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  Last update: Jan 2006, ...so everything is new! Enjoy!!!

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"Love-Love PB-1000" is a web-site dedicated to CASIO PB1000 pocket computer.

As stated in Andreas Wichmann's " Casio PB-1000 Homepage ":

The Casio PB-1000 is more than 10 years old, but there seems to be no other computer that provides its features (editor, touch screen, calculator, interfaces, programming language) without having power supply problems, a higher price, or being much more noisy...

As for me, I will add:

Unlike other computers from the past, where "everything could be told has been told" and "everything could be done has been done", The CASIO PB1000 machine remains an unexplored land where most exciting things are still waiting to come out.
This is, probably, the reason for so many people, in the world, is still fascinated by PB1000.

Well... if you have the same good feelings and want to join us, you are welcome!

Mule Code Editor
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  Who I am?

  My name is Alberto, I live in Italy and I'm an engineer.

In the past years, PB-1000 helped me to pass several examinations at university.
But I used to program this machine also for the fun of it. So, I have several programs and utilities left in my dusty drawer for too much time. Now I want to publish some, hoping someone will like them...
Of course, not all the stuff is ready and finished, so I will publish the source code of every program for who want to cooperate with me and make it better...
Another problem is most stuff of mine needs to be sorted and packed before I can post here, so you must have a bit of patience...
I also made some cross-developing tools for PB1000. Most of them were created during years '90. They run under MS-DOS and, at time, they were looking cool.
But today, in the age of Windows and internet, they look a bit crappy, I'm afraid. ;)

  What kind of programs?

  Er... if you search for games, probably you'll get disappointed.

There are only two games, ready to play, till now. And they are both made in BASIC. :(
The first is " POKER86 " a porting of the same game I made on CASIO PB770. Not bad, even if the graphic capabilities of PB1000 are not really used. The second is " JumpingJack " a stupid game made at school during a boring lesson.

This doesn't mean I don't want to create games, I have several of them as "working in progress". The problem is the absence of a real developing-tool for PB-1000.
We do not have a compiler, we do not have a complete documentation of hardware. So, in the past, most of my efforts were dedicated to research and developing tools.

  • I made an emulator, " HACK1000 ", capable of executing machine language step by step.

  • To help to discover the secrets of PB-1000 ROM, I create an interactive disassembler,
        called " TheRom, a living book ". Discover how it works.

  • Then, I made a service utility to handle and prepare grapics for PB-1000: " ImaLab ".

  • If you really want to produce good images for PB-1000, I suggest you to download this
         modified version of " Deluxe Paint ", which I prepared for you.

  • Talking about graphic, I find out a method to show gray tones on screen,
         see the " DynaGray " demo.

  • (PS: don't tell to mama... I have a " Strip Poker ", work in progress, with gray tone graphic!!!).

  • Do you need fonts for your programs? You will like " FontLab "

  • My speciality is symbolic computation.
    You will be really impressed by " symbolic " and, most of all, by " integra", capable of handle parametric polinomies as if they were computed by hand. ...or you will be really bored by it, depends on you. But don't forget this is probably the most complex software ever written for PB-1000, costed 3 month of full-time work.

  • Do you prefer somewhat more easy? Have a look at my " U.H.F.O " game, work in progress.

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