Close-up photography

© Riccardo Polini


If you wish to learn how to use extension tubes, close-up attachment lenses and teleconverters to get larger magnification images, 

or close-up pictures using your macro or "normal" lenses, then click here (file size is around 760 kB).


Pubblicate le mie valutazioni sull' AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2,8 G IF-ED,

qui (dimensione file: circa 2,3 MB).



If you wish to know the magnifications attainable with Nikon extension tubes and Nikon close-up attachment lenses coupled to different primes or zooms, please click on the links below:


| Use 3T & 4T close-up lenses | Use PK ext. tubes | Use telezooms with close-up lenses | Focusing distances and WDs of Nikkor lenses |