Personal thoughts


This type of painting is not to be seen as a presentation of  the content and the form but as an abstract, poetical expression with emotional and dreamlike features that are embedded in the form. The choice for the form may sound quite unconventional, because the form is considered out of date by the contemporary tendencies, but in my opinion the artistís freedom may emerge in whatever artistic language: traditional, contemporary or to come.

Otherwise, the expressiveness would lose its immediacy and its emotional pureness  and it would become subjected to the rules of fashion. Then, it would lose its credibility and authenticity.

What looks like a formal expression has a unconventional meaning instead.

In fact, I think that it is possible to create provoking and dramatic images without forgetting aesthetical and poetical language.

I use the poetical language and I work for its recovering, because the contemporary society has the tendency to debunk it and to negate it.

In the dreamlike poetry appears the immediacy of emotion, which often pushes me to use colours as an end and not as a mean. Therefore paintings become conversational as regards their symbolic and emotional content.

I would like you to look at my paintings with no burdens of culture, education or politics, in a direct way, with your own capability of perceiving and feeling.

And the spontaneity of your approach will be important too!


Rossana Ruffini



                             before                                                                                                                          after