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As a freelance writer & photographer I've been contributing since early nineties to several magazines and, more recently, to web magazines (webzines). Complete articles with text and photos have been published in Tutti Fotografi, Itinerari e Luoghi, Asferico, Fotografie draußen (now NaturFoto), Naturaemagazine. My photos also appeared in Oasis, Airone, Bell'Europa, Ali Natura, Arrivederci, Terra, Oggi and other magazines and books. I exhibited in Italy and abroad; to know more please click here.

In 1999 my website was first published and started to share information with other photographers worldwide. The language I chose was English due to the intrinsic global nature of the Web.

In June 2000, I was invited to write an article (as Featured Guest) in naturephotographers.net, a beautiful online Nature Photography magazine (click here to read my article on how-to shoot close-ups with a 300 mm lens, thus attaining very large working distances).

A picture of mine was selected to showcase Italian nature photography in a special issue of NaturFoto, which was devoted to the European Nature Photography Associations and published on October 2000 by Tecklenborg Verlag (Germany).

My website was indexed as one of the best of Nature Photo Index, ranked amongst the Web's Top Photography Pages and reviewed in the Nov. 2001 issue of the British magazine "Outdoor Photography".

In 2002 I won a prize in the "Landscape" section of the 3rd Italian Nature Photography Gran Prix. More than 1700 Italian photographers submitted 5462 pictures and just 60 images were awarded within 6 sections.

In the same year (on October 2002) I activated my domain www.naturephoto.it.

In 2003 I was a featured photographer of the book entitled "The Best of Nature Photography", edited by J. Bidner and M. Wegner, and published by Amherst Media, Inc., Buffalo, NY (USA). The Italian version of the book, entitled "Foto & Natura - gli specialisti raccontano" was published by Editrice Reflex, Rome, Italy (April 2003).

In 2004 I was invited by Pubblinova Edizioni Negri, Gallarate (VA, Italy) to publish a photographic book entitled Attimi di luce (ISBN 88-86227-47-7). The book was printed in Fall 2005 and can be ordered on-line, here.

In 2006 one picture of mine was selected for pubblication in the book entitled Belpaese Natura - Portfolio 1 (by Pubblinova Edizioni Negri, Gallarate, Italy).

In 2007 I have been highly commended in the International Contest "Asferico 2007" with this picture in the category Composition and Form.

Three pictures of mine were selected as finalists of the 2007 Edition of the Italian Championship of Nature Photography.


In 2007 I was a featured photographer of the book entitled "Visions of nature", edited by I. Schinezos, and published by Input Srl (Grisignano, VI, Italy).


In 2009 I was a member of the PhotoNaturae 2009 Nature Photography Competition jury.


In 2013 Editrice Reflex s.r.l. (Rome, Italy) published my book "Gli strumenti per fotografare".


Since 2013 I teach Nature Photography Course for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.


To order the books right click on the cover picture, or hereaand here





Exhibition "Le forme dell'acqua", together with Massimo Buzi, at Centro Habitat Mediterraneo (CHM), LIPU Ostia (Roma), 19-27 April 2008.



Exhibition "Foto-grafica", together with Massimo Buzi, at Centro Habitat Mediterraneo (CHM), LIPU Ostia (Roma), February 2008.



Participation in Mora (Sweden) to the exhibition "Italian looks on Nature", together with the other authors of the series Fotografi per Natura by Pubblinova Ed. Negri, 4 October to 30 November 2006.



Published photo-articles in magazines:


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