10 Ft. Ganja Plant "Midnight Landing"                                                                           (only Italian)
Adonai and I "Adonai and I"                                                                                      (Italian+English)

Africa Unite "20"                                                                                                              (only Italian)
Alpha & Omega "Serious Joke"                                                                                      (only Italian)
Amadi "Black Spark, White Fire"                                                                                   (only Italian)
Anthony B  "My Hope"                                                                                                 (Italian+English)
Anti-Pop Consortium "Arrythmia"                                                                                   (only Italian)
Bambu' Station Studio & AA.VV. 'Talkin' Roots vol.1'                                               (Italian+English)
'Big Men -Rai meets Reggae'                                                                                          (only Italian)
Bim Sherman & Dub Syndicate "Reality"                                                                      (only Italian)
Black Uhuru 'Dinasty'                                                                                                       (only Italian)
Buju Banton 'Unchained Spirit'                                                                                        (only Italian)

Capleton 'Stll Blazin'                                                                                                         (only Italian)
Cannibal Ox 'The Cold Vein''                                                                                           (only Italian)
Caribbean Pulse 'Stand Up'                                                                                         (Italian+English)
Carlos Jones 'Full Circle-A Retrospective'                                                               (Italian+English)
Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band ' What A System'                                         (Italian+English)

Comen-Jah 'Les Mans'                                                                                                     (only Italian)

Chukky Starr "From Crime to Kodesh"                                                                          (only Italian)

Christafari "Word Sound & Power"                                                                                (only Italian)
Christafari & Friends "Soca Baptism"                                                                     (Italian+English)
Corey Harris 'Daily Bread'                                                                                               (only Italian)
Damian "Jr.Gong" Marley 'Halfway Tree'                                                                     (only Italian)
Dan Hutson & the Seers  'Got to Leave this Place'                                                        (only Italian)
Detour Posse "Chariot in the Sky"                                                                                  (only Italian)
Don Abi  "Act Of Love"                                                                                                    (only Italian)
Downtown Rebels 'Una Calma Nota'                                                                         (Italian+English)
Dub Funk Association presents "Roots of Dub Funk 2"                                          (Italian+English)
Dub Station & Sonbeam "Get It Together"                                                              (Italian+English)
Dub War "Pain"                                                                                                                (only Italian)

Everton Blender " Visionary"                                                                                          (only Italian)
Fidel " Selassie I Dios Todopoderoso"                                                                      (Italian+English)
Gentleman "Journey To Jah"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Good Morning Babylones "Radical Fighters"                                                                (only Italian)
Gregory Isaacs  " Mi Name Gregory"                                                                      (Italian+English)
Groundation "Each One Teach One"                                                                              (only Italian)
Haji Mike "Aphrodite's Dream"                                                                                     (only Italian)
Ibadan "Do It                                                                                                                  (only Italian)

Isaac Haile Selassie "Unite"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Jah Cure " Free Jah's Cure"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Jah Mason "Keep Your Joy"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell 'Radioaxiom: a Dub Transmission'                                     (only Italian)
Jah Works 'Messages from the Seventh Sense'                                                       (Italian+English)
Jethro Jeremiah Band                                                                                                 (Italian+English)
John Brown's Body 'This Day'                                                                                    (Italian+English)
Joseph Israel 'Gone are the Days'                                                                              (Italian+English)
Junior Kelly " Rise"                                                                                                         (only Italian)
Junior Kelly " Conscious Voice"                                                                                     (only Italian)
Katt "Chant"                                                                                                               (Italian+English)
King Django  "King Django meets the Scrucialists"                                                     (only Italian) 
Kulcha Far I "Africa is My Roots"                                                                                (only Italian) 
Lalibela "Black Son Rising''                                                                                       (Italian+English)
Lee Scracth Perry 'Jamaican E.T.'                                                                                   (only Italian)
Linton Kwesi Johnson 'LKJ in Dub vol.3'                                                                  (Italian+English)
Linval Thompson  'Inna de Yard'                                                                                 (Italian+English)
Lloyd Brown & Tippa Irie 'Combination'                                                                         (only Italian)
Luciano 'Tell it from the Heart'                                                                                        (only Italian)
Magic Rocker 'Restored My Soul'                                                                                  (only Italian)
Maroghini "Historian"                                                                                                (Italian+English)
Martin Jondo "Rainbow Warrior Ep"                                                                        (Italian+English)
Michael Franti & Spearhead "Yell Fire"                                      (Italian+English)
Midnite Vijan"                                                                                                                 (only Italian)
Mikey Dread "Rasta In Control"                                                                                    (only Italian)
Mishka "Mishka"                                                                                                            (only Italian)

Morgan Heritage " More Teachings"                                                                             (only Italian)
Moses I " More Than a Dream"                                                                                     (only Italian)  
Mounia Sahara " I've Got a Joy"                                                                                    (only Italian)
Mr T-Bone " Mr T-Bone sees America"                                                                        (only Italian)
Mykal Somer " Element of Surprise"                                                                              (only Italian)
Nazarenes 'Orit'                                                                                                           (Italian+English)
O-Shen " Rascal in Paradise"                                                                                         (only Italian)
One People "Soul Reason: Original Reggae Anthology"                                         (Italian+English)
Ooklah The Moc 'Ites Massive'                                                                                 (Italian+English)
Ossie Dellimore "Freedom Journal"                                                                               (only Italian)
Panache Culture "Roots Experience"                                                                             (only Italian)
Papa Dee 'Island Rock'                                                                                                    (only Italian)
Patrick Mystery & Mystery System "Drastic Times"                                                  (only Italian)
Peculiar I "They Called Me Madness"                                                                          (only Italian)
Peter Tosh "Talking Revolution"                                                                              (Italian+English)
Prezident Brown 'Showcase vol.1 & vol.2'                                                                 (Italian+English)
Prince Alla  'More Love'                                                                                                  (only Italian)
Ras Kimono 'Still, I Arise'                                                                                                (only Italian)
Ras Mykkal 'Dem Call Mi Controversial'                                                                      (only Italian)
Ras Shiloh 'From Rasta to You'                                                                                        (only Italian)
Realize 'Cio' che è stato fatto'                                                                                    (Italian+English)
Restless Mashaits 'Kingston Sessions 1992/2002'                                                         (only Italian)
Rocker T "If yu luv luv show ya luv"                                                                              (only Italian)
Rod Taylor 'Jah Warrior presents: Shining Bright'                                                        (only Italian)
Roddy Radiation  "Skabilly Rebel: The Anthology"                                                   (Italian+English)
Roots Manuva 'Run Come Save Me'                                                                              (only Italian)
The Rootsman 'New Testament'                                                                                      (only Italian)
Roots Natty "Rasta Resiste"                                                                                          (only Italian)
Sael & Friends "Sael & Friends - Edition Collector"                                                     (only Italian)
Saul Williams "Amethyst Rockstar"                                                                               (only Italian)
Seeed "New Dubby Conquerors"                                                                              (Italian+English)
Seefari "Dread Pon Da Scene"                                                                                  (Italian+English)
Serge Gainsbourg  "Aux Armes Et Caetera New Edition"                                            (only Italian)
Shakey Ranks "Mr. Progressive"                                                                                  (only Italian)
Shedrock "Test Rastafari "                                                                                        (Italian+English)
Sherwin Gardner "Leaning"                                                                                            (only Italian)
Sizzla "Rastafari Teach I Everything"                                                                            (only Italian)
Sizzla "Blaze Up the Chalwa"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Sizzla "Ghetto Revolution"                                                                                           (only Italian)
Solomon Jabby  "Rootical Revelations"                                                                         (only Italian)
Spasulati Band  "Pirati in Mhz"                                                                   (only Italian)
Sud Sound System "Musica Musica"                                                                              (only Italian)
Tiken Jah Fakoly "Françafrique"                                                                                    (only Italian)
Tippa Irie & Peter Hunningale  "Combination"                                                              (only Italian)
Turbulence "Rise"                                                                                                             (only Italian)
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Dub Plates Vol.3"                                                 (only Italian)
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System "Foundation Rockers"                                            (only Italian)
Umoya                                                                                                                                (only Italian)
Turbulence 'Rising'                                                                                                           (only Italian)
The Uplifters "Look out now"                                                                                    (Italian+English)
The Uplifters "Burning Bush"                                                                                    (Italian+English)
The Wailers 'Dub Marley'                                                                                                (only Italian)
Wadi Gad  'Writing On The Wall'                                                                               (Italian+English)
Wadi Gad  'Psalms, the Early Years'                                                                               (only Italian)
V.A. "Africa Anointed"                                                                                                    (only Italian)
V.A. "Roots of Dub Funk 2: Inspiring the works of the Dub Funk Association"                                                                                                                    (Italian+English)
V.A. "Rub a Dub Soldiers"                                                                                                                    (Italian+English)
Wagner Pa' "Brazuca Matraca"                                                                                      (only Italian)
Winston Jarrett  'Survival is the Game'                                                                      (Italian+English)
Winston McAnuff "Paris Rockin"                                                 (only Italian)
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers " Live Vol.1"                                                     (only Italian)
Zu' Luciano Band " Hot Plaja (+ Rastafari Lives!)"                                                   (Italian+English)
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