orientated rivals, vodka and tequila? Well, it too is about to get its own ‘flavoured' variant with the launch later today of a new product, Wet by Beefeater, in the US market.
  • . The US is one of the main markets for the flagship Beefeater brand, but like all ‘standard' gins, it has struggled to lift sales there in recent years.
  • . The company was cagy about future plans for Wet in terms of distribution in other countries or the development of other flavour variants, although it did say that it would surprising if Wet by Beefeater were not to found in markets in Europe and Asia by the end of next year.

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    Market Reports - Wet corn milling: State Market Index
  • Breaking News on Food Marketing and Retailing Free Newsletter Search   since News Headlines All news articles Products & Markets Business Tools Free Newsletter Market Reports 'Wet corn milling: State Market Index'...

    News Release - July 17, 2000: Marketing Florida Agriculture
  • . Trade with China will help relieve Florida’s domestic markets of over supply of citrus, while providing much-needed fruit to the Chinese people.
  • . China’s citrus-producing areas provide primarily Mandarin oranges and pomelos to their markets.
  • . Phytosanitary certification is not just a requirement of China, but also of Japan and many other markets.

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  • . Chu Tel: 2729-6828 Address: 757 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon Promotion of Accredited and Organic Produce Date Time Venue Promotion Material 16 June 2006 10:30am -12:00 pm Ngau Tau Kok Market Free distribution of promotion leaflets and the introduction of the VMO Accredited Produce VMO Local Organic Vegetables have new sales outlet at selected wet markets in Hong Kong Start from 9 July 2004, the public can purchase local organic vegetables at selected wet markets in Hong Kong.

  • Pork Checkoff Accomplishments Ag media travel to Asian markets Pork is the most consumed meat worldwide.
  • . "The ag journalists took home a better understanding of the Pork Checkoff’s role in developing foreign markets, " said Cindy Cunningham, assistant vice president of communications for the Pork Checkoff, who traveled with the group.
  • . " The goal of this Pork Checkoff-funded trip was to allow the reporters to see, first-hand, the opportunities and challenges in key Asian markets.
  • . The second part of the trip focused on the much less developed, but potentially larger markets of Hong Kong and China.
  • . Marlys Miller, editor of PORK magazine said the wet markets in China were "certainly dramatic" to an American.
  • . marketplace, the Asian markets are the next great frontier for U.S.
  • . pork markets firsthand, Cunningham said.

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    Opinions on prediction markets - 2006 - May
  • . And when they interact with me, they ask me the hard questions about the usefulness of prediction markets.
  • . - [corporate conditional prediction markets] - Do you have marketing data suggesting that play-money or real-money traders would be interested in these topics? No liquidity, no trader satisfaction, and no predictions.
  • . The predictive power of the prediction markets is an offspring of their liquidity.
  • . ] - by Todd Henderson - In a forthcoming paper, Michael Abramowicz, a law professor at George Washington, and I explore how these [corporate prediction] markets may help solve a number of corporate law problems.
  • . If further experimentation shows the technology to be reliable, prediction markets could serve as an alternative or complement to shareholder voting as a means of disciplining corporate boards and managers.
  • . Appropriately designed prediction markets may also serve as a weak substitute for insider trading, producing an alternative avenue for insiders to profit on and thus reveal inside information, without creating an unlevel playing field in the market for a firm’s securities.

    Wet'n'Wild Water World : Education
  • . The key markets are Queensland, particularly the South East corner, New South Wales and Victoria.
  • . Internationally, the key markets are New Zealand, United Kingdom plus various Asian and European countries.
  • . Advertising mediums used to reach our target markets include television, video, cinema, radio, print, collateral and brochures, billboards and the Internet.
  • . An extensive sales, publicity and promotions program, in both the domestic and international markets complements this activity.
  • . Our Publicity and Promotions team liaise with media encouraging extensive positive coverage within the domestic and international markets.

    A splash or all wet? InfiniBand and the server market - Connectivity Computer Technology Review - FindArticles
  • . That meant that adopting InfiniBand to the data center would mean establishing a niche within the niche, as well as expanding opportunities in mid-tier and lower end server markets without pricing itself out of these price-sensitive markets.

    Hong Kong continues its love affair with U.S. fruits and vegetables AgExporter - FindArticles
  • . export markets for oranges, apples, grapes, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, peppers and onions.
  • . Distribution System Has Many Layers Advertisement As with many markets in Asia, the market structure in Hong Kong is composed of many players at all levels of distribution.
  • . Two fruit wholesale markets exist, one in Kowloon and one on Hong Kong island.
  • . These markets are old and traditional, housing many small, individual wholesalers and importers/wholesalers.
  • . Wholesalers sell to all levels of the retail market: wet markets, supermarkets, restaurants, fast-food chains and directly to consumers.
  • . Wet markets in Hong Kong play an important role in distributing fresh produce.
  • . Today, about 90 percent of all fresh produce is sold in the wet markets and about 10 percent in supermarkets.
  • . Hong Kong has over 1, 500 wet markets and food stalls.


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  • . At HBD VC I was involved in market analysis and looking at the feasibility of those markets for possible investments.

    Penn State Field Crop News
  • . Recalling the impact even a slight price difference will make to our net revenue may encourage us to spend some energy on keeping track of what markets are trying to tell us even in busier times.
  • . With more and more investor and speculator money chasing the agriculture futures markets it can seem there is no fundamental reasoning behind current market conditions.
  • . When markets are dominated by non-users and their perspectives on expected demand, expected yield, expected policy and especially expected weather — look out.
  • . Local (PA) markets report to a PDA staffer once a week.
  • . In the midst of this busy planting season don’t forget about taking a look at the grain markets every few days and consider forward contracting some grain.  It may be the most profitable few minutes of the day and by harvest time you might be glad you took the time.

    LFWM: Can smallholder farmers in Asia survive supermarkets?
  • Bulletins Search Enter search terms above News Upcoming meetings Can smallholder farmers in Asia survive supermarkets? Supermarkets in Asia are capturing increasing shares of retail fresh produce markets, encroaching on the traditional outlets used by smallholder farmers of fruit and vegetables.
  • . Supermarkets make new demands on farmers in terms of ‘quality’ and size and continuity of supply.
  • . At the simplest level, there are currently two types of markets for fresh produce: traditional markets comprised of local stores and wholesalers, and supermarkets, the latter growing in importance in Asia as urbanisation increases and incomes grow.
  • . In some countries, governments have aided the growth of supermarkets by regulating against local wet markets on health and safety grounds, despite the perception of many consumers that such markets supply fresher and often cheaper produce.
  • . It is difficult to determine how much of the total fresh produce demand supermarkets are satisfying, mainly because of a lack of statistics on traditional market throughputs, but some assessments have been made.

    CORN REFINERS ASSOCIATION - NEWS - Statement on Transgenic Grain Marketing
  • . corn refiners support and encourage widespread educational efforts on acceptable markets for the harvested grain from the varieties that have not received EU approval.
  • . These markets account for the vast majority of the corn market in the United States.
  • . This has caused a loss of some markets for U.S.
  • . Alternative markets for this grain include other farmers with on-farm feeding operations, feed compounders who serve the domestic market or processors whose end product is only sold domestically.
  • . We appreciate your assistance in enabling our members to maintain valuable European markets for processed grain products and assisting producers in effective marketing of their corn crop.

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