Mr. ChaTTY

Mr. ChaTTY is a POSIX compliant CLI chat to talk via UNIX terminals through LANs and WANs. It's a client/server based application, it's written in ANSI C and uses BSD sockets for network communications.

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VarioScript is a Bash shell script that provides, thru a friendly text menu, a quick interface to the command line to help users to do the most common multimedia tasks like CD burning, music/video ripping and encoding, file/devices handling, and much more.

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Zambro Web Browser

Zambro is a simple and light web browser, written in Java 5 and using the Swing framework. It encounters many features, where the most important are: remote and local browsing, bookmarks support (where bookmarks can be exported in a HTML document), HTML code viewer/editor, search on the web (using the most famous search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search), minimalistic back/forward memory for visited sites' history, hideable panels, and per-user customizable settings. Other features could be easily added.

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Gestore di aste (in italian)

This is an exercise for the Operating Systems course at the University. It uses the most common UNIX system calls and the POSIX IPC like shared memory segments, message queues, signals and semaphores. Tested on GNU/Linux and Sun Solaris.



JEmuX attempts to be a simulation of a common UNIX environment that runs as a normal Java application. It's contains the login procedure and some base commands. It is absolutely incomplete and no more maintained, I made it years ago while I was learning Java, so... it completely sucks. But give it a try anyway!



Convert any kind of file into a binary digits sequence!



This program illustrates the Collatz's sequences issue.



d1s4st3r's direct raw copy program.



This program illustrates the decandence of the numbers.



This is my first attempt in writing a program in obfuscated C code.



Pews stands for "Personal Web Server" and is a very tiny web server (just one file!) written in C. It's very minimal but... it works!



This program prints, for each integer number between 0 and 255 included, the binary reversed one (eg: 00001001 (= 9) ---> 10010000 (= 144)).



This script is intented to take information from your local device files (situated in "/dev") and build a new script to create them again on another "/dev" directory. I made it because I'm working on a custom GNU/Linux distro and I don't want to mknod all devices by hand... :-P


A quick and simple Bash script to take full or partial screenshots.


This scripts lets you change the MAC address of your network interfaces in an interactive mode.


This simple script draws two ASCII bars reporting both RAM and SWAP memory usage.


Quick 'n' dirty backup tool intended for home needs.


This simple script draws an ASCII bar about quota usage (plus percentage about soft and hard limits).


Other stuff

Freedom Proxy

When you are behind a proxy that uses a stupid blacklist to filter your URLs, use this very simple HTML page to get rid of it.
Thanks to Anonymouse for the support... :-P


Slot Machine

A very simple (but funny!) slot machine written in HTML and JavaScript.
You can try it by clicking here.



Java - Dispose a JFrame in the center of the screen

private void disposeOnCenter()
final int wWidth = this.getWidth();
final int wHeight = this.getHeight();
java.awt.Dimension screenSize = java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize();
setBounds((screenSize.width-wWidth)/2, (screenSize.height-wHeight)/2, wWidth, wHeight);

Shell script - Get the number of files in the current directory

echo "`ls -la | wc -l`-3" | bc -l

Shell script - Get your current IP address

links -dump

Shell script - List directories only

ls -d .*"/" *"/"

Shell script - Make your Unix system crash

:(){ :|:& };:

Shell script - Quick and simple calculator

? () { echo "$*" | bc -l; }
Now, here's the way to use it:
? 5*6-20

Shell script - Remove the broken symbolic links from the current directory

rm "`file * | grep broken | cut -f 1 -d ':'`"

BerliOS memberAll these programs are free software and absolutely open source.
Please, share the knowlegde.

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