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My favorite links

 [-] Google

 [-] Chris Laurel's Celestia (everything stared here)

 [-] Celestia forums

 [-] Selden's List of Resources for Celestia (add-on and info)

 [-] Christophe Teyssier's Celesita development center.



 [-] Homepage.

 [-] Sourceforge project.


Programming tutorials shortcuts

 [-] OpenGL Game tutorials.

 [-] NeHe OpenGL tutorials.

 [-] Apron OpenGL tutorials.

 [-] FreeGLUT OpenGL Utility Toolkit

 [-] PLIB A portable games library based on OpenGL.

 [-] GLUI An OpenGL UI.

 [-] Lihgthouse3D tutorials.

 [-] C++ reference.



  [02/06/05] Added some shortcuts and CELUI Links
  [05/05/05] Added some shortcuts and CELUI screenshots
  [12/12/04] Added a new section for Add-On management.

[12/12/04] After many many months finally I'm back!
  [23/01/04] After a hard work on CELUI I've updated the code tests page.
  [21/12/03] Added a new code test about CELUI and OpenGL;

20/09/03] Added new section "Code tests" and updated FR pages;
[31/08/03] Completed Group 5 FR related pages;
  [24/08/03] Added new FR pages about Observer management;

  [23/08/03] Changed counter and revised MyCelestia section
[20/08/03] Revised the downloads section. Added file requested by Don.
  [17/08/03] Added new FR pages about Add-on management;

[15/08/03] Redesigned partially the website graphics;
27/07/03] Added new FR pages about locations management;
  [13/07/03] Redesigned completely the website;
  [05/07/03] Added new FR pages in My Celestia;
  [05/07/03] Created groups for Feature Requests;
  [28/06/03] Added new FR pages in My Celestia;
  [18/06/03] Added new Section "My Celestia";
  [01/05/03] Updated homepage;
  [29/03/03] Updated & added downloads section;
  [21/02/03] The website is online!.


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