Digital formats continue to drive the global music market - World Sales 2005

  • ifpi representing the recording industry worldwide URL of this page: ABOUT IFPI , , PRESS & PUBLICATIONS , , ANTI-PIRACY COPYRIGHT & CREATIVITY RECORDING INDUSTRY , SEARCH IFPI - - IFPI NEWS Digital formats continue to drive the global music market - World Sales 2005 Digital sales nearly triple in 2005 to $US 1.1 billion SEE ALSO...
  • . The US, Japan, UK, Germany and France are the top five digital markets.
  • . In general, countries with a greater percentage of digital sales are the strongest markets for music sales overall.
  • . In Japan and parts of continental Europe, mobile dominates the digital music market, while online sales are relatively stronger in markets such as the US, UK and Germany.
  • . Master ringtones are currently the largest segment of the mobile market accounting for 87 per cent of mobile sales.
  • . However, new mobile formats such as full track downloads to mobile and music videos grew faster (180% increase in trade revenues) than master ringtones (120%).Most of the global online market comprises a-la-carte sales and is led by Apple's iTunes.

    Global digital music sales triple to US$1.1 billion in 2005 as new market takes shape
  • ifpi representing the recording industry worldwide URL of this page: ABOUT IFPI , , PRESS & PUBLICATIONS , , ANTI-PIRACY COPYRIGHT & CREATIVITY RECORDING INDUSTRY , SEARCH IFPI - - IFPI NEWS Global digital music sales triple to US$1.1 billion in 2005 as new market takes shape Download London, 19th January, 2006 SEE ALSO...
  • . The findings are released today in IFPI's, a comprehensive review of the development of the digital music market internationally.
  • . In Europe's two biggest digital markets, UK and Germany, indicates more music fans are legally downloading music than illegally file-swapping.
  • . And there will be further significant growth in 2006 as the digital music market continues to take shape.
  • . "Already in the UK and Germany - two of the biggest digital markets worldwide - legal buyers from sites like iTunes, Musicload and MSN actually exceed illegal file-swappers.
  • . "This is great news for the digital music market and the wider digital economy.
  • . It is not enough that they share in the success of the digital music business - they need to take on their share of the responsibilities as well." Shaping the future of the digital market 2005 has seen the new digital market take shape as courts around the world tipped the scales against unauthorised services and the market diversified into new formats and distribution channels.

    iMedia Connection: Marketing Mobile Music
  • | Site Search: FREE NEWSLETTERS iMedia Connection Driving Interactive Entertainment Spot UPCOMING EVENTS iMedia Connection: Brand Summit Date September 10-13, 2006 Location Lake Las Vegas, NV Join the best and brightest in digital marketing at this "must see" Brand Summit, known for its power to move real issues forward.
  • . Emerging Platforms Tools: Marketing Mobile Music May 26, 2006 By John Gauntt eMarketer looks at some factors marketers will face in their campaigns to sell mobile music.
  • . Marketers would do well to experiment during 2006-2007 to anticipate how to best position their efforts as mobile music matures even further.
  • . -- the largest and best-documented digital music market -- reveals that music/video content rank in the middle of the growth rates of various categories such as apparel, home products, consumer electronics, jewelry/luxury goods and books.
  • . This does not mean that music is bigger or smaller as a market, but that the growth rate for buying music online, which is by far the dominant means for accessing mobile music, is in competition for other categories for a share of discretionary income.

    Pandia Search Engine News
  • . Posted on Friday 16 June 2006 Filed under: and | Once Netscape dominated the browser market as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer does today.
  • . Local search has become one of the most important strategic areas for the search engines during the last couple of years, not only because of their search engine competitors, but also because they are slowly conquering the yellow pages market.
  • . Posted on Tuesday 6 June 2006 Filed under: and and | Does the world need a search engine marketing magazine? Pandia has the answer.


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    Sony Music USA
  • . Recruitment & Placement 550 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022-3211 Email: (plain text resumes/cover letters only) Check out the new College Representatives Program: Sony BMG Music currently has positions available as College Marketing Representatives.
  • . College Marketing Reps play an integral part in the development of Sony BMG Music's breakthrough artists.
  • . Among the myriad of functions and responsibilities, College Reps organize club nights and listening parties, they also interact closely with record stores and life style accounts (skate shops, coffee shops, clothing stores) in their markets.
  • . The College Rep position is a great way to learn about the music business, gain marketing experience and get your foot in the door of one of the worlds leading entertainment companies.
  • . So, if you live in one of our open markets and meet the requirements below, send us a brief descriptive essay about you and why you want to work in the music industry.
  • . Internships are available in many areas including: Accounting, MIS, Marketing, A&R, Promotions, Sales, Publicity, Business Affairs, Publishing and Sony Studios.

    World music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . More specifically, the term is currently used to classify and market recordings of the many genres of non-western music which were previously described as "" or "ethnic music".
  • . The term became current in the 1980s as a marketing/classificatory device in the media and the music industry, and it is generally used to classify any kind of "foreign" (i.e.
  • . The concurrent introduction of the audio disc format, which could hold as much as thirty minutes of continuous music per side, allowed many such "folk music" recordings to be released into the consumer market for the first time.
  • . It is undeniable that the various genres of African-American music have, collectively, exerted a greater influence over the development and direction of Western mass-market popular recorded music than any other force.
  • . Alongside the emergence of jazz, beginning around 1915, reached the mainstream pop market in the United States.
  • . (See and for more information about Solomon Linda and the "Wimoweh" story) The early Sixties: Folk meets Pop After World War II a small but growing market developed for Western folk music and recordings of non-Western music, and this was supplied by specialist record labels such as, and in the USA and, later, in Switzerland.

    Universal Music Group
  • OVERVIEW UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP Universal Music Group (UMG) leads the music industry in global sales with an estimated worldwide market share in 2005 of 25.6%.
  • . Its global operations encompass the development, marketing, sales and distribution of recorded music through a network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and licensees in 75 countries, representing approximately 98% of the music market.
  • . UMG is the #1 company in countries which together represent more than 50% of the global music market sales, including the U.S.
  • . Universal Music Classics Group UMG is the market leader in today’s highly competitive classical music market, with more than 40% of world sales in this genre.
  • . The Universal Music Classics Group labels include the world’s longest-standing recording company and market leader Deutsche Grammophon; the legendary Decca Records, which owns and controls the greatest opera catalog in the world; and Philips Classics.
  • . catalog and special markets entity for UMG.

    The Long Tail
  • . Nathanial Talbott, in a long meditation on software that goes from rails (iron variety) to Rails (the programming language), makes an interesting analogy: "The transcontinental railroad was to the real estate of inland America as iTunes is to the music marketplace of today.
  • . The offering will succeed at the lower end of the market, but won't completely ruin the party for high-end vendors." Edward Jay Epstein writes in Slate on the economics of shifting movies TV and movies from broadcast and theatrical distribution to downloading: "The real issue for the studios is how they can dig into this potential gold mine without undermining their existing revenue streams.
  • . Since the 1980s, the studios have managed their revenue by employing a system of "windows" to release their products to different markets....
  • . While the system delivers favorite mainstream content, it can also provide files that constitute small niche markets which only in the aggregate can generate large revenues." Paid Content points us to the AIM IPO filing for Opus Media, a London-based online movie company that runs the Indian movie portal

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    CMA Student Awards Marketing Case: Canadian Marketing Association
  • Marketing Case Cooltracks Inc. Background: You have been retained as the Strategic Marketing Consultants for Cooltracks Inc.
  • . Although the Canadian digital music market is less developed relative to the U.S.
  • . and Europe, the Canadian market is projected to grow to approximately $164 million (15% of total music market) by 2007 vs.
  • . The two biggest players in the music download industry, iTunes and Puretracks, have a combined market share of 60%.
  • . To date, the only marketing vehicle Cooltracks uses to drive traffic to their website is an online weekly newsletter sent to 175, 000 people who have opted in to receive it.
  • . While they have access to insights from their data, they have not leveraged it for marketing purposes to generate incremental revenue.
  • . The major increase in sales needs to come from direct marketing activities of some sort.
  • . You decide how to leverage your budget, channels, marketing vehicles and target audience to generate the most effective lift and the greatest growth in sales.

    Ziff Davis Media : Press Release
  • Press Area > Press Release > > > > DigitalLife and CMJ Music Marathon Announce Joint Marketing Initiatives NEW YORK, August 16, 2004 — Ziff Davis Media and CMJ Network Inc.
  • . announced today a co-marketing agreement to draw thousands of consumers and music enthusiasts to the company's respective events, DigitalLife and CMJ Music Marathon.
  • . "The digital music market is growing by leaps and bounds, and will be showcased prominently at DigitalLife, " said Jim Hasl, Vice President, Ziff Davis Event Marketing Group.
  • . CMJ Music Marathon's partnership with DigitalLife comes at a watershed moment in the music space; we are thrilled with the opportunities this collaboration offers." The two companies will engage in joint online and print marketing efforts to promote the benefits of both events.
  • . CMJ Network will promote consumer electronics and digital technology via its own marketing campaign, including sales literature, direct marketing and website promotion.

    Macworld: News: Creative declares marketing 'war' against iPod
  • SEARCH Also on Top Stories MacCentral News Feed News Archive November 17, 2004 7:10 am ET MacCentral Creative declares marketing 'war' against iPod By Peter Cohen Chief Executive Officer Sim Wong Hoo told reporters in Singapore his company plans to spend US$100 million in 2005 in a marketing war aimed squarely at Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.
  • . Despite that, Creative has suffered as Apple has taken a larger chunk of the digital music market with its iPod and iPod mini devices.
  • . "I'm planning to spend some serious money -- I intend to out-market everyone, " said Sim.

    Music Marketing in the Digital Era - Research and Markets - Market Research Reports
  • . Select a currency for use throughout the site Viewing report Music Marketing in the Digital Era Generator Research Limited, May 2006, Pages: 17 Description New Tools and Techniques.
  • . But is that all a wannabe act needs to do? Will a page on MySpace ensure you get discovered and signed? And does a talented act even need a record deal anymore? Drawing upon interviews with a range of executives who are centrally involved in using digital channels to promote performers and their music, complemented with our own strategic analysis and music marketing frameworks, this report goes back to basics to address the fundamental issues that allow these questions to be answered.
  • . Will music marketing join distribution as another 'core' label function that becomes digitised? Customers who bought this item also bought All rights reserved.


    Press Room - Marketing Data

  • . recording industry accounts for fully one-third of that world market.
  • . The Recording Industry Association of America is the premiere source for comprehensive market data on music trends in America.
  • . The association compiles, analyzes and reports on the quantity and value of recorded music (all formats) shipped into all market channels.
  • . Publicly available research is contained within this Market Data section.

    Gaylord Eyes Untapped Hispanic Market - Company Business and Marketing Cable World - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Gaylord Eyes Untapped Hispanic Market - Company Business and Marketing , by Industry experts predict the Hispanic market will generate $500 billion within a few years.
  • . Wilson said Video Rola's target market includes regions and cities that hold the most popular radio stations programmed with Mexican music, including Southern California, Texas, Chicago and Portland, Ore.

    Embassy records: covering the market, marketing the cover Popular Music and Society - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Embassy records: covering the market, marketing the cover , by To relate the history of the Woolworths-owned Embassy records label is to simultaneously chart the history of the emergence and development of an authentic popular music in Britain. @CallCenter