Natural Touch® and Wild Oats Help Support American Forests' Local Reforestation Efforts

  • . Cole Middle School, Natural Touch® Veggie Foods and Wild Oats Markets announced a joint donation to American Forests to assist with local reforestation efforts.
  • . Proceeds raised from consumer purchases of Natural Touch® products at participating Wild Oats Markets during the period of September 6-12 helped to fund the donation to American Forests, a national nonprofit organization that works closely with the USDA Forest Service and local officials on ecological restoration of fire-damaged forests.
  • . "This year's wildfires in the western United States were the largest and most destructive in modern history, destroying nearly seven million trees by October 1, " said Linda Freybler, director of marketing for Natural Touch®.
  • . We're honored to have partnered with Wild Oats Markets to make this donation possible." American Forests' Wildfire ReLeaf campaign is an ecosystem restoration and tree planting initiative designed to plant millions of trees in environmentally sensitive areas scorched by recent wildfires.

    'Alternative' Media Quietly Sells Out to Whole Foods Market | Whole Foods Workers Unite!
  • . Syndicate 'Alternative' Media Quietly Sells Out to Whole Foods Market By Mark T.
  • . In July 2002, employees at the Whole Foods Market in Madison, Wisconsin, made history when they voted to become the first unionized store at the natural foods mega-chain.
  • . By going public with his decision, inviting readers to share their opinion, Williams thus transformed a business decision into a two-month exercise in self-congratulatory editorializing (i.e., marketing) of Dragonfly as a uniquely distinguished media pioneer, determined to demonstrate that business success and a commitment to “values, transparency, and integrity" can indeed coexist in the media business.
  • . "It was only then that Conscious Choice's marketing director Roni Ambrister responded, and then it was an immediate response, " says Rasmussen.
  • . Apparently, the commercial alternative press, "cause-directed" marketing notwithstanding, is not any more capable of doing what it criticizes the mainstream media for not doing—separating its editorial message from unspoken limits imposed by wealthy advertisers.

    Brand Packaging: The only publication focused on the marketing impact of packaging; by Stagnito Communications, Inc.
  • . A new breed of marketing is zeroing in on consumer values.
  • . Walker Smith, co-author of Coming to Concurrence: Addressable Attitudes and the New Model for Marketing Productivity , and president of Yankelovich Partners, a marketing research and consulting firm.
  • . “Before, in mass markets, you could pick one tool and hit your target, easy, ” says Robbie Blinkoff, principal anthropologist and managing partner of Context-Based Research Group in Baltimore.
  • . “Now it’s not a mass market.” When it gets down to why people buy one thing over another, “you’re getting down to the values.” The emphasis on values “really does talk to our customers and makes them more loyal to the brand, ” says Kristi Estes, communications manager for Wild Oats Natural Marketplace.
  • . Age, income, marital status and other measures “allow you to make some, hopefully, valid generalizations on the marketplace, ” says Steve Weiss, co-author of The Consistent Consumer: Predicting Future Behavior Through Lasting Values and director of research for Near Bridge Inc., an Ariz.-based cultural research firm.

    Food Product Design: Design Elements - February 2004 - Meals in Minutes
  • . One need only look at the $1.4 billion rotisserie-chicken take-out market or the $2 billion bagged-salad market to see the popularity of this category.
  • . Betty Hogan, director, new product marketing, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Chicago, says this product adds convenience for consumers.
  • . Bacon is now shelved in the produce section, a clever marketing trick that links it to the makings of BLT sandwiches.
  • . Karen Boillot, director of retail marketing, National Pork Board, sees a lot more pork used in value-added and further-prepared cuts.
  • . All of those kinds of things are starting to swirl around." Vegetarian considerations Another trend that often combines ethics and eating, the vegetarian market is formidable and growing rapidly.
  • . Excluding traditional vegetarian foods like produce, rice or pasta, Mintel Consumer Intelligence, Chicago, estimated the 2002 market for vegetarian foods to be $1.5 billion.
  • . This market, which includes products that replace meat or other animal products, is expected to nearly double by 2006 to $2.8 billion.


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    Tidal Creek Triples Its Size
  • From #107, July-August 2003 New Co-op Market Finds Success in Boulder B Y S T E V E P H I L L I P S Community members in Boulder, Colorado formed a small group in November 1999 with the intention of opening a natural foods co-op.
  • . Dedication to the ideal eventually turned our dream into a reality when the Boulder Co-op Market opened in October 2002.
  • . The new Colorado cooperative is located in one of the hottest and most competitive natural food markets anywhere.
  • . Previously I had worked with Frontier Natural Products Co-op for 16 years in marketing and public relations.
  • . Boulder Co-op market has 300 bulk items and an all-organic produce section.
  • . If you have the opportunity, please stop by Boulder Co-op Market, 1904 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302, 303-447-COOP; .
  • . Since the opening of the Boulder Co-op Market, six new cooperative organizations have been spawned in Boulder, including Skillshare (a barter network), Health Maintenance Cooperative (health insurance co-op in the forming stages), a co-op community farm, a childcare cooperative, the Conviviality Cooperative Café (in the forming stages), and the Boulder Cooperative Network (a cooperative of cooperatives including credit unions).

    Compass Natural Marketing: Clients
  • . Lauderdale, FL Third Street Chai, Boulder, CO Unicorn Village Natural Foods Market, N.
  • . Miami Beach, FL Zola Açaí, Manhattan Beach, CA © June 2003– 4 August, 2003 Compass Natural Marketing.
  • . Unless otherwise stated, all text and images contained in this site are the property of Compass Natural Marketing, Boulder, Colorado.

    Cancer Project / Vegan Cooking Classes for Cancer Patients, Long Beach, CA
  • Search: Classes in Long Beach, California Wild Oats Market 6550 E.
  • . To register, call Ashley Kindler, city marketing manager for Wild Oats Market, at 562-598-8687.

    Health Food Stores in the Yahoo! Directory
  • . www.wholefoods.com (Nasdaq:) Nationwide chain of natural and organic foods markets.
  • . www.onaturale.com Multi-level marketing company that sells Chinese herbs, teas and juices, balanced protein foods and bars, and other health products.

  • Benefits

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    Vegetarian Organic Life
  • . But can a hamburger chain really have cornered the market in the use of the words: Healthy Growing Up, or You Deserve a Break Today? - posted by Mike @ _ Excessive television watching and fat-laden fast food menus are working together to make U.S.
  • . - posted by Mike @ _ Madison Avenue was challenged again yesterday over the way it markets food to children, as a new report was released suggesting that advertising contributes to childhood obesity.
  • . - posted by Mike @ _ US natural and organic food retailer Wild Oats Markets has announced that it has removed all products containing hydrogenated oils (trans fats) from the shelves of its 75 Wild Oats stores.
  • . Potato and citrus-grower groups have launched multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns after studies showed demand for their products declining due in part to the low-carbohydrate diet craze.
  • . Now, even as the market for organic products explodes, he is on the verge of losing his livelihood.
  • . - posted by Mike @ _ For an upstart food retailer that aims to provide a local alternative to the traditional supermarket, The Root Cellar is looking more and more like one these days.

    Backgrounder - Capers Community Market
  • Backgrounder THE COMPANY Capers Community Markets opened its first store in 1985 in a former supermarket location at 25th and Marine Drive in West Vancouver with 15 employees.
  • . Very unique to Capers is the direct relationships that produce managers have established with farmers; Capers’ produce managers have built a picked-to-order, fresh-to-shelf system where they partner with farmers, place the order, and the farmer harvests the fresh – often organic – produce for delivery to Capers’ stores that day or the next, essentially providing customers with a seven-day-per-week farmers market.
  • . HISTORY – Serving Greater Vancouver for more than 20 years 1985: Capers opened its first store in a former supermarket on the corner of 25th and Marine Drive in West Vancouver with a staff of 15 employees.
  • . 1996: After a previous merger with Alfalfa’s Markets in 1994, Capers became part of Wild Oats Markets Inc., a chain of natural and organic foods markets based in Boulder, Colorado.

    U.S. Health and Natural Food Market (143491)
  • . Health and Natural Food Market June 1, 2000 200 Pages Pub ID: LA561 DOI: Executive Summary Scope and Methodology The Products Market Definition Attributes of Health and Natural Foods "Organic" Distinguishes Many Products Products Parallel Mass Market The Six Product Categories Size and Growth of the Market Retail Sales Reach $10.7 Billion in 1999 Sales to Reach $22 Billion by 2004 Table 1-1: The U.S.
  • . Market for Health and Natural Foods: Retail Sales, 1995-2004 (Dollars) Sales by Product Category Table 1-2: Share of U.S.
  • . Food Sales by Product Category: Health and Natural Food Market vs.
  • . Retail Sales of Health and Natural Foods, 1995-1999 (dollars) Market Composition Packaged Foods Command Greatest Share Table 3-2: Share of U.S.
  • . Food Sales by Product Category: Health and Natural Food Market vs.
  • . Overall Food Market, 1999 (percent): 6 Product Categories The Top 10 Natural Products Growth from Organic Food Sales Supermarkets the Leading Outlet Health and Natural Product Stores Claim 50% of Sales Natural Food Supermarkets Claim 33% of Sales Table 3-3: Share of U.S.

    U.S. Health and Natural Food Market (143491) - Print Friendly Format
  • . Health and Natural Food Market Packaged Facts - 6/1/2000 - 200 Pages - ID: LA561 URL: Online Download - $1, 787.00 Available online by the slice Abstract This timely update analyzes the rapidly growing health and natural food market, which is projected to surpass $21.0 billion in sales by the year 2004.
  • . The report details current market size and provides growth projections for the six product categories: packaged groceries, bulk groceries, frozen, refrigerated, produce, and perimeter/prepared foods.
  • . The report assesses marketing and new product trends, provides details on products recently introduced, and profiles major players including Hain Food Group, Horizon Organic Dairy, and Small Planet Foods.
  • . Table of Contents Executive Summary Scope and Methodology The Products Market Definition Attributes of Health and Natural Foods "Organic" Distinguishes Many Products Products Parallel Mass Market The Six Product Categories Size and Growth of the Market Retail Sales Reach $10.7 Billion in 1999 Sales to Reach $22 Billion by 2004 Table 1-1: The U.S.


    Laguna Beach California Vegetarian Vegan Restaurants

  • . Wild Oats Natural Marketplace 283 Broadway Street Laguna Beach, California, 92651 Hours: Daily 8 am to 10 pm 949-376-7888 Fax: 949-376-7889 Web site: Natural Food Store and Cafe.
  • . Supermarket-type place.
  • . See Wild Oats Market information.
  • . Zinc Café & Market 350 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach, CA 92651 949-494-6302 Website : / Vegetarian Café.
  • . Market Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 7 am to 6 pm Sunday & Monday 7 am to 5 pm Vegetarian Café & Small Market next door.
  • . The deli-like market next door sells drinks, coffee, baked good and ready-made items.

    Librarians' Internet Index: http://www.lii.org/pub/subtopic/915
  • . From a nut processing and marketing company.
  • . Topics:, , , , , , Last updated Jun 8, 2004 This site from a turkey marketing cooperative provides tips for selecting, thawing, stuffing, roasting, and carving turkeys.
  • . From PCC (Puget Consumers Co-op) Natural Markets.
  • . "Topics covered include: animal husbandry; reproduction (breeding techniques, fertility, hatching, genetics, etc.); housing and care in captivity; diet and nutritional requirements; feeds and feeding; rearing techniques; identification, treatment or prevention of diseases or disorders; farm management; slaughter and processing; markets and marketing; commercial products (feathers, leather, meat, emu oil, decorative eggs); and recipes and nutrient values of meat." From the U.S.
  • . It also lists ratite-related associations, websites, magazines, and books." Covers marketing, regulations, and pasturing.
  • . From Whole Foods Market.

    ICSC Publications SCTMay01
  • CONTENTS May 2001 ON THE COVER RETAILING TODAY DEVELOPMENT & LEASING AROUND THE GLOBE MANAGEMENT & MARKETING INDUSTRY NEWS TECHNOLOGY & E-COMMERCE ICSC NEWS DEPARTMENTS GREENER GIANTS How health food groceries became a billion-dollar business By Edmund Mander As retail trends go, they don’t get much healthier than the one sweeping the supermarket industry.
  • . Health food supermarket chains are not only opening in new markets but are spurring regular supermarkets to offer fare that is more natural.
  • . almost every other supermarket is toying with carrying some form of organic and natural product, ” said Yudi Bahl, a retail analyst with U.S.
  • . “There’s much more mainstream consumer interest in these products.” Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Markets, the country’s only two nationwide natural supermarket chains, can take much of the credit for the trend, as both continue an aggressive expansion into new markets.
  • . “They’ve elevated the entire industry and educated consumers, ” said Ed Aaron, an associate analyst at the Denver office of Tucker Anthony Sutro Capital Markets, a financial services firm.

    UCLA Sustainable Resource Center | Community Resources
  • . Farmers' Markets Vital Zuman Organic Farm 46 year old family farm and cooperative work retreat.
  • . Farm stand hours: Tuesday thru Sunday 12-5 Also appears at local farmer’s markets.
  • . 90265 (310) 457-4356 Los Angeles County Farmer’s Markets Over 50 markets listed Grocery Stores Erewhon Natural Foods Market Organic grocery store with the largest selection of raw and macrobiotic food.
  • . Slauson Los Angeles 90043 (323) 295-1517 Wild Oats Market A full-line grocery store offering organic and natural products created by environmentally and socially friendly companies.
  • . 10000 Culver Blvd Culver city 90232 (310) 838-8442 www.livingreen.com Marketing Clean Agency Marketing Agency with a values based approach and an emphasis on eco-friendly processes.
  • . 2218 Main Street, 2nd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 581-2700 (310) 581-2702 Green Coast Foundation The Green Coast Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to supporting and accelerating the growth of California’s market for clean, renewable energy (“Green Energy”).

    AFFI's Frozen Express
  • . will sign an expanded supply agreement with D'Agostino Supermarkets to include 29 Kings Super Market stores in New York and New Jersey, upon the completion of D'Agostino Supermarkets' acquisition of these stores.
  • . Outback Steakhouse will ramp up its marketing expenditures in the second half of the year as it tries to reverse a same-store sales decline.
  • . Phil Lempert , known as the SupermarketGuru and one of the nation's leading food experts, announced the opening of "Phil's Take Out, " a restaurant quality take-out service that will offer a daily selection of foods, quick service, high quality and affordable prices.
  • . Performance Food Group announced that an ammonia leak in the refrigeration system at its Springfield, MA broadline facility has caused certain physical damage at the facility , reported CBS MarketWatch .
  • . (Free Registration Required) Market News It's a struggle for farmers along California's Central Coast, as low prices force them to sell vegetables at a loss.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter