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School's features

The Baguazhang, called also Jiugong Baguazhang , has as heart of the art footwork and change while moving around. As a basic  footwork the Cheng school has:Qi, Luo, Kou, Bai, that is to lift, to lower, to close, to open, or Jin, Tui, Shan, Gua,  that is to advance, to retire , to shun, to suspend; furthermore it has zuoyou heng shun to follow to the right and to the left transversally and  fan zheng zhuan shen, to turn straight the body to and to upside-down, it possesses the mysteries of the transformations of Yin and Yang and it has the characteristics of zou guan zuo fan, to go around the circle, to look, to sit, to overturn . 
The palm techniques of  Baguazhang are a lot , but the  Cheng school privileges 8 signal-words collected in a sentence ,  tui ,tuo, dai, ling, ban, kou, pi, jin


tui: to push. 
tuo: to lift, that is to use his/her own strength to strike upward or to lift the enemy arm.Dai-ling: to use the hands to bring aside the  adversary arm, or to advance bringing him around. 
Ban: the two hands look for the arm of the adversary with a hand that lifts the elbow and the other that presses the wrist. It means  also to twist and to move the adversary arm in a way that he cannot break. 
Kou:  it is the hand that shuts(grabs) the enemy arm . 
Pi: it is to  cut using the palm in various directions. 
Jin: it is to advance toward the adversary and to enter his/her ward.The Baguazhang walks along the circle of the 8 Diagrams. The attention is on to entwine and to tie the 8 diagrams, with oblique position to practice straight , to go around the circle, to overturn , to writhe  and to turn, to penetrate, to remove, to intercept and to push, always in the respect of the principle of the transformation of yin and yang.

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