Stefano Cavallaro

Dpt. of Industrial Chemistry and Material Engineering

P.O.Box 29

98166 Sant'Agata di MESSINA (Italy)

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Energy - Fuel Cells

Stefano Cavallaro born in Messina November 26th 1951. He graduated with degree in Chemistry (first class) from the University of Messina (Italy) on March 10th 1975 ....... From November 1st 1981, he is a Researcher in Industrial Chemistry in the Dpt. of Industrial Chemistry of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Messina. Dr. Cavallaro specialised in "Chemistry and Technology of Catalysis" in 1982, and teaches "Thermodynamics Applied to the Separation Processes" to the School of Specialization in "Process Chemical Technologies". ... He .was .temporary ..teacher of "Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry" (1993-1995),...... "Laboratory of Chemical Physics" ..(1996 - 1998) and he teaches "Industrial Inorganic Chemistry" for students in Industrial Chemistry.....His research interests are in applied and industrial chemistry (heterogeneous catalysis,...transformation and storage of energy, new materials). ....Outside his Department, where more of 60 papers have been published, Dr. Cavallaro cooperates with the Institute of .the...National ..Research ..Council (CNR) - ITAE in Messina. Together with Ing. Salvatore Freni ..he is investigating electrochemical energy conversion by means of ..Molten .Carbonate .Fuel ..Cells ..and...related to energy themes, making more than 20 papers and one Italian Patent on these subjects.


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