The Greatest Love Of All

1982, December 9th. Gor Gor met Mr. Tong at the Regent Hotel: the two of them began on 1983, January 2nd a relationship that was to last longer than 20 years. (Suzie Wong)

For many years I just kept calling him Daffy. Daffy. How he met a boy called Daffy at a party and how he found himself thinking about him incessantly even after a few weeks how he searched for him how they recognized each other how they fell in love how they walk through life together... (Jimmy Ngai)

To have met Tong was Leslie’s biggest fortune in his life. Mr. Cheung did not believe in fate nor in luck. No. He overflowed with self-confidence he was all about tough self-determination he was aggressive and competitive he believed he deserves everything he had achieved. Except for Daffy. He is a Guardian Angel given by God to him, so that the bird that has no legs can find a landing spot in this rapidly-changing, perilous whirlpool of life. Without the toughness of Tong, without Tong to fulfill his desire of being desired, the story of Leslie will never be the same. (Jimmy Ngai)

You all knew it all along... all along I've only one special person all these umpteen years. Nothing has changed. My fans who loves me accepted who I am just as I have accepted who I am, myself . I am what I am... (Leslie Cheung)

Of course. I have somebody to love me. That's my privacy. I love keep this secret for a little bit longer. Everybody knows. But we don't talk about it... (Leslie Cheung)

No one cares who I love and there is no need to ask because what you want to say, hear or know is no more secret and there is no need to tell. This is my very personal matter. I think audience and readers accept what I am. (Leslie Cheung)

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This very best friend helped me when I was in trouble. There are lot of people make perfection still more perfect, but how many people can provide timely help?... At that time we were both young and we had been close friends for many years. The feelings were really warm when got help from him. (Leslie Cheung)

My good friend, he is now my investment consultant... As an artist I have no idea how to handle money. He makes appropriate investment with what I earn which is very helpful to me. (Leslie Cheung)

He is my best friend. He's also like my younger brother, a person that I can trust and whom I can talk to. I think I should be grateful to him for the rest of my life. When I was at the most difficult time many years ago, I needed quite a large sum of money for some urgent reasons. He lend me the money without a word. Later on I learned it from friends that he had to sacrifice for cheaper lunch boxes for several months. He is the only guy who could stand by me at my difficult time. I would treat him as my life long friend. He is not only a friend, but my very special and important friend. (Leslie Cheung)

Every relationship is natural even if it's heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. (Leslie Cheung)

I think when I really love someone, I won't care it's a man or a woman. What I mean is, when two people are in love, it's only love that matters. (Leslie Cheung)

I think the times of telling the usual love between man and woman is coming to an end. Today, there are many kinds of love. If you are men or women, you can foster the love between you. If you have a loved one, it does not matter whether the one is man or woman. (Leslie Cheung)

"Who is more romantic? You or your best friend?" "Of course, I am. I would come up a lot of surprise!" Then he gave this example: it was his friend's birthday. He already gave a present, so the matter was supposedly finished. Then he took his friend to the airport, said to pick someone up. When they got there, his friend found out he's getting on a plane. Leslie had secretly arranged for them to go on vacation! (Leslie Cheung, from an interview to Eunice Lam)

I like him because he's good.  He treats me very well.  He is the type who loves me and mine.  He is always helpful without hesitation to all the people around him, including his colleagues, his friends. To me it is beyond words!... Sometimes I have an edge to me, and he doesn't. So I feel he is very good, he knows very well his place, when to play what role, this is very good, very good. Especially since our lives are so busy, our work so stressful, there is a need for someone to be always close by to support you... This is a great happiness, a blessing. A gift from God. (Leslie Cheung)

Actually we never like to stand out to say anything. We never answer any rumours in the past, but at least we can prove it by action. For instance, we watched movies or had meals together, but now I can't do anything. Let me say it once again, the love between me and Leslie had never changed. (Daffy Tong)

I want to send Ah Jai these two sentences again: 'Life has an end, but my love is endless'. (Daffy Tong)

Ah Jai, Heaven and Earth may end one day, but this love is everlasting. (Daffy Tong)

Uncle Daffy, 10th Uncle had also treasured your relationship. He said that you once lent him a few month's worth of salary to help him tie over the difficult period. For the past one year, I have also witnessed what real love is. You have never forsaken 10th Uncle who was suffering from depression, taking care of him day and night. Uncle Daffy, I represent my Uncle to thank you. I feel that he is so blessed to have you! (Alisha MacPherson)

I am like a cloud, not knowing where to float to. (Daffy Tong)

In this moment? Why 'in this moment'? I've always loved Leslie. Our sentiment has never changed. (Daffy Tong)

This is a page dedicated to the most wonderful and touching love story of 20th Century. It's made with true words and true imagines, giving to these men the respect they proudly deserved and often didn't receive in a very unfair way. Leslie's Pillow bowed to the courage, the dignity, the honesty, the elegance and the kindness of Mr. Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and Mr. Daffy Tong Hok Tak. The incomparable beauty of their love may touch the heart of people of every age, generation, country and last forever in spite of the transience of earthly life in this hypocritical, unworthy world.


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