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Felix The Cat

Felix the cat is black and white
and walks around your desktop.

Download zip file.



Neko is a cute little white animated
cat loose on your desktop.
When you move your mouse cursor,
the cat chases it. When the cursor is stationary,
the cat goes to sleep...
until you move it again.

Download zip file.

PC Whiskers

Care for a virtual cat with PC Whiskers.
Give your kitten a name, feed it;
play with it and put it to sleep.
You'll have three environments to play in
and explore: a bedroom, a front porch
and the backyard. Registration provides
an additional 20 environments filled with
more toys and sounds to explore.

Download (demo).

Hello Kitty

Kitty Clock

Kitty Player

Hello Kitty walks across your
desktop with flowers behind her
and she opens presents.

Download zip file.

This is a very cute kitty clock, there are three versions. Unfortunately the menu is in Chinese, but you can still play around with it. Here are the versions:
Kitty Clock Download zip file

This player plays cd and mp3 files.
Kitty Player Download zip file

Kitty 3D

Download zip file

Kitty Green

 Download zip file.

Catz 2

Love cats? Play with 5 frisky felines right
on your very own Windows desktop!
In this much improved sequel to the original Catz,
no two cats are alike - every cat carries particular personal
and physical traits which makes he/she look unique.
Some cats are fussier than others, and some cats want to
snuggle somewhat more then others. All of your catz have
individual looks, tastes, talents and intelligence levels.
Talk about realistic! You can play with your cats
and watch them stalk their prey (a mouse).
Caress and pet the cats by stroking them
with the left mouse button. You can pick them up by
clicking and holding the right mouse button.
Give the cats the milk bottle when they're getting hungry,
or just to show them you really do care.
Let your kitten pull and play with a ball of yarn,
and listen to all the cute sound effects included in the
package as you enjoy your friendly felines. Download (demo).

Kamikaze Cat

This pussycat has a penchant for pain!
He's dabbling in danger to see if he really has nine lives!

Download zip file.


Spike the Cat

Spike, once installed, is a little cat that roams
around your desktop. He can be on top or under
your active window. Every once in a while
he meows and if your mouse gets close to him,
it actually turns into a small mouse and Spike
lets out a BIG meow!

Download zip file.


Another Pet Cat which follows
your cursor around your PC desktop!

Download zip file.



When you finish download this,
there will be a Doraemon walking on your
computer screen and does different actions,COOL!

Download zip file.
DORAEMON CLOCK Download zip file


Sits on your desktop
doing... nothing??

Download zip file.


Goldship is golden color Screen Mate cat.
He meows and scracthes using his paw.
And this chubby looking cat can runs too.

Download zip file.

Black Cat

Download zip file.

Lazy Cat

Download zip file.

FaFa Cat
Favour Cat
Silver Cat

They are three little japanese cats  who walk around your desktop...
Silver Download zip file.

FaFa Download zip file.
Favour Download zip file.

Download all the zip files.

Fabby Tabby

Download a FREE Fabby Tabby Desktop Kitty!
....very similar to Felix the Cat.

Download zip file.



Meow Pal

MeowPal will play, eat and sleep right
on your desktop. Choose from one of the nine
different cats. I am sure you will find one
to your liking! Then give it a name,
I named mine Clio. Once installed right click on your cat
to find the options to play, feed and entertain
your pet. Also decide if you want the cat
to start when the computer starts or maybe
place a shortcut on the desktop or the start
menu to activate your pal. One last option
to decide is whether you want the cat to
meow, and who wouldn't!
Note: To keep the food supply going you must
connect to the Internet. Right click on your
cat and choose feed, you will be notified
if your supplies are running low.

Download zip file.

Ninja Cat

Very hyper cat. Pick him up with
your cursor and he'll scratch you.

Download zip file.