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Loriano Belluomini


Loriano Belluomini studies and teaches Martial Arts from the 1978.In detail the Baguazhang it is his preferred art and to it he has devoted twelve years of summer study in China where he  had the authorization to teach the complete program of various teachers: Obviously he has had to choose what to teach and he  assembled therefore  four schools of Bagua.1) Yin Fu school. Principal teachers: Zhu Baozhen and Liu Jingru (Xiaojia)(in the picture ); Xie Peiqi (Dajia). All of Beijing (Peking). 
2) Cheng Tinghua school:Teachers:Liu Jingru and Zhu Baozhen (Beijing). 




Liu Jingru of the Cheng school uses double palm on 
Loriano Belluomini 

3) Fu Zhensong school: Fu Meilan and Fu Wenlong, Fu Yonghui's sons, nephews of Fu Zhensong. 
4) Sun Lutang school: Yang Li (in Italy but coming from Beijing-1987). 

He has studied then the 64 linear palms, the circular form and the weapons of the  Gao Yisheng Bagua at Tianjin with Wang Shusheng and his students Ge Guoliang and Li Xueyi. 
Currently however it doesn't practise this school. The same is the case for the  Liang Zhenpu school, studied in Beijing with Li Ziming and Zhang Huasen and the  Jiang Rongqiao school, studied at Tianjin with Liu Wanfu. 
He practices and teaches instead the Sun style Xingyiquan(<Yang Li),  Fu style Xingyiquan (<Fu Meilan); he  also practised the  the Shanxi Xingyiquan with Li Guichang and his student Mao Mingchun. 
The Taijiquan is the third school he practices:the programs of the school begins with the Sun school  in the  Fu Zhensong version ,follows with forms of Bagua-Taiji as Liangyiquan and Taiji Shandian Zhang. Loriano also studied the so-called Beijing forms (24;48) and the Wudang Taijiquan, learned at Shanghai but he doesn't normally teach them; he would like instead to teach the Xingyi Taijiquan (a mixture of Xingyi and Taiji -Hao and Sun) learned by Doctor Yu Yongxi of Suzhou while this  was  in Italy. 
Of the Curriculum of study of  Fu Zhensong  Taiji and Baguazhang it also makes part the study of various weapons; there are particularly various forms of  Wudang sword ( for ex. Wudang Taiji Jian,Wudang Bagua Feilong Jian both learnt from Fu Wen Long and Fu Meilan as well as from the Teacher Pei Wujun -Pei Xirong son- of Shanghai). 
He  also studied the Tanglang of the Six Harmonies (Liu He Tanglang) with Liu Jingru. 
He has practised the rudiments of the Yiquan with Luigi Zanini ,  Sun Li and Yao Chengguang. 
He  studied the Qigong of the 6 Sounds with Doctor Yu Yongxi. 
Currently he practices  Samatha-Vipassana Meditation, leasing a little Meditation Center . 
Loriano currently teaches in Lucca. He  also taught for various years in Viareggio at Antares Club. In Lucca he has two valid instructors for the Bagua and the Taiji, Maurice Mazzei and Cristiano Tori. Connected to the school of Lucca and with the same name (Wudang Quan Yuan)  
there is the teacher Fabio Sandonà of Padova. 

Loriano Belluomini and Luigi Zanini at Jasnieres 

Together with Luigi Zanini of Vicenza he  taught for some years at the international meetings of Taiji of Jasniéres, in France. 
He produced, some years ago, eight numbers of one "Wudang Kungfu Newsletter" (some available numbers still) . He wrote numerous manuals on the forms and techniques of his own school, about Bagua, Taiji and Xingyi. 
For contacts: LORIANO BELLUOMINI, 55065 S.ANDREAs Di Performs, LUCCA. 
Tel. 0583.977051(pasti). E-mail: asiaticus@tin.it 
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