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I've created the following pages to collect my personal programs tested to understand C/C++ language, STL and OpenGL libraries to be able to start the contribution in the Celestia development.


Legend of the symbols.

New; Updated; Submitted;
Partially implemented, Implemented.



My experimentations end code tests lead to the CELUI project. It is aimed to develope a basic UI interface based on OpenGL hopefully useful to create a multiplatform UI for Celestia.

The purpose of the programs in this section is to study a simple management system to be applied to Celestia to allow multilanguage and integrated help in a multiplatform UI .

First of all taking inspiration from the Celestia Coding Convention I've prepared a fisrt version of the CELUI coding convention.

Some screen shots of the actual developement status are available in the following links.

[23/01/04] This is the first screenshot. Everything shown is pure OpenGL and is loaded from a fully customizable plain text file. Obviously it is impossible to appreciate the animation effects. The text has full multilanguage support and is loaded at runtime.


CELUI Uses the Davide Angeli:

- ADF texture font file format;

- ADG texture images file format.


Browse the CELUI Code documentation generated with Doxygen.


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.



[07/05/05] A uiMenu screenshot. Everything shown is pure OpenGL. many things are still to do, but it Works!

Last update: 12-12-04