Armando Maniciati was born on 1958 in Padova and his first passion is the world of nature. Since he was a child he collected butterflies, coleopters and animals that he stuffed by himself, and, dreamy, he was enchanted watching the documentaries on the nature. The studies, first, and his job then (surveyor), were well distant from his passion; dropped collecting, in photography he found the means to stay in touch with his "great love".

Since 1989, year of its foundation, he has been an active member of AFNI (the Italian Nature Photographers Association), of whose Directive Counsel he is currently a member; he is also Director of Asferico, the quarterly magazine edited by AFNI

Some of his pictures were published on books, calendars, several Italian magazines, the German magazine "Naturfoto" and on the Spanish one "Grandes Espacios". He has realized collective and personal photo exhibitions and has received several prizes and mentions in various contests, both in Italy and abroad.

On November 2006, a photographic book showcasing Armando's best images and entitled "Natura in Luce" ("Nature in Light") was published by Pubblinova Edizioni Negri (Gallarate, VA, Italy). You car order the book here or here.

You can contact Armando at or visit his website at

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