April 2, 2004 - Memories Of Our Legend

A Private Screening at Hong Kong Film Archive held by Leslie Legacy Association

Story of an Island – Lantau Island: City of Sand
Director: Law Kai Yui - Producer: Cheung Man Yee - January 1981 - Cantonese - Colour Video 25 min
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Lui Yu Kei, Leung Chung Yan

Four reckless youths, being raised in the city, having all the characteristics of a city dweller, one day went exploring Mount Phoenix in Lantau Island. Before setting off to Mount Phoenix to watch the sun rise, they came across a temple and experienced the life of a monk for one night. When they left the Island, they were filled with thoughts of different dimension of life.

On the Crossroad Series: Woman at 33
Director: Lee Yan Yu - May 1983 - Cantonese - Colour Video 25 min
Cast: Cheng Pui Pui, Leslie Cheung, Lau Man Yee

Jenny (starring Cheng Pui Pui), a ballad teacher at age of 33, was divorced by her husband. Michael, nicknamed as Momo (starring Leslie), was a music composer. Jenny was Michael’s private tutor when he was a young kid and it was Jenny who had helped Michael to realize his dream to become a music student. They met again when Michael went tuning the piano at Jenny’s school. She was mature and sophisticated which made her very attractive to Michael. However, the age difference in the eyes of Michael’s peers had created a pressure on Jenny and she thought that it was impossible to go on with the relationship. Michael tried to convince Jenny that it is possible, with the same principal that she had once taught him – to fight for one’s ideology no matter what it takes...

The Heritage Series: The Young Concubine (Wojia De Nüren)
Director: Wong King-keung - April 1980 - Cantonese - Colour Video 85 min
Cast: Chan yuk-kuen, Leslie Cheung, Wong Hak, Lee Ching-mai

Made in the 1980s for RTHK’s The Heritage Series: The Young Concubine is almost like a prequel to many of Leslie’s later, more mature masterpieces. Scripted by Lilian Lee, who wrote the screenplay for Rouge and Farewell My Concubine, this anti-patriarchal melodrama casts Leslie as the progressive son of a feudal landlord in 1920s New Territories. When he sees his father’s concubine, with tragic consequences. Like Master 12 in Rouge, furtive desire is played with great subtlety, and already, Leslie has identified his forté in playing educated, well-groomed, sensitive but weak men unable to stand up to suffocating traditions and family pressures.

Ashes to Ashes (Yan Fei Yan Mie)
Dir/Scr: Leslie Cheung - 2000 - Cantonese - Colour 37min
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Karen Mok, Alexandra Wang

Leslie’s directorial début is an anti-smoking publicity film made for RTHK Radio 2 and the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health. Through his immense popularity, Cheung managed to assemble a phenomenal line-up of celebrities to appear on the set. Anita Mui, Karen Mok, Alexandra Wang, Super-model Qi Qi are just some of the big names queuing for the cameos. Cheung and Mui play a pair of high-flying, highly-stressed out showbiz executives who take their nicotine-stained lifestyles for granted until tragedy strikes their son. From the solid script, clean visuals and confident organisation of scenes and characters, there is a talented director in the making.

Dear friends,

 Your beauty and wisdom grew with time and time is an ageless witness of your legacy.”

 These were the words we sent to our dearest Leslie along with the flowers that we sent him on April 1, 2004. 

Indeed, it is his beauty and his wisdom that drew us to gather on the podium of the Jardine House in Central, Hong Kong, at 6:00 pm to share the unforgettable moment of  6:41pm., heart to heart, coast to coast, to remember our beloved Leslie how he lived on this earth. It is his wonderful legacy that had inspired us to present a screening of four RTHK films at the Hong Kong Film Archives on April 2.

Our decision to organize the two events just came around on February 22, 2004 and they were announced on February 24. So, please pardon us if things were not perfect as we worked on an extremely tight schedule. Our decision to organize the vigil and screening rested on only one simple reason: to take care of the fans who did not pay to join any particular event on April 1 and 2. We can hardly agree that only those who pay are entitled to pay respect to Leslie.

Please kindly allow us to express our heartiest gratitude to all the fans who attended the candle light vigil, to share the difficult moment of 6:41 pm with Leslie, the time that he needed us most. Please also allow us to say a big “THANK YOU” to members of '....' (a big group of fans from Guangzhou, China) who had given us tremendous support and help in these two events. It was with their help that we can distribute the candles, cups, printings on lyrics and eulogies so efficiently; and to keep the podium so clean and tidy.

Lastly, we must inform you that the Hong Kong Police had given us words that they were very much impressed by our high discipline, and more overwhelming is that the Jardine House management told us that they would help us to make every April 1 a special day for Leslie on their podium.


Yours truly, Leslie Legacy Association

pictures by Leslie Legacy Association - Tungstar - Ent.Sina


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