Here I am again with another of my vocal experiments.
I confess that after my version of Chephren's Tale
I thought I had done with pWestcar.
But then a member of AEL group asked me politely
whether I was thinking of giving a try at Baufra's tale as well.
Oh my!

I read it, I liked it, I did it!

As a matter of fact I think it has even more dramatic potentialities
than Chephren's tale and its veiled meanings allow
a lot of variations of tones and rhythms, especially in its many refrains.
And it seems the author had much fun in playing with words
and alliterations.

Probably the same fun I had in its audio rendering.
Well, may be I played too much with it, and I took liberties
a lector-priest would definitely abstain from.
(I hope there's no Cheops' curse!)
As for the results -- they are not for me to say.
My only hope is that you are not too bored.

The fact is that I found the story quite amusing and I
gave my "grouchian" interpretation of it, which can explain
the general atmosphere and some of my vocal choices. Here it is:

A not too serious pseudo-analytic interpretation

And for some friends of mine that don't read English,
here is my Italian version:

band_it (1K)
Ammicche e ammicchi miei
canossa peti linguese
vacca a buoi:

"La mia spudorata interpretazione pseudo-analitica"
imagesgr2 (2K)
band_it (1K)

As with the other tale I transcripted it using Serge Rosmorduc's
JSesh and I followed the reconstruction made by Marco Chioffi
and Giuliana Rigamonti in their:

"Antologia della letteratura egizia del Medio Regno, volume II"
Ananke,Torino, 2008 .

My thanks to them for their kind permission to use it.
And I say again that I am the only responsible for possible mistakes.
Their book is an exquisite scholarly work and I am just a
not-particularly-brilliant-a-little-bit-careles-self-teaching hobbyist.

So here is the hieroglyphic text (there's no translation, since it is
quite simple and does not seem to have many problems):

Baufra's hieroglyphs

And here my audio/video version:


Recently I put on Youtube a version with English subtitles.
Here it is:

YOUTUBE: Baufra's Tale

As usual, being an amateur, there's no need for me to cry
like Michael Cassio:

"Reputation, reputation, reputation!
O, I've lost my reputation!"

Bye all!

Orlando Mezzabotta